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We present here some quality texts from the Islamic tradition and references of Islam as the middle path, neither extremist viewpoints, nor modernist interpretations.

Islam cannot be reduced to a utopia for the perfect society in this world - dunya, which is but support for the Hereafter and Islam is neither limited to the domain of faith, nor to the domain of law: instead there has to be a revival of Islamic ’haqīqah’ sacred knowledge. … [ more ]

The ’war on terror’ is a lie. It is not a ’War on Terror’, but a neat front to enforce the superpowers' global hegemony in this world. … [ Preamble ]

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Latest 12 texts on Livingislam.org

Israel military and settler-thugs target Palestinian schoolchildren
Two Spies Within The Council For American-Islamic Relations
The Execution of Julian Assange
The Reform of the Modern Mentality
Quotes on Oriental Metaphysics
Germany: an Induring Enemy of the Palestinian Struggle
Mossad Ran 9/11 Arab "Hijacker" Terrorist Operation
The World of Toxic Positivity & Islamic Contemplation
Repent From Your Sleep Of Heedlessness.
Aspects of US-Imperialism
Not Reaching Home From the Grocery - Israel Shooting Children
The Principle Of Separation At The Heart Of The Jewish Religion
The remarkable disappearing act of Israel's car-bombing campaign in Lebanon

Groups of Texts

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_Allah ﷻ

- About Allah
- On Allah’s Self-Disclosure, From The Teachings of Muhyiddīn Ibn ’Arabi
- Rules Of Getting Closer To Allah (swt), OmarKN
- God is Light William C. Chittick

- Understanding God William C. Chittick
- Allah's Names
- Know Your Lord, by ʿAli bin Abi Tālib
- 2 Proofs of God Omar KN

- On The Oneness of God, W. C. Chittick

_Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

- About Prophet Muhammad
- Description & Life Of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ Muhammad Rizwan Talib
- The Prophet - A Mercy to the Worlds ﷺ Sh. G. F. Haddad
- Nawawi's Greeting Of Prophet Sh. G. F. Haddad
- The Light of the Prophet, GF Haddad

- Love Of The Prophet & Following His Example ﷺ by Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- On Loving the Prophet ﷺ hadith
- The Prophetic Title: "Best Of Creation" Sh. G. F. Haddad
- 80 Hadiths on the Prophet's Knowledge of the Unseen Sh. Gibril F Haddad
- 40 Hadiths f. t. Superlative Eloquence of t. Prophet ﷺ Sh. G. F. Haddad

- The Prophet in Barzakh Sayyid Muhammad ibn `Alawi al-Maliki
- Proof-texts of the Life of the Prophet in His Grave [rev] ﷺ Sh. G. F. Haddad
- The Names Of The Prophet ﷺ Sh. G. F. Haddad
- The Prophet ﷺ and Prophetic Tradition; S H Nasr
- The Prophet's Mission to Ta’if ﷺ Abdul Nasir Jangda


- The Farewell Speech of the Prophet
- Poem of Tawassul and Praise
- What Makes A Person Kafir? Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Who is a kafir? Omar KN

- The Unity of Humankind Is One
- Who Are The Disbelievers? Sh. Hamza Yusuf [summarized]
- Kafir, kufr; Sh. Fadel Soliman [transcr.]
- Is Religion The Opiate Of The Masses? Sh. Fadel Soliman [transcr.]

- The Essence of Worship In Islam; Sh. Fadel Soliman [transcr.]
- Repent! From your sleep of heedlessness

_Islamic Tradition

- Islam - Questions & Answers
- Notions That Must Be Corrected, (extract) by Sh M b. Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani
- Commendation [Against the Divisions] Prof. Abdullah Guenon Al-Hasani


- About the Heart
- About The Pure Heart - And What It Keeps Alive, OKN
- Advice For Spiritual Realisation, Muhyiddin Ibn `Arabi
- On Knowing Oneself various Shuyukh
- On Cultivating Gratitude in Sufi Ethics, Atif Khalil

- Tahawi's "Doctrine" (al-ʿAqida )
- Is Belief In God Enough? OmarKN
- The Vision of Allah in the World and the Hereafter, Shaykh G F Haddad
- What or Who Is God? Murat Yagan
- Faith And Belief, by Hasan Gai Eaton
- Divine Perfection and Struggling Belief

