From the Mystical Secrets of the Last Days
by Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi,

"There are so many gospels about Jesus Christ. I once went to Iznik. Iznik is a city close to Istanbul. There is a strange name for a conference that took place there called Nicea. I was there. It is the oldest city in Christianity and the most famous one. It is surrounded by old walls. While I was looking under the huge arches, they took me to a place which was about twenty-five meters square and about five meters deep. My guide said to me that this room had been filled up with skeletons, hundreds of people-their heads, their bones. Archaeologists from Europe had come and opened it and looked and then said that these people who had been buried in this huge place were from the time of the Council of Nicea that had been held there in the 4th century.

When the patriarch of Constantinople at that time was looking at all the different Christian gospels around the world, he said " Oh, some of them are like this, some like that, some like that. There are so many differences." They called for a meeting and everyone brought their versions of the gospels. Then they decided on four books among the hundreds. Perhaps they refused the true ones, because otherwise no one could have decided on those four because even they are different. Otherwise one would have been enough. But four!

They destroyed all books except those four. They killed everyone who brought a different gospel so that they could not go back and write it down again. They destroyed their books, killed them and pt all of them in that huge place!

Therefore so many trick run through Christianity until today. So many different ideas come and you cannot say which one is right of all their books. All four of them are speaking about the crucifixion although most of the other gospels do not accept that.

Barnabas is a disciple. Just like we have Abu Bakr, the first of the Companions of the Prophet, Barnabas was the nearest of the twelve disciple. He was living with Jesus Christ and he never accepted the crucifixion. We take our source from him. So what is the reason that they refuse Barnabas and accept four others when he was living with him and the others came 100-150-200 years later?

St. Barnabas was from Cyprus. He is now buried in Cyprus. There is a dome on top of his grave. This is the most ancient church to be found on Cyprus. When you enter it, you see the story of St. Barnabas in pictures. There are several pictures that show that the bishop of that time had a dream. Barnabas ? tomb was unknown. It had disappeared. It was out in the country-side. The bishop, who was living on Cyprus as that time, dreamed and this is shown in pictures on the walls of the church. First, St. Barnabus came in a dream and told him, "My tomb is under that tree, under that olive tree." Second, the bishop goes to the tree and starts to dig. Third, they find him in the same way in which he had been buried, his gospel was lying on his chest. Fourth, his gospel is been taken away from his chest and the bishop is bringing it to the Emperor of Byzantine. Fifth, the Emperor is dressing the Bishop of Cyprus in clothes like his own, royal, and is giving honour to him by making Cyprus independent..

That is why the Cypriot Church became independent from Constantinople and was called the Orthodox Church. And that break was with the Emperor. From there, the Gospel of Barnabas was taken to Rome. It is now in the Vatican together with some hidden treasures.

We have a saying that you cannot put a spear into a sack because it will always stick out of one side. You cannot hide it. It will always cut open one side and show itself. In this same way, it is impossible to hide the truth. The time will come when it will appear and Christians, particularly church people, know so many things, but they are not sharing it with everybody. It is kept hidden.

In the days of the last Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) a Companion was travelling to Damascus. The Companions were always being trained. He went and met the governor of Amman, the Roman name at that time of a place close to Aleppo. After everyone had left, the governor called him saying, "Come to me!" He then took him to a cupboard and took one picture out of each drawer. The drawings were on silk, When he showed the pictures, he asked, "Do you know who this is?" He said, "No." The governed put the picture away and took out another picture, showed it and said, "Do you know who this is?" "No." until on the last piece of silk, a picture was drawn and he showed it to him asking, "Do you know ho this is?" He said, "This is our Prophet. This is Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)."

He said these pictures came from Adam, from paradise. Everyone's picture was drawn. Then that disappeared. When Moses cam to the children of Israel with the ark, they went everywhere and they were victorious. It is famous. All these pictures were brought from heaven and kept. All of them are no in that church, in their hands. They know the pictures . All the pictures are now in the Vatican. They cannot make it clear, but when Jesus Christ comes, he will bring out all of them an show them to the people.

They know so many things but they also hide so many things."



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