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“The first casualty when war comes is truth,”
“The goal is an endless war, not a successful war.”-Julian Assange

The European Commission is preparing to censur ”disseminating illegal content & disinformation,” meaning pro-Palestinian news and information.
They have sent a letter ( 2023–10–10) to Elon Musk regarding DSA obligations.

The stated aim is to eradicate Hamas
The real goal is ethnic cleansing!


AHMED | أحمد @ASE

“Everyone today who is rallying behind Israel … is going to lose …”

Here is a real reality check. (Gazagenocide)
[link shows video message from Shahid Bolsen]

Oldest trick in the book

Inversionism @Inversionism
Just a few months ago Israeli citizens were protesting Netanyahu and his judiciary reform power grab, with many Israeli citizens saying they were creating a dictatorship and that his establishment was corrupt. Large majority of Israeli people were against him. There were even protests scheduled on the same day of the attack from Hamas.

Now all that will be forgotten along with Netanyahu getting exactly as he wanted with the new emergency unified government, retaining his power, getting judicial control, and much much more.

The Israeli people seem to have forgotten he made their country a lab rat for Pfizer as well.

If you’re about to lose power and your people are mass protesting you for your corruption, just start a war and everyone will forget about it immediately and still unify behind you. Oldest trick in the book.


Another trick:
Will @WillSaveTheKids
There are huge questions regarding the start of this conflict. Who organized 800 Jews to enter the Al Aqsa Mosque which is strictly forbidden? Whoever did that knew Hamas would respond. How and why did the intel and security fail on the most technologically sophisticated and secure border in the world? Why was there a stand down order given for 7 hours while Hamas murdered innocent civilians? This thing stinks to high heaven.
[ □ comment: Why was the Iron Dome defense system under maintenance this day?]

Stop Dehumanising Palestinians

To the suddenly concerned & praying:

Our Palestinian casualties are always your footnotes. The daily humiliation of occupation ignored. The aggression by settlers and soldiers alike on holy sites and souls. The annihilation of entire families that follows. The devastation of whatever scraps remain in the open air prison of Gaza. Unsustainable & inhumane.

So if you’re waking up to a sudden interest in the region and want to know what’s been happening, dig a bit deeper than 2 weeks and try to read beyond the headlines of a media that has been dehumanizing us for decades.

May Allāh grant victory both in this life and the Hereafter to all of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine and around the world and save them from every oppression, every evil, every misguidance, and May Allāh raise their ranks and grant them Jannah Al-Firdaws, Ameen. Mengfie M. Yap @MengfieYap


Arnaud Bertrand @RnaudBertrand

For the record Pope Francis said: “May humanitarian rights be respected, above all in Gaza, where it is urgent and necessary to guarantee humanitarian corridors to help the entire population.”

And the Israeli FM response was: “It is unacceptable that you put out a statement expressing worry primarily for Gazan civilians while Israel is burying 1,300 who were murdered.”
+ Israeli government not happy with this statement:

Pope Francis @Pontifex

Humanitarian law is to be respected, especially in Gaza. Please, let no more innocent blood be shed, neither in the Holy Land nor in Ukraine, nor in any other place! Enough! Wars are always a defeat, always!


Ismailoğlu @IsmailogluF

Theodor Herzl reported in his book that Sultan AbdulHamid II said:
“I cannot sell even a foot of land, for it does not belong to me.”
“Let the Jews save their billions. When my Empire is partitioned they may get Palestine for nothing. But only our corpse will be divided.”
Meaning, “I won’t divide Palestine, this can only happen by you dividing our bodies into pieces.”
[link shows footage/ image]

didn’t they say they are after Hamas?

“The war is not just with Hamas, the war [is] with all the civilians.”
Isräl soldier: we’re prepping for war against “evil enemy”
Betzalel Taliah, the Isräl soldier whose mother was killed by Hamas.

language dehumanising Palestinians

Mohammed El-Kurd @m7mdkurd
[link shows footage/ image]


Context and language

Jonathan Cook @Jonathan_K_Cook

The missing context for what’s happening in Gaza is that Israel has been working night and day to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people from their homeland since even before Israel become a state – when it was known as the Zionist movement.