- Nawawi on "Actions are according to intentions"
- On Dhikr (Remembrance of God) from Nuzhat al-Majalis
- A Survey Of Decisive Arguments And Proof For Tasawwuf - Sufism in Islam, OKN
- Khayāl - Creative Imagination; From Teachings of Muhyiddīn Ibn ’Arabi
- Ibn ʿAbd al-Salam and Ashʿari Ta'wil
(Figurative Interpretation of the Mutashābihāt)


- Islam
- Islam Is a Way of Life
- Islam the Natural, Easy Religion G F Haddad
- Verifiable Transmission (Isnād) and the Sects
- The Light of Islam
- Saving Islam from the Deceit and Depravity of the Islamic State


- Quranic Indications
- Revelation

- The Lights of Revelation & the Secrets of Interpretation, Al-Baydawi G F Haddad
- What The Quran Enjoins Us To Do & Warns Us 4 items
- Quranic Definitions 3 items

- Consensus c/f some issues related to Qur'ān, GF Haddad
- Ibn ʿArabi on Uncreatedness of Quran Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Uncreatedness of the Quran Shaykh Gibril F Haddad


- Alphabetical Index Of Hadith
- The Story of Hadith, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Hadith ”The Book of Allah And My Sunna”
- (Foreword To) Sunna Notes: Hadith History & Principles (pdf)
- Hadiths On The Cosmos, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad

- Is Studying Hadith on Your Own Advised?
- Lone-Narrator reports
- Validity of weak hadith
- Various Issues About Hadiths
- Unreliability of the Righteous in Hadith Narration

- Regarding Quoting And Using Mawdu' Hadiths
- 40 Hadiths (for) Superlative Eloquence of the Prophet
- 40 Hadith on Mercy, Ibn Tulun, Commentary Sh Gibril Haddad
- 40 Hadith on Mercy, Ibn Tulun, Footnotes
- 80 Hadiths on the Prophet's Knowledge of the Unseen

- Verification For Several Hadith
- Hadiths On The Formation Of Human Life, by GF Haddad
- Hadith On The Present Fitna, by GF Haddad
- Selected Hadith With Keywords
- The Gibril-Hadith

- Hadith of Adam's tawassul through the Prophet ﷺ
- Ink of the Ulema Hadith
- Have You Been Blackmailed With Bukhari Yet? Sahih Hadith and Fiqh
- What was wrong with Ibn Taymiyya? [Short]
- Refutations of Ibn Taymiyya's Two Tawheeds [Short]

- Proof-texts of the Life of the Prophet in His Grave [rev] ﷺ Sh. G. F. Haddad
- Hadith On Bravery, GFH [ hv_e ]
- Hadith On Hardening Of Hearts, GFH [ hv_e ]
- 26 Beautiful Hadith
- Collection of (1) Hadith


- The Meaning of Sunna
- Probativeness of Sunna (Hujjiyya al-Sunna) by GF Haddad
- Glossary of Fiqh, H.adīth, Kalām, and Tas.awwuf
- The Defense of the Sunna: An Analysis of the Theory and Practices Of Tasawwuf (Sufism) by Ibrahim M H aska-Shaghouri
- Nasiha (Good Advice) For Mosques, From Sh. Muhammad Aslam


- Importance of a Good Shaykh, Shaykh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani
- Zarruq The Critic


- The Awliyā'u-LLahi, About The Pious Worshippers of Allah


- Soul - Nafs
- The Meaning of Nafs, Muhammad 'Afifi al-'Akiti   [ all of his texts ]


- Here in the West Don’t Blame Islamic Scholars LowlyAspirant

Written by Shaykh Gibril F Haddad:
- Al-Ashʿari (ra)
- Al-Maqrizi
- Abu Hanifa
- Ibn Furak Al-Shafiʿi'
- Al-Suyuti

- Al-Tustari by Sh G F Haddad
- Sahl al-Tustarī by Sh Gibril F Haddad
- Al-Kawthari
- Those Who Attack Al-Kawthari
- Mujahid
- Ibn Arabi

- Al-Junayd Al-Baghdadi
- Al-Ghazali ( with list of works ), GF Haddad
- Defending the Ihya from those Devoid of Shame, GFH
- Ibn Abi Shayba
- Regarding Sheikh Al-Albani

- Regarding The Detractors of Ihya
- Shaykh Wahbi Ghawji Bio-Bibliography
- Those Who Attack Imam Ghazali
- Al-Najjad
- Khālid ibn Maʿdān

- Khumayyis (Wahabi pseudo-scholar)
- Who Are Imitated in Islam, GF Haddad
- Scholarly Titles in Islam
- Ahmad ibn Taymiyya (661-728)
- Ibn Taymiyya/Shah Wali Allah/Ibn ʿAbd al-Barr

