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Divine Harmony
By Maulana Shah
Muhammad Abdul Aleem Siddique

In my old age, I have undertaken the present world tour, with all its attendant hardships, only with the mission of delivering the message of peace and goodwill to my fellow beings so that they might be able to avoid conflicts and quarrels and to live in harmony.

After years of serious thinking, I have come to the conclusion that the real cause of human strife and wars consists in selfishness, on the one hand and the forgetfulness of God on the other. When people begin to act in utter self-interest, when the social obligations are forgotten, when one can stoop down so low as to pursue one's interests at the cost of the rights of the other, harmony and concord recede in the background. Similarly, when men become so engrossed in earthrootedness that they do not find the occasion to remember their Creator even formally, when the relations between the supreme source of power are cut off, when we cease to feel that by breaking the divinely appointed laws of nature, we are only destroying the harmony of human existence, peace must become a thing unattainable.

We all experience it in our daily lives that whenever we break the physiological laws of nature, we feel ill and have to endure bodily pain. Similarly is the case of the divinely-ordained moral laws. By breaking them, we invite nothing else than misery. If one breaks the heart of someone today, one must be ready to suffer a similar pain tomorrow.

Everyday and every night you hear music and songs in the recreational programmes over the radio. Did you ever consider from where this melody, which captivates your hearts and enchants your ears, did acquire that sweetness? If you have seen an orchestra, you must have noticed that it always contains several musical instruments, each one possessing its own sounds and tunes. Now, if all the instruments are played at one and the same time, and the players make it a point to play independently, you will hear nothing but discordant and jarring sounds. It is only when those in charge of the orchestration bring the different tune of the different instruments into harmony with one another, that you get that symphony which enthralls and thrills not only the listeners but the players themselves.

Thus, I would like you to consider every human figure like the musical instrument participating in musical performance. Learn the lesson of harmony from the orchestra. Remember that the moment you succeed in creating the requisite harmony with your fellow being, melodious tune will emanate from human life, imparting that sweetness which unfortunately, has now become a thing of the past.

Beautiful faces and beautiful things come before you, day and night enchanting your hearts. You say that you consider the face of so and so as beautiful, and you declare your love for that beauty. At this occasion I would not drag you into a discussion on the nature of love. I might tell you later on, that what people call love today is not love in the real sense or the term, but only a name for vulgar appetites, rooted in the lower form of desire. Actually love denotes that holy state of mind which has no reference to self-interest and baser passions.

However even if you think that love is nothing but an inclination which is sensuous in nature, I would like you to consider the problem: from where came this beauty and grace which attract your hearts? From where came those superior distinctions which make you bow down? Could these material bodies become so beautiful and seemingly so perfect by themselves, or, is there some Supreme power who creates the beauty and imparts distinctions? If you doubt the existence of that Supreme Being, we might discuss it at some other occasion. But if your nature itself and your inner voice tells you that there is someone who is the maker of this universe, then rest assured that all this beauty and perfection which you see in this world is only a manifestation of that really Beautiful and Perfect Being whom all sensible people of all religions call God. One step further you shall be able to feel that, if the beauty and perfection of created things are so attractive, how beautiful and perfect should He be who is the Creator.

You allow yourselves to be absorbed in the beauty of created things. But I would like you to focus your attention on Him, the really beautiful and the really perfect being, in Whom is the origin of all life. Think of Him and love Him. Your attitude of love will help in increasing your consciousness of God's omnipresence. Until you will find it impossible to act against His law. Then you will hurt none, you will break the heart of none, you will cheat none, and you will insult none. On the other hand you will feel the blacks and the whites, the poor and the rich, the lowly and the high-placed are all God's family and consequently your own brothers and sisters. Your love for God will compel you inwardly to love your fellow beings. When this attitude of mind has been attained, the world will have peace in the true sense of the word.

You are accustomed to hear the melodies of human song from the radio. Today you have heard about the melody of Divine Harmony. Let us henceforth think of God and Love Him with ever-increasing devotion, let us adopt the higher forms of human morals, and let us endeavour to build up a true Humanity.

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