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  The Inadequacy Of Rational Consideration
   WIE's Spiritual Roadmap (_e103)
1. That which comes from God - Allah is always colored by the receptacle which receives it.
“The path of knowing [about] the inadequacy of rational [thinking] consideration ... and that it does not encompass the levels of existent things.”
(ie. the 'how' of wujūd).

“The eye falls upon the veil, while that which is veiled belongs to the possessors of the kernels ūlu-l albāb”.

ūlu-l albāb:

They are those who are reminded and remember; those who know:
not those who forgot,
and were forgotten:

“The form of the veil [is that] within which the Real discloses Himself; then He transmutes (tah.wwl) H-s from it to another veil, since no SD* ever repeats itself.”
=> “the forms must be diverse,
while the Real (Al-Haqq) is behind all that.”

{ Nothing is like Him.}

*SD: Self-Disclosure of God - Allah; (tajalliy)
2. Reason versus Unveiling
He who has no knowledge of God is dead, because God has taken away from him the spirit, which is knowledge of God.

But knowledge of God is:

a) knowledge of the ext* of God: is life
b) knowledge of the unity of God: is light* which is given

- if not a) -> death
- if not b) -> darkness

= the existence of God - Allah, (wujūd)
- that He is existent
- that He can be found

“the knowledge of the declaration of God's Unity (tawhīd) - nothing else. For it is this knowledge which establishes eminence and felicity. Any other knowledge does not stand in the same station ... ”
3. Unlettered knowledge
(ʿilmu-l ummiy)
His ﷺ knowledge came only from God, so it is God-given (ladunniy), not from reflection or consideration.

“When the heart is safe from reflective consideration, ... then it is receptive toward the divine opening (fat'h.).
“Through this knowledge, the degree & plane of faith (imān) is perfected. And ...”

“The greater part of this affair [knowledge] lies beyond (the stage of) reason (& its scale) ... though not beyond fiqh, since ... it is identical with sound fiqh and genuine knowledge.” (see story of Musa & Khidr)
4. The ideal rational faculty The ideal rational faculty is that which accepts from God the knowledge of Him that He gives to it and does not try to go beyond its own limitations by reflecting upon Him. =>

=> The virtue of reason is to accept or receive (qabūl) unveiling and revelation.
- the configuration of the messengers, prophets ...

Preparation for the gnostic sciences (ʿirfān):
=> the polishing of the heart by
constant remembrance (dhikr) and
recitation of the Quran (qur'ān).




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