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OUR GOAL IS THE DEFENSE AND ILLUSTRATION OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD AND HIS LOFTY ATTRIBUTES, ﷺ upon him and his House and Companions blessings and peace; to which Allâh support us!


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Selected Works in Print by Sh. Gibril Fouad Haddad

New Publications

- Baydawi - The Lights of Revelation & the Secrets of Interpretation

Front-of-Baydawis-Anwar Backcover-of-Baydawis-Anwar

- 40 Hadiths on Sham 2nd ed.

- Musnad Ahl al-Bayt (Arabic)

- Incineration of Persons

At Beacon Books, London, UK:

Encyclopedia of Hadith Forgeries by Mulla ‘Ali al-Qari: Sayings Misattributed to the Prophet Muhammad.
Introduction, Translation and Notes (740 pages including seven indexes).

At Al-Qur'an wal-Sunna Association (AQSA), Birmingham, UK:

Albani and His Friends: A Concise Guide to the "Salafi" Movement. 2nd edition.

Mawlid: Celebrating the Birth of the Holy Prophet, upon him blessings and peace. (Refutation of anti-mawlid fatwa by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani)

Al-Jifri, Ḥabib Ali. Jesus Christ the Son of Mary & His Most Blessed Mother, upon them peace.

Al-Maliki, Muḥammad ibn `Alawi. The Prophet's Night Journey and Heavenly Ascent. 4th ed.

Ibn Jahbal. Refutation of Ibn Taymiyya Who Attributes Direction to Allah.

Al-Maliki. The Life of the Prophets in Their Graves, upon them peace. Bilingual, forthcoming.

At Warda Publications, Hellenthal, Germany:

Introduction and glossary for Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti's Defending the Transgressed, a fatwa on the prohibition of the military targeting of civilians. [Defending the Transgressed: Mudafi' al-Mazlum]

At AQSA and Warda Publications:

Sunna Notes I: Hadith History and Principles. With Ibn Hajar's Nukhbat al-Fikar.

Sunna Notes II: The Excellent Innovation in the Qur'an and Ḥadith. Foreword by Shaykh Wahbi

Sulayman Ghawji. With Ibn Rajab's The Sunna of the Caliphs.

Sunna Notes III: The Binding Proof of the Sunna. Foreword by Dr. Muhammad Sa'id al-Buti. With Ibn Hajar's The Hadith of Gibril.

At Maktabat al-Aḥbab, Damascus (all bilingual works):

Afdalu al-Khalqi Sayyiduna Muhammad (On the Prophetic Attribute "Best of Creation").

The Excellence of Syro-Palestine—al-Shaam—and Its People: Forty Hadiths [Video presentation].

Mawlana's Open Door in Johore and Singapore.

Qubrus al-Tarab fi Suhbati Rajab ("The Joy of Cyprus in the Association of Rajab"): Discourses of Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani.

Al-Rifa'i, Yusuf Hashim. Advice to Our Brethren the Scholars of Najd (Nasiha li-Ikhwanina 'Ulama' Najd). Introduction by Muhammad Sa'id al-Buti. With the full introduction of 'Alawi al-Haddad's 1802 Misbah al-Anam fi Radd Shubuhat al-Najdi al-Lati Adalla biha al-'Awamm.

Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al-Siddiq radya Allahu 'anh.

At Dar Taybat al-Gharra', Damascus (in Arabic):

Tuhfat al-Labib bi-Nusrat al-Habib 'Ali al-Jufri wa-Munaqashat al-Mukhalifin fil-Masa'il al-Sufiyya.
Foreword by Sayyid Yusuf al-Rifa'i.

Al-Arba'un fi Fadl al-Sham wa-Ahlih wal-Hijrati ila Allah wa-Rasulih Salla Allah wa-Sallama 'alayhi wa-'ala Alih.


At Amal Press, Bristol:

From the Two Holy Sanctuaries: A Hajj Journal. With historical illustrations.

Revision, introduction, notes, and appendices for Miryam Poswal's translation of al-Suyuti's Sibahat al-Fikr fil-Jahri bil-Dhikr.

Taqriz for Dr. Afifi al-Akiti's Moonrises and the Meeting of Hearts concerning the Harmony between Islamic Jurisprudence and Astronomy and the Correlation of Computation and Sighting. (Unpublished)

At Muslim Academic Trust (MAT), Oxford:

The Four Imams and Their Schools: Abu Hanifa, Malik, al-Shafi'i, Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Foreword by Sayyid Yusuf Hashim al-Rifa‘i.

At As-Sunna Foundation of America (ASFA):

Ibn 'Abd al-Salam's Doctrine of the People of Truth (al-Mulha fi I'tiqad Ahl al-Haqq).

Al-Bayhaqi's Divine Names and Attributes (al-Asma' wal-Sifat). Excerpts.

Ibn Khafif's Correct Islamic Doctrine. With Ibn 'Arabi's Doctrine of the Muslims.

At Institute for Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (ISCA) (US) and Centre for Spirituality and Cultural Advancement (CSCA) (UK):

The Muhammadan Light in the Qur'an, Sunna, and Companion-Reports.


At Dar al-A'tab, Jakarta (in Arabic):

Fayd al-Salam bi-Suhbat al-Shaykh Hisham wa-Minnat Mawlana al-Shaykh Nazim ala al-Khass wal-Amm.

Section 1b

Reviews of Some Publications

The Four Imams and Their Schools
By Gibril Fouad Haddad
Foreward by Sayyid Yusuf Hashim al-Rifa'i Paperback 551 Pages,
Muslim Academic Trust, London; - at [kitaabun.com]
The edition is in English with some Arabic.

"The Great Edifice of Islamic Law is held up by four towering figures of the early middle ages: Abu Hanifa, Malik, al-Shafi'i, and Ibn Hanbal. Because of their immense dedication and intellectual acuity, these men enjoy recognition to this day as Islam's most influential scholars." [ kitaabun.com]

The Refutation of He Who Attributes Direction to Allah
This short theological tract, Fi Nafi al-Jiha, or On Denying Direction to God, by the Ashari theologian and celebrated Shafi'i jurist, Qadi Ibn Jahbal (d. 733/1333), is a clinical rebuttal of the controversial fatwa, the Aqida Hamawiyya, penned by his legendary contemporary, Ibn Taymiyya (d. 728/1328). It is considered, rightly, a classic manifesto of anti-literalism, which will be an indispensable reference for advanced students of Islamic theology, other professional theologians, and modern academics needing primary source materials in English or a source book on the controversies surrounding Ibn Taymiyya's theology.
see also: The Fatwâ H.amawiyya by Ibn Taymiyya

From the Two Holy Sanctuaries: A Hajj Journal.
This is a revised and updated edition of the one which Sidi Gibril F Haddad first published in Damascus in 1999.
Amal Press published it. amalpress.com - expired link (before 2019-01) -

Sunna Notes
Volumes 1 and 2 are two new books by Dr. Gibril F Haddad,
"The purpose of this book is to do away once and for all with perilous misconceptions and to present over 160 proofs for the Sunni understanding of Sunna and bid'a as it was ­ and continues to be ­ set forth in classical, moderate, mainstream Islam according to the Sunni Salaf and Khalaf including the Four Schools of Fiqh." [Video presentation about bid'a]

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Main List of Texts

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Other Texts By GF Haddad

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Some Bookreviews By GF Haddad

Book Review: Seyyed Hossein Nasr et al., ed.; The Study Quran
Book Review: Niaz A. Shah, ed. Islam and the Law of Armed Conflict
Bookreviews & Notes By GF Haddad From SP (bn)

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Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani (rh)

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Texts in Other Languages by GF Haddad

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Questions and Answers on Other Sites by GF Haddad

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Recent Texts by Shaykh Gibril F. Haddad on eShaykh.com [link]

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Video Presentations by Shaykh Gibril F. Haddad on YT

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani - Shaykh G F Haddad

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