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Concerning Commentaries of the Forty Hadith

The title of imam is given to one who is followed. In the proper sense (with a capital I) it is given to those who have achieved mujtahid mutlaq status and whose rulings and methodology have crystallized into a School of Law. In the common sense (with a small i) it is given to those who lead the prayers in a mosque or elsewhere. It should not be given with a capital I to just any and all scholars, translators, da╩┐is, or mosque imams. In this case these people do not even qualify as Ulema, how then could they be called Imams??

I saw this Zarabozo's translation or rather his manifesto of Salafi/Wahhabi errors camouflaged as a commentary on Imam al-Nawawi of which the latter is wholly innocent. In fact, he begins it with an attack on Imam al-Nawawi's creed as necessitating correction. He also takes Shaykh Hisham Kabbani to task for defending al-Nawawi against the aspersions of Wahhabis in his "Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine." But Imam al-Nawawi has more Sunni creed in his little finger than this Zarabozo and all those behind him. May Allah correct him and all the people of "Salafi" innovation for their arrogance, and may He return the wages of their lusts and innovations on them.

As for Brother De Lorenzo's translation I have not seen it.

Hajj Gibril

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