Israel didn’t just cleanse Palestinians in 1948, when it was founded as a Western colonial project, and again under cover of a regional war in 1967.

It also worked to ethnically cleanse Palestinians every day between those dates and afterwards. The aim was to move them off their historic lands, and either expel them beyond Israel’s new, expanded borders or concentrate them into small ghettoes inside those borders – as a holding measure until they could be expelled outside the borders.

The 'settler' project, as we call it, is a misnomer. It's really Israel's ethnic cleansing programme. Israel even has a special word for it in Hebrew: 'Judaisation', or making the land Jewish. It is official government policy.

Gaza was the largest of the Palestinian reservations created by Israel’s ethnic cleansing programme, and the most overcrowded. To stop the inhabitants spilling out, Israel built a fence-barrier in the early 1990s to pen them in. Then when policing became too hard from within the prison, Israel pulled back in 2005 to the outer perimeter barrier.

New technology allowed Israel to besiege Gaza remotely by land, sea and air in 2007, limiting the entry of food and vital items like medicine and cement for construction. Automated gun towers shot anyone who came near the fence. The navy patrolled the sea, stopping boats straying more than a kilometre or two off shore. And drones watched 24 hours a day from the sky.

The people of Gaza were sealed in and largely forgotten, except when they lobbed a few rockets over the fence – to international indignation. If they fired too many rockets, Israel bombed them mercilessly and occasionally launched a ground invasion. The rocket threat was increasingly neutralised by a rocket interception system, paid for by the US, called Iron Dome.

Palestinians tried to be more inventive in finding ways to break out of their prison. They built tunnels. But Israel found ways to identify those that ran close to the fence and destroyed them.

Palestinians tried to get attention by protesting en masse at the fence. Israeli snipers were ordered to shoot them in the legs, leading to thousands of amputees. The ‘deterrence’ seemed to work.

Israel could once again sit back and let the Palestinians rot in Gaza. ‘Quiet’ had been restored.

Until, that is, last weekend when Hamas broke out briefly and ran amok, killing civilians and soldiers alike.

So Israel now needs a new policy.

It looks like the ethnic cleansing programme is being applied to Gaza anew. The half of the population in the enclave’s north is being herded south, where there are not the resources to cope with them. And even if there were, Israel has cut off food, water and power to everyone in Gaza.

The enclave is quickly becoming a pressure cooker. The pressure is meant to build on Egypt to allow the Palestinians entry into Sinai on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

Whatever the media are telling you, the ‘conflict’ – that is, Israel’s cleansing programme – started long before Hamas appeared on the scene. In fact, Hamas emerged very late, as the predictable response to Israel’s violent colonisation project.

And no turning point was reached a week ago. This has all been playing out in slow motion for more than 100 years.

Ignore the fake news. Israel isn’t defending itself. It’s enforcing its right to continue ethnically cleansing Palestinians.

the week that western democracy died

Jonathan Cook @Jonathan_K_Cook

From former British ambassador Craig Murray:

In both the UK and the US there can be no more stark illustration of the lack of any kind of meaningful democracy, than the fact that there is no major political party that opposes the genocide [in Gaza] – despite massive public opposition.

The bought and paid for media and political class in the west are extremely nervous, throughout the western world. Now they have come to the final genocide for which zionism has always aimed, they face a good deal of popular resistance…

We are witnessing almost all western governments deliberately facilitating massacre, ethnic cleansing and genocide. We are witnessing almost all western governments turning on their own people to crush dissent at that complicity in genocide.

This feels not so much like the week that western democracy died, as the week it was impossible any longer to deny that western democracy died some time ago.
Fascism in the West to Enable Genocide in Palestine - Craig Murray

humanity has failed you.

