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No to Extremism!

Advice by Sh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

No one can take the law by his or her hand. Not harming others is a valid prohibition and is applied in all modern laws.


Hadith by the Prophet of Islam :

”A ‎Muslim‎ is he who does not harm anyone*, neither by his tongue nor by his hand.”

(Prophet Muhammad )

المسلم من سلم الناس من لسانه ويده. حديث صحيح أخرجه أحمد والنسائي عن عبد الله بن عمرو بن العاص.


*A sound, authentic narration with "الناس" which reads to mankind, or to anyone.


There is a common misunderstanding that we cannot harm Muslims but it is ok to harm non-Muslims. This is wrong!


Sura-verse 8-12 is applicable only:

In a battle of war when fighting an enemy invading your land, not in peaceful societies. Jihad is the duty of the government.


On the Origins of Extremism in Our Times

ISIS & al-Qaida are products of the Jihadi Salafi* movement, not of mainstream Sunni Islam.


We will not allow any terrorists to use the sacred texts of Islam to justify killing innocent people.


more: Refuting ISIS. Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi‏

*The Jihadi Salafi movement stems from the 'Salafi'-Wahhabi innovation of their founder, Muhammad ibn `Abdul-Wahhab 1703-1792 AD.



Other Opinions

ISIS grew out of Al Qaeda in Iraq, which grew out of the chaos caused by the 2003 invasion. 'War On Terror' approach doesn't make us safe. 

Trying to Divide Muslims

”As we have said time and again shaytan and its followers always want Muslims to make less Dhikr of Allah Most High, less Salawat on His Prophet (upon him blessings and peace), less Tarawih in Ramadan, less respect of Awliya, less Tawassul through the Prophet and Salihin, and less pursuit of all the blessings and spiritual knowledge and practice that Allah has made available to this Umma.


Even when the Umma is being physically attacked and slaughtered East and West, these enemies have no shame in continuously trying to divide Muslims, eviscerate the Deen from its spiritual content and weaken Da`wa as much as they can.”

”They wish to extinguish Allah's light by formalizing His religion, encouraging secularism, and dissociating Muslims from their emotional attachment to Allah and His Prophet and Awliya which is the basis of strong faith.  


They are trying instead to produce automatons who force themselves and others to follow rules without understanding.


This is the exact recipe of extremism that is now devastating the world. Whenever we see someone trying to push such an agenda we should recognize them for what they are - Wahhabi ”Salafis”, modern offshoots of Kharijism - and send them packing, just as each generation of Sunni teachers did in their time and just as the true scholars of Ahl al-Sunna have always done and will continue to do.


Wa-min Allah al-Tawfiq wal-Hidaya.”


Comment by Dr Gibril F. Haddad, 2013


La illaha ill-Allah - There is no divinity except Allah


Not all the movements using the name, symbols, and language of Islam are of an authentically Islamic character, least of all radical and violent forces that pretend to represent Islam and that distort the teachings of the religion for their own political ends.


Neither War Nor Terrorism, The Islamic Response