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  Explanation of Terms: Being - wujûd
   WIE's Spiritual Roadmap (_e104)

(Das Sein, l'Être, ) ....->

  wujûd ... ... a) _ b)
in as far as it signifies:
God's own Reality and Essence
but BEING refers only to God - Allah, as HE is Being as such.

existence .... .... .. ...->
(abbrev. 'ext.')
in as far as it signifies:
the fact that certain things are found in the cosmos
for example:
the ext. of a tree

the 'things' ... e) _ f)

possess rel. ext. , i.e. ext. through God, the Necessary Being
as objects of God's knowledge

In the cosmos 'the things' have no ext. of their own:
in themselves they are non-ext.,
as existent entities in the cosmos



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