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“Rather Turkish Than Pope”, European Islam Already Exists For Centuries

By Omar Sayadi 2020-01-27
The narrative that Europe is the sole result of a Judeo-Christian tradition with roots in ancient Greek and Roman antiquity needs to be swept aside, once and for all. By no means was there in Europe at any point up until the Second World War an example of cultural, religious or social unity. On the contrary! The continent has always been a patchwork of warring tribes, feudal kingdoms and modern nation states that had in most cases little more in common than their shared geographical position on the European land mass.

More than one third of Europe was under strong Islamic influence for several centuries; in the west, the Iberian Peninsula known as al-Andalus and in the east, Greece and the Balkan all the way up to Vienna…

Is Al-Azhar Pushing the Envelope?

H.A. Hellyer, 4 March 2020
Al-Tayyib repeated the standard line that renewal [of Islam] is a traditional (turathi) imperative – not one that was absent until imposed by modernity. Much of the rest of his comments were aimed at establishing that indigenous pedigree, and insisting that the tradition itself demands renewal – but using its tools and paradigms, rather than importing an external frame of reference.

In valorising the tradition’s own internal processes in this way, al-Tayyib was taking a clear stand vis-à-vis the overall idea of ‘religious renewal’ – not denying its importance, but placing it within the overall structure of normative tradition.

Who Are the Millionaires Behind the Islamophobic Industry in America?

CJ Werleman, 15 September 2015
The Chapel Hill murders must be seen as a tipping point and opportunity to examine and confront the forces that are leading Americans to believe the Islamic faith seeks to destroy “American values.”

By tying Islam to terrorism, neocons would gain political cover for their imperialistic ambitions in the Middle East, and Zionists would benefit from garnering Western sympathies for their struggle against Palestinian “terrorism.”

Israel Provoked the Six-Day War in 1967, and It Was Not Fighting for Survival

James North on June 2, 2017

Finkelstein … argues that the facts show that Israel was not peacefully minding its own business, but instead regularly and violently provoking its Arab neighbors. In November 1966, in the largest military action since the Suez invasion, Israel attacked the West Bank town of Samu, then under Jordanian rule, killing 18 Jordanian soldiers and destroying 125 homes. Israel continued instigating…

Green Leaves

Zionism, Judaism and the Jewish State of Israel

By Lynda Burstein Brayer
November 27, 2018
Western thinking and intellectual endeavor is very much epitomized by formality, rationality and clear boundaries or limits. These qualities no doubt derive from the Aristotelian philosophical and analytical basis of Western Christendom, in which…
This existential distinction between the Jew and the goy is reflected in the absence of a Jewish universal moral code, an absence which is not found within either Christianity or Islam.

The Absolute Right of Palestinian Resistance

By Lynda Burstein Brayer
November 20, 2012
Once again the bombs are falling on the Gaza Strip, a stretch of territory excised from Palestine proper as a result of continuing illegal and illegitimate actions by Israel. In fact, Gaza has become a closed ghetto,…

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For the benefit of the reader are listed here are some very informative Threadreader summaries, may Allah grant us success in this life and in the next!

The Orientalizing of Moulana Rumi
Many of you may be familiar with the 'Rumi quotes' that circulate the internet. What if I told you the vast majority of them are fake and they are part of a project to secularize Rumi? This isn't a Whatsapp conspiracy.
@PersianPoetics, 2020-05-16

The Prophet's Mission to Ta’if ﷺ
After a decade of preaching in Makkah, the Prophet ﷺ - may Allah bless him and grant him peace - realized that he would have to look outside of his home for support. He turned to the city of Ta‘if which was the second largest city in Arabia, and home to the second most powerful tribe after Quraysh.
Abdul Nasir Jangda

20 Lessons on Fighting Tyranny
1. DO NOT OBEY IN ADVANCE. Much of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. Anticipatory obedience teaches authorities what is possible and accelerates unfreedom.
@timothydsnyder, 20190724

How to Serve as Wali in Marriage
The way most Muslims live (as well as conservative Chrstns and Jews), men ask for a woman's hand in marriage from the dad. The dad is not a turn-style who has to say yes. He is a "wali" or protector of his daughter's rights.
Dr. Shadee Elmasry, 20190722

On the Sexualization of Kids, Drag Kids Etc
When terrorism became a thing, people asked, do you condemn this? Fair question and we all repeated a zillion times that we do. Now, sexualization of kids, Drag Kids, etc, is a thing. Do liberal leaders condemn it? Can they?
Dr. Shadee Elmasry, 20190624

Asking Why God Can’t Stop Evil in the World Pointing to evil in the world and asking why God can’t stop it is the most popular way of rejecting Theism today (i.e. the belief in the existence of a god (or) a creator who intervenes in the universe). But it is not new. It has existed for ages.
Dr. Shadee Elmasry, 20190624

The Life of Imam Shamil
During the time of Imam Shamil, the Russians were a powerhouse. They had defeated the Persians, the Turks. They ruled all the way up to China. …The Russians were talking about taking the Caucasus and starting a new crusade and to "liberate" Jerusalem. Then came Imam Shamil (ra) who would not allow this superpower to move.
@AmrikiYaqub, 20190723

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