Khaled Elgindy (@elgindy_) posted on Oct 15, 2023 & Oct 17:
My faith in humanity has been irreversibly shaken to its core.

We’re seeing otherwise decent people justifying and even endorsing horrific crimes of mass starvation, deliberate bombing of civilians, and mass expulsion with shocking ease and calmness.

It’s absolutely monstrous.
[link shows footage/ image]

1000+ Palestinian children in Gaza have been killed by Israeli forces & the world is also failing the children who have so far survived. Here's just one moment shared by my @DCIPalestine colleague Mohammad I haven’t been able to get out of my head.

A few days ago, as Israel plunged Gaza into darkness by cutting off food, water, electricity, fuel, medical supplies and more amid nonstop Israeli air strikes and shelling, my colleague Mohammad Abu Rukbeh, senior Gaza field researcher at Defense for Children International - Palestine (DCIP), wrote and shared with us an account of his day.

There was one scene that hasn’t left my mind since.

As Mohammad took his wife and four young children from place to place, seeking somewhere safe, Palestinian civil defence teams were recovering a woman’s body - in pieces - from the rubble of a building on the street they walked along.

Despite Mohammad’s attempts to shield this horrific scene from his children’s eyes, they saw, and they screamed. His 10-year-old son, Karam, was completely frozen, unable to walk.
Knowing they must continue moving in search of somewhere safe, Mohammad picked up Karam and carried him.

no humanity. Hebron/ Khalil

Ismail Royer @IslamRFI

This is a settlement.
What it’s like for Palestinians living next to settlers in Hebron
⇢ Remember all this is supported by the Zionist government!

EU’s bankruptcy

Irish MEP Clare Daly condemns the phrase “Europe stands with Israel” - YouTube

doing the job: carry out mass expulsions

Sam Husseini @samhusseini

Bibi in 1989 Supported Palestinian Mass Expulsions

Benjamin Netanyahu in 1989: “Israel should have taken advantage of the suppression of the demonstrations in China [Tiananmen Square], when the world’s attention was focussed on what was happening in that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the Territories. However, to my regret, they did not support that policy that I proposed, and which I still propose should be implemented.”
[link shows facsimile Hebrew doc]

Source: @richards1052

excitement over the coming ground invasion

Jonathan Cook @Jonathan_K_Cook

As Israel continues to bomb Gaza back into the Stone Age, the running order in today’s edition of the supposedly liberal Guardian:

Number of known Israeli hostages grows
Blinken starts diplomacy to limit coming death toll
UK government urges restraint
Might Egypt open its border?
US deploys another aircraft carrier to Middle East
Israelis vow to rebuild kibbutz destroyed by Hamas
Jewish-Arab solidarity projects offer hope
Frankfurt book fair cancels talk by Palestinian writer
Antisemitic attacks on rise in parts of UK
TikTok to curb disinformation about Israel and Hamas

The only things on offer are details of how the genocide in Gaza is to be organised and why it’s justified.

The genocide itself, and the Palestinians being massacred, are bit players – the background noise to excitement over the coming ground invasion.

Simply astonishing.

statement from real, non-compromised Jews.

Torah Judaism @TorahJudaism
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta International has a brief message.

“Killing, stealing, occupying others land or repressing an entire people is totally forbidden in Jewish Religion.”

Israel is a Zionist state. Being Zionist and anti-Israeli doesn’t make you anti-Semitic. The Zionists use the Jewish religion for their own benefit. Judaism is not Zionism.

The problem with the “2-state solution”

امرؤ الشعر ⚡ @ah96_med
الكاتب والمؤرخ إيلان بابه اليهودي عن حقيقة الصهيونية، والمساواة بين الجلاد والضحية:

Writer and historian Ilan Pappe “the problem in Palestine is the ideology of the regime.”
“Zionism is a death threat… even to the Israel Jews.”
(GazzeUnderAttack) (Gazagenocide)
[link shows footage]


امرؤ الشعر ⚡ @ah96_med

An interview that summarizes the Palestinian issue for you.
[link shows footage]


How Western Leaders & Media Are Justifying Israel’s “Genocidal Campaign” Against Palestinians, Democracy Now!

