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Notes on the Trans Question, Dr. Yasir Qadhi




To summarize: 

1. As a base default, the Quran is explicit that mankind has been Divinely created FROM two genders and IN two genders.

2. Our Islamic Shari'ah is inherently gender based, and one finds different rulings for the two genders in many areas of fiqh.

3. The issue of khunthā mushkil (those born with both genitalia) is a rare occurrence and is a very small sub-set of intra-sex individuals, which is itself a very small sub-set of the term 'trans'. Hence it is a mistake to equate khunthā to trans.

4. Feelings that are inherent and innate in a person are not sinful if not acted upon. No one should be made to feel that they are any less of a believer for feelings. What the Shariah forbids is acting on specific feelings.

5. Gender reassignment surgery is a modern medical development. I am not aware of any fiqh council of any of the schools of Islamic law that has approved of it.

6. This is not about preaching *against* anyone as much as it is about preaching *for* Islamic morality. In a liberal society, if others have the right to act & preach as they please, we too must have the right to reclaim Prophetic piety and morality. - YasirQadhi

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So, this booklet was being distributed for free to the Muslim students at my son's University. 

The title of the booklet is 'I'm Muslim and My Gender Doesn't Fit Me'. The basic premise of the book is that gender identity and sexual orientation are choices that each individual makes. The author(s) claim that the Prophet accepted trans/gay people and that a Companion known as Hīt and who was trans ('mukhanath') used to be welcome in his house (see images). The work, from what I am told, is being distributed across many campuses free of charge.

There is simply too much to unpack in this one Facebook post. A few bullet points will have to suffice for now.

- As a base default, the Quran is explicit that mankind has been Divinely created FROM two genders { O Mankind! We created you from a male and a female } Ḥujurāt:13 and IN two genders, ('...and from the two of them, He spread forth multitudes of men, and of women' [Nisā':1]). There are simply too many verses in the Quran that allude to the two genders; and there is no reference whatsoever in the Quran to anything other than this. 

- There are Islamic legal and social rulings based on the two genders, and these run from the beginning chapters of purification all the way to ending chapters of inheritance. Our Islamic Shari'ah is inherently gender based, and one finds different rulings in many areas of fiqh.  To claim that gender is an imaginary construct is untenable in light of Scripture, Shari'ah, biology, common sense and the cumulative history of mankind. 

- There are some people who are born with both male and female genitalia, and have atypical sex chromosomes, and thus are given specific rulings in the books of fiqh under the topic of 'khunthā' (the actual percentage is around 0.018 %, from which technically the real khunthā mushkil will be a much smaller amount); however, these are specific concessions and ruling for those born with both private organs. As the legal maxim states, "Extraordinary issues do not take on legal rulings" - meaning that something that is extremely rare will not become a default, and remain rare. We deal with rare issues on a case-by-case basis, and don't make a generic rule for all of mankind because of it.

- The issue of khunthā mushkil is related to those who are born with both private organs of similar physical characteristics. This is actually a small subset of the medical category known as 'intersex'. Actually, most people who are intersex (perhaps around 1 % of mankind) can live relatively normal lives and don't even know they are intersex until a medical exam shows them to be; once again, 'khuntha mushkil' is a very small sub-category of intersex. 

The term 'trans', however, is much broader, and it is a mistake of the highest magnitude to equate the discussion in the books of fiqh on khunthā as being equivalent to the modern 'trans' category. 

- The Shari'ah clearly has the broad outlines of responsibilities of each gender: some of these aspects are obligatory (wājib), others are encouraged, and yet others are permissible and can be negotiated on a case by case basis. Still, overall it is undeniable that each gender has a primary role for which Allah created that gender for; hence the role of the husband is complementary to that of the wife; and the role of the mother overlaps with yet is distinct from the role of the father. Once again, not every aspect of every role is obligatory, but as a base default, we affirm that the Shariah does indeed have gender-based norms. And hence each gender is encouraged to conform to its roles, even as some aspects are negotiable from person to time to place [this is a much larger topic obviously!]. 

- Feelings that are inherent and innate in a person are not sinful if not acted upon. If a man wishes to act like a woman in dress or speech, or vice versa, these feelings in and of themselves will not be punished, and no one should be made to feel that they are any less of a believer for feelings. We all have our desires and wants, and it is in conforming our desires with the Shariah of Allah that piety is established. However, going out of one's way to act on such feelings, and force an appearance or mannerism that is contrary to one's birth gender is prohibited by the explicit texts of ḥadīth, and the unanimous consensus of the jurists. 

- Gender reassignment surgery is a modern medical development. I am not aware of any fiqh council of any of the schools of Islamic law that has approved of it.

- To claim that the Prophet accepted trans and gay people and that they were welcome in his house [meaning that he approved of their lifestyle] is a complete and utter fabrication. Hīt is an individual who is mentioned in some hadith literature as being an eunuch or a man who had no desire. Whether he was castrated as a child (which is ḥarām but a common occurrence at the time), or was what we now call 'asexual', (i.e., naturally not having any desires), that is a separate category from the term 'trans', and has nothing to do with cross-dressing or same-sex inclinations. As well, when it was proven that he acted immorally, he was expelled from Madinah. 

