- LivingIslam promotes the prophetic message of Islam - in its traditional understanding - tradition* understood as the transmission of a superhuman element, through the Quran, the prophetic hadith, the legal schools of Islam and Islam's foremost spiritual masters.

- Islam is neither East nor West, beyond rich and poor and beyond the left or right; it covers all aspects of life, the inner, as well as the outer.

- Muslims are certainly not violent*, but there is the right to self-defense, just like for everyone else.

- Muslims don't hate people of other religions or of no religion, but they hate evil actions, manipulations, lies, interference.

- Muslims have all right to be themselves, to explain themselves, they deserve respect and be treated on equal terms.

- Muslims don't mind the West or East, but they don't want bombs dropped on their towns, school buses and wedding parties.

- Laws of the country of residence must be followed, and freedom of worship has to be guaranteed.

- Muslims are - like the rest of humanity - not perfect, Allah alone is all-perfect, all-benevolent, Master of the universe, Lord on the Day of Judgement.

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