- Refutation of Ihsan Ilahi Zahir
- [ List of Scholars ]


- Madhhabs of the Imams of Hadith
- Sahaba


- Tasawwuf - Sufism

- The Formation Of Sufism As A Science, Sh. `Abd Al-Qadir `Isa
- What is Sufism, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Sufism in Islam, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad

- Spiritual Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq
- About The Pure Heart - And What It Keeps Alive, OKN
- Ibn Taymiyya On "Futooh Al-Ghayb" And Sufism
- Al-Sakhawi's Sufi Teachers

- Islamic Sufism, Notes Fr. Speech By S H Nasr
- Al-Shāfiʿī and Tas.awwuf
- Advice from Abu Hasan al-Shādhili

- Tasawuf Al-Qaradawi
- A Survey Of Decisive Arguments And Proof ed. Omar KN

- On The Shari`a, Excerpt from S H Nasr
- Shari`a and Haqíqat, by Al-Hujwiri
- Shari`a, Tarīqah And Haqīqah, S H Nasr

- Intelligence and Reason in Islam, OKN
- Intellect, Reason and Unity Of Being, S H Nasr
- Shams, Mother Of The Poor Ibn ʿArabi
- Philosophical Sufism - Quotes; by Mohammed Rustom

_Signs of the Times

- Signs of the Times
- Signs Of The Hour
- The Paradox of Our Condition, Quotes on Modernity, Sh Abdul Hakim Murad

- Truth Matters - Modernity And Postmodernism
- Modernism And Modern Thought S H Nasr
- Tradition Betrayed, The False Prophets Of Modernism by H Oldmeadow

- The Confusion of the Psychic and the Spiritual René Guénon
- Notes 1 on Postmodernism / Liquid Modernity
- Notes 2 on Postmodernism - (Foucault)

- Hatred of Muslims Is Rampant in Britain & P. Handke
- Postmodern Man Is Distracted From His Self / Soul, Omar KN
- Women’s Rights without Feminism Notes (Zara Faris)

- On the Concept of Time, OKN


- Definition of Shariah, Tariqah, Haqiqah
- Answers to Fiqh-Questions - Overview Page

- Fiqh Questions - Answers, Sh Gibril F Haddad
- An Example Of Al-Shafiʿi's Jurisprudence
- The Superiority Of Fiqh Over Hadith

- Texts by Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti
- Fiqh-textsacc. to the Hanbali madhhab Sh Musa Furber
- What Is a Fatwa? Imam Suhaib Webb

_Not the Path to Paradise!

Response to Daesh (’ISIS’), by Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah
- 1. INTRODUCTION - Counsel for the Youth
- 2. A Statement to the Muslim World and its Leaders
- 3. Recommendations From The Forum For Promoting Peace
- 4. Misunderstandings About Aspects Of Islamic Law
- 5. Jihad is not synonymous with fighting
- 6. Rulings In Islamic Law For The Domain Of The Political Authority
- 7. The Islamic Caliphate
- 8. Oppression And Aggression Against Religious Minorities HARAM
- 9. Peace As Goal And Priority
- 10. Youth! Remain Steadfast In Face Of Empty Claims And Promises!

Other Texts On Daesh - (Not ’IS/ ISIS’) ← in this section


- Saving Islam from the Deceit and Depravity of the Islamic State, Sh. M Al-Yaqoubi
- Declaration About The Roots Of Terrorism. (Dr Michel Chossudovsky)
- Open Letter To Al-Baghdádī - Response To Daesh (Not ”IS”)
- Khawarij Ideology, ISIS Savagery: Part I, Sh Abu Aaliyah Surkheel
- Khawarij Ideology, ISIS Savagery: Part II, Sh Abu Aaliyah Surkheel

- Timber Sycamore - A Classified Weapons Supply
- Thousands of Muslims marched to protest against ISIS
- The Pretender-Caliph and Islamic History: The Truth about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,
- Islamic State is the cancer of modern capitalism

- ISIS is really obsessed with the apocalypse
- ISIS, Slavery, and Islamic Abolitionism - Usaama al-Azami
- Islamic Scholar Refutes Claims of ISIS’s Links to Islam - Hamza Yusuf
- The Atlantic Ignores Muslim Intellectuals, Defines “True Islam” As ISIS
- NEO – Something Strange About ISIS, Gordon Duff

- Today’s Top 7 Myths about Daesh/ ISIL, Juan Cole
- Isis jihadis aren’t medieval – but shaped by modern western philosophy, K McDonald
- The Pretender-Caliph and Islamic History: The Truth about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

- Are The Teachings of ISIS Islamic? Not By The Sanad H.A. Hellyer

_Din/ Deen

- Descent of Isa (Jesus), peace upon him
- Dhikr Allah, Allah
- On Improving The Cooperation Among Muslims, Sa'id Foudah
- Ad-Dīn, the Religion (of Islam), selected hadith
- Al-Khilafa And Imam al-Ghazali

- Documentation of "Greater Jihad" hadith, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- What Is JIHAD - From The Islamic Tradition
- Famous Quotes
- Fatawa of the rightly guided Imams on Mawlid
- Fiqh Questions

- Foreordained Destiny & Inefficacy of Material Causes-&-Effects
- Frequent Questions About Islam And Religion - FAQ
- Islamic Concepts Database (ICD)
- Islamic Parallels With Antichrist Story
- Jawahir al-Kalamiyya Questionnaire

- List of Fiqh Questions
- Marriage And Sexual Intercourse, As-Suyuti
- Mufti Taqi Usmani's Fatwa on Mawlid

- Narrations on wife's piety to husband
- Nawawi, Subki, & Ghazali On Ta'wil

- Outline Of Misbah Al-Anam, by al-Habib ʿAlawi, Sh Gibril F Haddad
- Questions on Aqida and Usul
- Saying La Ilaha ila-llah

- Salat al-Duha - Awwabin
- Spiritual Remedies, As-Suyuti

- Story of the Cranes - 'Satanic Verses'

- The Speech and Word of Allah (Kalām) A bin Hamid Ali
- The Danger of Opposing His Command, Qadi ʿIyad

- The Meaning of Bid'a Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- The Obligation Of Nasiha For The Prophet, Qadi ʿIyad

- The Qadariyya, Muʿtazila, and Shīʿa, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad

- The Sunni Definition of Bidʿa As Either Good or Bad
- Harms of Tongue. Imam Al-Ghazali

- Shari`a, On The Sharia
- Short Islamic Stories

- What Is Bidʿa (Innovation)?

- World Of The Qur'an: A Journey To Morocco

- Validity Of Ijtihad
- Who are Ahl al-Bayt?

- Abu Hurayra The Paragon Of The Prophetic Sunna
- Eclipse

- Hadith: Follow my Sunna - Replies to Shiʿis

- On the Mahdi & Imam Malik
- Mushaahadat Al-Haadi Muhammad

- Narration of our liege-lord ʿAli from al-Hasan al-Basri
- The Prophet ﷺ Alim-ul-Ghayb?

- Salafi Tampering of Tafsir Ruh al-Maʿani
- Abu Zahra on Wahhabism, Question Regarding the Evil of Wahhabia, GFH
- Tafsir "Ahl al-Bayt"
- Weak Hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari?
- Advice For Students Of The Deen

- Wise Sayings of Khalifah Imam Ali ibn AbiTalib Al-Hashimi

- Rescue From The Potential Injustice Of Free Marriage Contracts, Sh. A. Al-Akiti
- Using Non-Violence In Islam, OKN


- Man and Woman
- On the True Spiritual Equality Among Men and Women, Imam Ahmad Vālsan
- Narrations on wife's piety to husband
- A Qur'an-only Feminist
- More Quran-Only Feminism
- Abu Bakrah and the Feminists

- A Qur'an-only Feminist
- Umm ʿUmara Nasiba Bint Kaʿb Al-Ans.ariyya
- Umar's Marriage with Umm Kulthum bint Ali
- Why Must Women Pray Behind Men?
- Role of Women in Islam Dr Ali M al-Sallabi

- On the fitna of women
- The Veil In Islam
- Islam, Men & women
- Women's Intelligence Hadith Again

- Comment on: The Place of Women in Pure Islam
- Women and Their Status in Islam pdf
- The Reality Of Women Protection Bill 2006 M Taqi Usmani
- Marriage And Sexual Intercourse, As-Suyuti
- Polygamy and Interfaith Marriages, Sh Allie Khalfe

- The Story of Fatima Al-Fihiri, Dr Gina van Raphael


- On Correcting Others
- On Slander, GF Haddad
- Compound Ignorance (Jahl murakkab), GF Haddad
- Merits of al-Sham al-Sharif, GF Haddad


- Abu Ddarda - Advice
- Advice For Arabic Study
- Advice To Our Brothers The Scholars Of Najd
- Advice by Sh. Ahmad Zarruq
- Al-Albani, Innovator of Our Time
- Al Uthaymin
- Charging The Muslims With Shirk