The unfolding crisis in Gaza, where relentless Israeli bombardment has killed more than 1,500 people since Saturday, is “a humanitarian catastrophe,” says Palestinian American human rights attorney Noura Erakat.

She says Western leaders and the mainstream media have relied on racist, Islamophobic tropes to build a false consensus “that war is inevitable and that whatever consequences come out is the fault of Hamas, thereby further blaming the victims for their own killing and massacres.” Erakat also decries the Israeli order that 1.1 million residents in Gaza relocate under threat of a ground invasion.

“What we are seeing is a genocidal campaign. You cannot forcibly transfer 1.1 million Palestinians in a 225-square-mile enclosed area. There is nowhere for them to go,” says Erakat, an associate professor at Rutgers University and author of Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine.

How Western Leaders & Media Are Justifying Israel’s “Genocidal Campaign” Against Palestinians - YouTube

The fog of war

Ismail Royer @IslamRFI
Beware the fog of war.

In 1990 a Kuwaiti girl named Nayirah told Congress she saw Iraqis kill 15 babies. Senators cited her story in backing the use of force. Pres Bush repeated it 10 times leading up to the war (First Iraq war).

It was a lie. Nayirah was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US.
[link shows footage: Nayirah testifying before US Congress for what “she saw” - incubators!]



Graham Usher @bishopnorwich

A statement from the Jerusalem Patriarchs and Heads of Churches about the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Quote Gaza's entire population is being deprived of electricity, water, fuel supplies, food, and medicine. According to UN sources, 423,000 people have already been displaced because of the destruction of their homes.



Lucas Gage @Lucas_Gage_


Hostage survivor states Hamas captors treated them humanely and did not violate them. She was one of 12 hostages.

Her captor surrendered, so she survived. As she exited the building, she noticed the Israelis had already killed 5–6 hostages by the time she got outside.

Zionists killed all 40 captors and every hostage but her and another woman.

So if the Israelis don’t do everything to avoid their own civilians’ deaths, what makes you think they care about avoiding Palestinian deaths?

[link shows audio from Israel radio station - english subtitles]



Dr. Omar Suleiman @omarsuleiman504

I still can’t believe someone could stab this precious little boy 26 times. The knife was still in him at the hospital. The monster that murdered him said he’s been watching the news and wanted to eliminate a Palestinian before they grow up. I hold our politicians and media responsible. Wake up. There are hundreds more you are killing. I’m sorry we failed you Wadea. (WadeaAlFayoume)
[link shows footage/ image of young boy before the crime]


Quote The mother told police he shouted "you Muslims must die' while trying to choke her. We're seeing the repercussions of the rhetoric that our government has been spouting, and that a lot of media has been spouting regarding Palestinians painting them as less than human.

المحقق سأل المتهم بطعن الطفل وديع ٢٦ طعنة لم فعلت هذا: قال كنت اشاهد التلفزيون طوال الفترة الماضية وقررت انه يجب ان لا يكبر طفل فلسطيني. الاعلام المحرض علينا تسبب بقتله. السياسيون المحرضون سبب هذا ايضا.
[pic Scrsh 20231017 10:03]



Dr. Abdullah Ali @BinhamidAli

Remember every time you hear a female politician speak this way that they promised us that we would have world peace if women were in charge. Seems that women are prone to the same evil as men are, if not worse since they have to prove how tough they are.


Saul Staniforth @SaulStaniforth

Kay Burley: “Whats the view on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza this morning?”

The Israeli ambassador to the UK: “There is no humanitarian crisis…”

“There isn’t?”

“There isn’t”


@_emrul Quote

She described herself as “a religious rightwinger” and rejects Palestinian claims to any part of the West Bank, Gaza or East Jerusalem. In a speech in 2015, she said Israel had tried too hard to appease the world. “This land is ours. All of it is ours. We did not come here to apologise for that.”

