From the War on Terror to the Covid Scare

9/11 and the War on Terror Was Not a War at All, but a Power Grab

Corbett report, transcript of the last 3 min of the video, 2020-09-11


from ≈28:50

Governments are banning gatherings and events, instituting new screening procedures, quarantining healthy functioning people against their will, tracking and surveilling every individual, controlling their movements, monitoring their transactions - make no mistake: 

the war on terror is not over, it has just greatly expanded!

The proponents of 9/11-truth have warned for 19 years that the war on terror was always a war on the public.

Long pushed to the margins of the political debate, that viewpoint has been vindicated as the terrorist label is replaced by the asymptomatic carrier label and all the machinery of the police state is wielded against everyone who opposes the biosecurity takeover. Given that those once derided as conspiracy theorists have turned out to be the most prescient political observers of all, perhaps it is time to learn the real lesson for 9/11 that mainstream discourse has always excluded:

That 9/11 and the war on terror was not a war at all, but a power grab. That the temporary measures brought in to deal with an alleged emergency will never be relinquished, and most importantly, that unless everyone who cares about this, the most blatant power grab in history, rises up, refuses to cower in fear of the invisible enemy, and reclaims their inalienable right to freedom of movement, freedom of association and freedom of assembly, then those freedoms will be gone for good.

This is the message of 9/11-truth: that the world was tricked into giving up their rights in the name of an endless parade of boogeymen.

In reality it was the very politicians and officials claiming to protect us from these boogiemen, who once donning the mantle of Homeland Security, who were the greatest threat to the public.

And now they are claiming we are the boogeyman: asymptomatic carriers of an invisible enemy, walking and talking weapons of mass destruction, who must be caged in fear forever, lest the virus kills us all.

This is a lie and it exposes what the fearmongers are themselves afraid of: free humanity, gathering, talking, working, playing, living. It is no small irony that this year's 9/11 memorials have been disrupted by the Covid scare. The torch has well and truly passed in the annual injunctions to 'never forget', have been replaced by a litany of 'always remembers': remember to wear your mask, remember to stay six feet apart, remember to avoid large groups, remember to stay home.

After 19 years, perhaps it is time to admit that 911-truth failed to expose the war on terror lie in time to derail the homeland security agenda. But we are entering a new era and we have a new chance to wake from this nightmare.

Knowing this, the only question is: will we reject the war on the invisible enemy before it's too late?

Whatever our choice, we better make it quickly - a great reset is coming.

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COVID–911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity