Showing Goodness to Women

Mohammed Aslam



You know our teachers in Syria would literally go out and find out about the welfare of women involved in prostitution in Damascus. Shaykh Muhammad 'Aywad would go to their homes, knock on their doors and when they would answer, he would say, 'I will take charge of your financial situation and pay for your rent and expenditure if you give up what you are doing.' - This was not some kid - This was from the giant 'ulama of the land and he cared so much.


They would break down into tears and change their lives. One day, a woman took him in her home and said, 'Look at my father, he is bedbound! I hate every second of this job, but I only do this to eat and to help him survive!' - Within moments, the shaykh literally found a business-man to fund her entire home including food and rent. These were the awliyah of Shaam. Other scholars would help them then get other jobs. You know what hurts me so much? They did that for prostitutes and never deemed them to be evil. We can't even show goodness to women without hijabs. We can't go a day without knocking them whilst they are our sisters. The shaykh didn't help one woman except they all returned to Hijab.

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