Yep - very clear what her agenda is then.

Outrage as hardliner is chosen as next Israeli ambassador to UK | Israel | The Guardian


Jake Morphonios @morphonios
I’ve written and reported on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine since 1996.

One thing that has never changed is the automatic pattern of western media & politicians condemning Palestinians as “terrorists” while simultaneously lauding Israel’s “right to self-defense”.

They ignore the fact that the so-called “self-defense” is always heinous war crimes and mass murder of civilians who had nothing to do with attacking Israel.



Torah Judaism @TorahJudaism

Reminder, this video is an old one. The reason why we share it is so that you can see the oppression committed by the Zionists against the Jews, which is not shown in the mainstream media.

Zionists beat a young Jew to death during worship. Zionists constantly attack yeshivas and persecute Jews. They are trying to force Jews to become Zionists. Jews are attacked by the state of Israel because of their beliefs.



tim anderson @timand2037

Israeli woman Yasmin Porat, who survived the Hamas assault on settlements near the #Gaza boundary on 7 October says #Israeli civilians were “undoubtedly” killed by their own security forces. #Israeli forces engaged in fierce gun battles with Palestinian fighters in Kibbutz Be’eri and fired indiscriminately at both the fighters and their Israeli prisoners. “They eliminated everyone, including the hostages,” she told Israeli radio. “There was very, very heavy crossfire” and even tank shelling.



Treated “humanely”
Not only does Porat tell Kan that Israelis were killed in the heavy counterattack by Israeli security forces, but she says she and other captive civilians were well treated by the Palestinian fighters.

“They did not abuse us. They treated us very humanely,” Porat explained to a surprised Golan in the Kan radio interview.

“By that I mean they guard us,” she said. “They give us something to drink here and there. When they see we are nervous they calm us down. It was very frightening but no one treated us violently. Luckily nothing happened to me like what I heard in the media.”

“They were very humane towards us,” Porat said in her Channel 12 interview. She recalled that one Palestinian fighter who spoke Hebrew, “told me, ‘Look at me well, we’re not going to kill you. We want to take you to Gaza. We are not going to kill you. So be calm, you’re not going to die.’ That’s what he told me, in those words.”



Matt Wallace @MattWallace888
China Sides With Hamas and Calls For Israel To Back Down Saying "Israel’s actions have gone beyond self-defense”.


Lucas Gage @Lucas_Gage_
Look at all these “Hamas terrorists” the Zionists eliminated before they could harm Israel!
[pic shows long row of dead small children in their colorful, but dusty clothes, as well a single children apparently under shock. Some detractors say that the image could be from an earlier Isräl slaughter on Gaza.][link]


Caitlin Johnstone @caitoz

One of the most destructive ideas in modern times is this notion that it’s fine and appropriate for governments to act like monsters whenever anything bad happens to their country. We saw it happen with the United States after 9/11, and we’re seeing it now with Israel…

As soon as the Hamas attack occurred we were inundated with messaging from the western political/media class which conveyed the idea that because something bad happened to Israel, Israel now gets to do a little genocide, as a treat. This is stupid nonsense, and should be rejected by all thinking people.


The article:
The Insane Idea That Nations Get To Do War Crimes Whenever Something Bad Happens To Them


Grace 🔎 @reallygraceful

Ben Shapiro should be arrested. He’s an undisclosed paid agent of Israel who is being compensated for pushing WW3 at the expense of American lives.

Quote - Censored Men @CensoredMen

Oct 13
Ben Shapiro’s “Burnt Baby” post got community noted. / Note on Shapiro’s post has been downvoted and doesn’t show anymore.


I did not call for his arrest for what he said or how he said it. I said he’s not disclosing foreign government influence while promoting WW3, and that’s a punishable offense.

Didn’t libs drop their puzzle over media and election interference when it was the Russians? But when it’s the Israelis, both democrats and republicans stand united in totally ignoring it.