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Some Suhbas by
Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani

(1) On The Middle East

This is an excerpt from
the Sheikh's Suhba on 4 Safar 1424/ 6 April 2003

Bismillahi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm
People are running after untrustworthy people. They will lose everything. First, now, they have lost their honour. There is no more honour in the Divine Presence for mankind living on earth now in the twenty-first century, because they are running away from their Creator, from the Lord of Heavens. They will be punished and their punishment is coming now through Armageddon. What is happening now in the Middle East is just a beginning.

The Middle East is the most important part of the whole world, from a spiritual as well as from a material point of view.

Strategically, importance No.1 is in the Middle East. Allah Almighty made the Middle East the centre of the whole world, so no area on earth is more important than the Middle East. Through His Prophets, saints and Holy Books He sent spirituality in its entirety from Heavens to the Middle East. That is the reason for its great importance, making it the most important area on earth. Whoever controls it – every nation knows that – his power is going to control the five continents, including all the oceans. That is a reality!

And it is only Allah Almighty who appoints! It is not something that is decided by money, armies or weapons. No! Whoever is going to be there will be appointed only by the Lord of Heavens. And don't say bad things, because even a fly can't move its wings without Allah knowing it! Not even one leaf of a tree can move without Allah knowing it. So don't say anything! He is looking into the hearts of His servants and only He is giving His Divine Fermān, His order, that that nation is going to be there.

Up to 1918 it was under the flag of the Ottomans. The Ottomans carried the flag of those Holy Lands, but after that they lost it. Until today troubles are never ending in that area. And now He appointed some others from His servants:

"Wa ba´athnā ´alayhim ´ibādan lanā ulī ba'sin shadīd" (1)
Now He is sending a mighty nation or powerful states to give them control over the Middle East. And this is the beginning of Armageddon, which is going to end when Jesus Christ comes from Heavens onto earth. And before him Mahdī –´alayhi s-salām – will appear, the one about whom the Prophet – peace be upon him – gave good tidings to his nation. This Armageddon is going on!

O people, it is a reality that the treasures of the whole world are in the Middle East. And He is the only one that is granting the keys for that area to anyone from His servants.
May Allah forgive me!

And if you are asking to reach treasures you must ask for the treasurer. Find him and take from him, because Allah Almighty also granted a treasure for everyone. But if you are not running to find the key, you are going to be ma?rūm, deprived, finished! We are only saying something that we receive through our spirituality, which is connected with the heavenly headquarters of the spiritual world. And we are only speaking!

Allah knows what is true and what is wrong and only Allah Almighty knows who are the true ones and who are not, who is trustworthy or not! Only He knows and He is dealing with His servants as they are. May Allah forgive me and bless you!

And everyone of those who ask for truth, accepting truth and accepting true ones, may reach the keys to their treasures Here and Hereafter. For the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine Presence, al-Fātiha.

(1) "And we sent upon them servants of Ours carrying terrible harm"; see Qur'ān, 17:5

(From' Divine Power Oceans', Suhba titled 'Allah's Treasures',
Warda Publications, Germany 2004)

They think that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam – peace be upon him – is not with them. The Prophet – peace be upon him – is not away from his nation. Allah says he is with you. And the Prophet may address the Lord on behalf of you.
   What are they doing in Islamic countries? People running like foolish ones through streets shouting, 'Russia down, America down, England down'. Why you are saying this?
   And why are you not humbly saying, 'Oh Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, Look after your nation!'. Go to the mosques and say, 'Ya Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, on behalf of us you can be our intercessor in the Divine Presence! Please use your power of intercession for us. Save us from the hands of these cruel people! Oh Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, make your intercession for your nation!'. They are not saying this, but they are running through streets shouting.

It is not permitted for men and women to run through the streets and shout! No! Muslims may only go to the mosque, cry, ask the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam – peace be upon him – to intercede for them in the Divine Presence, and ask forgiveness. Not in the streets!

The Muslim world is on the wrong way now.. for this reason curse is coming on them!

Courtesy mawlana40/at/yahoogroups.com

(2) 'Glory be to the Lord', Shaykh Nazim

Allah Almighty put mankind in a special position which gives him such a great value. And through that value, the honorable dress of glorifying is granted to him. And man's glorifying is at its highest level. Every smallest unit of our body is glorifying Him; but the highest glorification which the Lord is asking for is to say, 'Subhan Allah'; to use your own will and say, 'Glory be to Allah!'. That is the top point.

Every atom of an unbeliever's body is glorifying Allah but that person says 'No Allah!'. Although every part of his body says, 'You are our Lord! Glory be to You, O our Lord', that foolish and heedless one denies.. so, he doesn't say that.

The glorifying of a servant to his Lord causes him to come closer to His Divine generosity oceans.. to be granted more and more from these oceans.

Allah Almighty orders His servants to glorify Him but He is not in need of your glorifying Him. From His glorifying oceans, He dresses that one with a glorious dress of unimaginable value. For this reason He is ordering.

Shame on mankind who claim to be civilized people; they are not civilized because they don't know the right of the Lord of Heavens, to give their best grant which is to glorify Him! Until they come to that point, troubles will never end. They will continue until there remains only one man and one woman on the earth! It is enough.. as He Almighty began the generation of Adam from one man and one woman. So even if there remains only one man and one woman, He may start a new generation whose only importance is to say 'Subhanallahil Aliyyi-l Adhiym, Subhan Allah wa bihamdihi!', and to glorify their Lord with countless kinds of glorifications. That is the time coming: the time of Mahdi alaihis salaam peace be upon him. Be awakened! Wake up to catch the train before it runs away. Get in.. don't remain at the station!

We are addressing all mankind on the earth from East to West, North to South.

Courtesy mawlana40/at/yahoogroups.com

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