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 Introductory Texts for Non-Muslims
Invitations Into The Sublime

Into The Sublime
The First Step
A Question To Pose
Many Ways Of Traveling
The Inadequacy Of Rational Consideration

What is life, the truely good life worth living? Leaders of states are creating armies, amassing modern weaponry, training how to kill, when will they teach how to live? When will they learn how to avoid conflict, resolving conflicts by peaceful means, seeking justice and forgiveness?

We present here some information from a traditional Islamic point of view, non-sectarian, non-modernistic point of view.

Modernism is a deviation from truth. Societies were built and maintained in denial of any higher principles. (see: Modernism And Modern Thought).
Tradition however, (from lat. tradere) relies and depends on knowledge of Divine origin, which is from a supra-human level, transmitted over the times by exceptional persons, who are the prophets (be peace upon them) and best preserved in the Islamic Tradition

This introduction is meant to be a hint from where to start - dear reader - if you wish to enter - by the grace of God - into a new spiritual world, which is truely splendid and sublime - referring to what God - Allah has indicated in His Holy Book of the Quran and what His Messenger ﷺ has transmitted and which has come to us through reliable chains of transmission.

Many are those who have an inner inclination of bringing their lives into order and into harmony with the Source of Life, the Eternal Source of Good and Compassion.
But they don't know how do go about it, and many are the false leaders. When it becomes obvious that rationality is not enough in this quest, one will come to realize that only an authentic tradition of Divine origine - which is best preserved in the Islamic Tradition - can be the key for spiritual advancement.

But first of all it takes His - Allah's - forgiveness and guidance to bring you there. Then ..

Then what is necessary is a great and enduring effort from your side to prepare yourself, such as leaving bad thoughts, words and actions, purifying your soul by training it to take on the spiritual practices recommended by the Prophet of Islam ﷺ - for the pleasure of Allah. This in order to make yourself worthy to be called into His Presence; but be aware of the enemy - Shaitān - lingering in ambush, trying to snatch you away.

And be sure the spiritual path does not mean blind following, nor does it mean discarding what one already knows - except for misconceptions, nor does it mean to stop using reason:

Instead it means to fight the evils of your own self (nafs) while employing your intellect objectively, and to become concious of the fact that:

'Allah will exalt those of you who believe, and those who are given knowledge, in high degrees; and Allah is Aware of what you do.' Sura 58-11

Neither does it mean to restrict your humanity, but instead it means to bring your human status, which is a state among others, up to its fullest: Because man (and woman) is a unity of spirit, soul (nafs) and body.

The spiritual path is the concious choice of what is better. Every sincere seeker wishes success in this life and the next. Not known to many, the best and most noble of men is the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad ﷺ (peace and blessings of Allah upon him).

This means that by following the pattern and spiritual practices of this Doctor of souls, bliss and true happiness can be achieved. To accept his advice means entering into a wisely founded 'program' of personal growth and purification, always striving for the pleasure of Allah, may His Majesty be exalted.

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