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Signs And Virtues &
Living By The Book;
Sh. Hasan Gai Eaton

from BBC-WS around 1993, length each about 04 min
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Title: Living by the book
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“Muslims' understanding of revelation.
The Qur'an: the miracle of Islam: The notion that the Absolute communicates with the relative, that the Eternal makes Itself understood by the short-lived creatures of time, seems contrary to sense, therefore miraculous.”

Title: Living by the book
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“The Qur'an describes itself as a reminder to mankind, but we can only be reminded of something which we once knew and then forgot.”

Title: Living by the book
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“What is righteousness? Who has righteousness? Which are the obligations that Allah (may His majesty be exalted) imposes upon us?
Are you commited to an organized - better yet: revealed religion? If not:
Do you really have that much trust in your own subjective wisdom?
(The question of why one should adhere to a revealed religion)”

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