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Why Read The Stories Of The Sahābah

(There is a) source which can have an even greater effect on your Eman and Taqwa than contemporary sources.

I would recommend that people spend more time reading these stories than those of modern converts. This other source is the stories of the Sahaba (Companions of the Prophet). Did you know that almost all of the Sahaba were converts to Islam? Every last one of them has a unique story and quite a few have suspense-filled adventures on their way to the truth.

The struggles, achievements and trials of the Sahābah have a timeless relationship to what people face in every age. Every parent, school and teacher must make certain that our children know at least ten Sahaba stories in a meaningful and relevant way.

"The Beauty of the Righteous and Ranks of the Elite" (Akili)
"The Companions of the Prophet" (Hamid) and
"Hayatus Sahaba" (Kandhalvi).

Yahiya Emerick in:

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