- This post is not about preaching hatred of any individual. We treat all people as humans and give them the respect and dignity they deserve. And we welcome all those struggling with temptations and desires to our masjids and communities and give them any spiritual help they desire, and accommodate them as reasonably as we are able to. This post is about preaching Islamic notions of morality and gender, and about reclaiming the Prophetic image of taqwa and modesty. Those who espouse liberalism and believe in the freedom of all should extend those same liberal values of freedom to those who don't agree with their versions of morality. If you have the political right to act in a certain manner, allow us the same political rights to preach our versions of morality. Preach whatever you want, and your Creator will be your judge, but when you taint the message of our Prophet and distort the Shariah to suit your notions of liberalism, then we cannot remain quiet, and we will strongly denounce your attempts to hijack the Quran and Sunnah.  

وَإِذْ أَخَذَ اللَّهُ مِيثَاقَ الَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْكِتَابَ لَتُبَيِّنُنَّهُ لِلنَّاسِ وَلَا تَكْتُمُونَهُ...

Zeba Salim
Hira Khan These people don't want these people to be part of Islam. If they cannot change themselves, then they will have to leave and have no claim to it.

Hira Khan
Zeba Salim it's very easy for someone like me, I was born as someone who fit right within the parameters. Some muslims act like the cognitive reprogramming of your own brain it takes to change oneself like that is so easy lol. Completely changing how … Show more

Ahmad Hussain Abir
They want to live a life based on their vain desires.

What does submitting to Allah even mean then if you think your imagined gender identity matters more?… Show more

Hira Khan
Ahmad Hussain Abir if you believe it is about vanity then I'm afraid you must not be very acquainted with the subject. Atleast in the capacity I am speaking in. Yes for some people it may be about vanity and cosmetic(maybe?), but there are people who a… Show more

Ghanim Khalil
People are what is destined for them. If people leave Islam because their sincere feelings about themselves are a reason to overrule the One Who created them in the first place then that is their destiny. There is no coercion in deen, so if people want… Show more

Maha Khan
Like Dr. Yasir just said,
they are in need of counselling and therapy, there is help available in the right places. There are many people struggling with many issues in their life, terrible physical and mental struggles, but the commandment of Allah ap… Show more

Khalfan Cheema
Hira Khan I don't think there is an adequate answer anyone has. We have similar discussions in our circles, but there is no real answer. Most of us just want to Believe LGTQ is a choice, which in many it might be, is it mental issue who really knows? Why would any human wants to live as outcast? If it is just desires , why go through all the hardships in society. Non of Abrahamic religions accept them , which makes up majority of world population, then why go through it? If you find answers, do let me know. It is absolutely astounding the discussions folks are having above. If don't adequately answer this question for upcoming generation, I am afraid it will be lost cause.

Adam Mayo
This is a conversation for sure. The problem is not an individual's answer, it's the perspective and experience of the person that is the problem. When you say Allah swt has given specific roles to men, I agree but a little boy that identifies as a girl doesn't want to be neutral. They want to fulfill the role of the gender they identify with. People condemn gender reassignment surgery. They say do you think Allah swt made a mistake. No but when a child is born with a cleft palate or a heart defect, we shouldn't fix that either. If Allah swt meant for them to be healthy and live, then they will by Allah alone. We only want to fix what is socially acceptable to us. If you were one of those people feeling like a prisoner in a body you don't belong in. Living a miserable life, you might feel differently. The problem is not that Allah sees this as wrong, but that you do. If you have cancer then don't seek treatment. Then people say that Allah gave the science and talent to doctors to help people. He also gave it to the doctors who preform gender reassignment surgery. P.s. clearly we are speaking of Sunni islam. In Iran you can get gender reassignment surgery and it has considered acceptable under Islamic law there. You can only feel your own emotions. You can only have your own life experience. Its sad that people are so upset about this book. You're right I think your opinion of what islam is and what actions you should take, are your decision. But meanwhile you are saying they shouldn't have their opinion. If you believe its wrong, then you shouldn't do it. You can even tell others they shouldn't do it. However if a Muslim thinks it okay to do and wants to tell others its ok, they can. Allah swt is all powerful. The creator of everything that is, was, and will be.
He doesnt need you to be his own personal police. You are correct there is no compulsion in religion... Unless of course you say so. You want people to let you live and say your opinion but you can't let them do the same. comment: YQ doesn't interfere with their 'lifef choice', but he states the clear Islamic message in this regard, and this is what we are entitled to do, and what Allhah has ordered us to do!] Its ignorance. Someone needs a hobby.

Tamara Haynes
Hira Khan How can u believe in Allah and disobey his command. LGBT and Islam doesn't go together. If a man wants to be sinful and follow his desires he is normally quiet about it and angels records it. He doesn't go asking people to accept his sins do… Show more

Shazim Ibrahim
Allah SWT will never give you a burden more than you can bear, Therefore, if you are authentically struggling with a trans issue, then this is your test and you have to deal with it. Not fail it and ask everyone else to accept that.

Haruna Umar Tilahui
Hira Khan Islam is not about numbers. Anyone who doesn't conform is as good as wasting his time. We can't say hello to a cow just because we want to eat meat.

Salwa Haithar
Hira Khan Islam is about full submission to Allah. You conform to Islam, Islam doesn't need to conform or reform for anyone.

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.@Liz_Wheeler: Transgender… Transracial… Transabled… Guess what next…

they have gone too far.

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