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  Many Ways Of Traveling
   From WIE's Spiritual Roadmap (_e102)
1st kind of traveling:
It is the mind's journey to find the signs (& proofs) of God and to understand that He exists. (As-S.āniʿ)
[see where and how to]
find the signs of God

and understand that He exists
signs: ayah

in the cosmos (al-aʿlām),
and in the
Quran (ayatu-l qur.ān),

[which both are divine manifestations].
cosmos: sum total of possible things, (al-mumkināt)
either existing or non-existing.

[Non-existing: either not-yet existing, or not-any-longer existing, or non-existing for now.]
The cosmos - al-aʿlām from al-ʿalāma to mark, since it is a proof of the Preponderator

The Necessary Being Al-Wujūd gives 'preponderance' (tarjīh.) to the existence of the possible things, over their non-existence
through the Divine command: 'BE'. ('kun')
From the signs and marks it is easy to see, that ev-th [in the cosmos] is the self-disclosure of wujūd: 'There is no-th in wujūd but God - Allah, and
wujūd is acquired only from Him.
On the meaning of man's possibility:
What is the nature of existence that is attributed to the possible thing (incl. man)?
[It can be either existence or non-existence:]
non-existence <----
man / the cosmos
----> existence
Neither (of the above relationships) can be preferred.
The Murajjih Preponderator will give preponderance (tarjīh.) to one description over the other.

"In his travel [for finding God, the signs of ~]
he finds no proof for (that*) other than his own possibility." (imkān)

Then he [i.e. the wayfarer] uncovers the existence if his Preponderator.
[and begins the 2nd part of the journey.]
- he cannot give existence to himself,
- he cannot choose between non-existence and existence.
2nd kind of traveling:

(after having uncovered the existence of his Maker (As-S.āniʿ)

"Journey into the knowledge of that which should be known about (the/his) Maker,
Who has brought him into existence.
[Things can be compared, bec. they have something in common, whereas] He alone is incomparable.
= incomparable with the poverty [lack of power] of the possible things, incl. man
He is the The Necessary Being, bec. He is necessary through Himself (Itself),
as He is not necessary through any other. (bi-l ghair)




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