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An Al Qaeda mastermind questions terrorism
by Lawrence Wright

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Some quotes from a compelling and appalling article. This is from a non-Muslim journalist, so caution is at place here:

"Fadl contends that the rulers of Egypt and other Arab countries are apostates of Islam. "The infidel's rule, his prayers, and the prayers of those who pray behind him are invalid," Fadl decrees. "His blood is legal." He declares that Muslims have a duty to wage jihad against such leaders; those who submit to an infidel ruler are themselves infidels, and doomed to damnation. The same punishment awaits those who participate in democratic elections. "I say to Muslims in all candor that secular, nationalist democracy opposes your religion and your doctrine, and in submitting to it you leave God's book behind," he writes. Those who labor in government, the police, and the courts are infidels, as is anyone who works for peaceful change; religious war, not political reform, is the sole mandate. Even devout believers walk a tightrope over the abyss. "A man may enter the faith in many ways, yet be expelled from it by just one deed," Fadl cautions. Anyone who believes otherwise is a heretic and deserves to be slaughtered. "

"Muslims who follow his thinking believe that they have a divine right to kill anyone who disagrees with their straitened view of what constitutes a Muslim. The "Compendium" gave Al Qaeda and its allies a warrant to murder all who stood in their way."
Fulan commented:

Surely this is amongst the most dangerous and pernicious type of thinking which plagues our Ummah today.

It is absolutely abhorrent that such tracts (i.e. the jihadi manifesto quoted from in the article) exist in in this Umma, and worse, that they manage to bedazzle and take such a hold of brothers/sisters. What measures are being effected to counteract such pliant and malleable mindsets, so easily preyed upon by such pseudo-qualified individuals, and prone to such influence? How is such a psycho-pathology to be deconstructed?


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