- Committing Criminal Excesses
- Contempt of the Ulema
- Eradicating the House of his Mawlid
- This Is A False - Bid`a Saud Mawlīd
- Grave Destruction And Desecration

- Ibn Taymiyya
- Refutations of Ibn Taymiyya's Two Tawheeds
- New Kharijism
- Renouncing the World for Forty Days
- Salafi Tampering of Riyad al-Salihin

- Waging War on Islam and the Muslims
- Advice on how to be good, Sh. Muhammad S. Burhani
- Ibn Jahbal on Ibn Taymiyya
- Six Muslim Scholars

- Miscarriage
- Ribbons

- List of Scholars
- Al-Tahāwī
- Al-Shafiʿi
- Input Islam
- Tasawuf Al-Qaradawi

- Mawlana's Open Door In Johore And Singapore
- Foolish Re-Formulation of Islam
- Interview with Gibril Fouad Haddad

- Abu Bakr and International Law

- Marriage and "men's cruelty"
- Questions about Islam

- Sufism of Putative 'Salafi' References
- Tawassul of ʿUmar through al-ʿAbbas

- Shaykh Abd al-Qadir Gilani's Lineage

- The Murabitun and Shaykh Nazim
- Defense Ag. Slander From The 'Murabitun'

- Abu Hurayra's Two Vessels of Knowledge
- Mustalah And Aqida Questions
- Suhba by Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani: On The Ego (Nafs)

- Obituary Shaykh Ahmad Kuftaro (rahimahullah)

- Wadud's Way
- Apostasy, concerning ~
- Greatness Of Arabs

- Durood-e-Taj
- No Difference between Barelwis and Deobandis

- Regarding The Asma An-Nabi ﷺ
- Accounting with Fanaticism
- "Hayati khayrun lakum" and Lake-Fount Hadiths

- What Is Meant By The Quran
- Hidden blessings of remote communities

- Ahmadi-Sunni couple question
- Definition of the term "taghut"

- Tasawwuf - Sufism in Islam, Hamza Yusuf
- The Role of Sufism in Building Good Character Today

- Various Questions & Answers (1)
- Various Questions & Answers (2)
- Various Questions & Answers (3)
- Various Questions & Answers (4)
- Imām Al-Qurtūbī -pdf


- The Coming of the Mahdi


- My Companions are like the Stars


- The Musalsal of Surat al-Saff, F Owaisi
- Istiwa' is a Divine Act
- Beatic Vision
- Have you seen a faqih - Reason And Knowledge in Islam
- Seek Knowledge as far as China

_More texts

by Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- The Lights of Revelation & the Secrets of Interpretation, Al-Baydawi
- Book Review: Seyyed Hossein Nasr et al., ed.; The Study Quran
- Book Review: Niaz A. Shah, ed. Islam and the Law of Armed Conflict
- Book Review of the Cambridge Companion to Muhammad
- On The Naqshbandi Chain of Narrators
- Misquoting Qur'an To Misinterpret Islam

- 'True' dreams 1/46 of prophecy
- Smoke ban begs enforcement
- Mawlid article
- Donating reward of Salat
- Hanbali ʿAqida of Shaykh ʿAbd al-Qadir

- Instructing the dead after burial etc.
- Qasida Burda verses 35-36
- Questions about the Hadra
- UK Kharijis

- Tawassul of ʿUmar through al-ʿAbbas, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Those Who Attack Al-Kawthari
- Al-Najjad
- Regarding The Detractors of Ihya
- Verification Of Several Hadith

- Ahmad ibn Taymiyya (661-728)
- Ibn Taymiyya/Shah Wali Allah/Ibn ʿAbd al-Barr
- Khālid ibn Maʿdān
- Muslims read your own history

- Disciplining and punishing dependents
- Questions on Aqida and Usul
- Nigeria's Ugly Pageant

- On article "Recapturing Islam from Pacifists"
- Refutation of Ihsan Ilahi Zahir
- Sahaba
- Salat al-Duha - Awwabin
- "Salafi" forgeries/manipulations

- Story of the Cranes / "Satanic verses" (updated)
- Stoking Intolerance: Reply to The Partisan Review
- Standard Missionary Islamophobia
- Tomb Structures, Visits, and Vows
- Mufti Taqi Usmani's Fatwa on Mawlid

- The Book of Allah and my Sunna
- Regarding the text: The "Hand" of Allah
- World Of The Qur'an: A Journey To Morocco
- How not to pray (book review)
- Imām Ahmad's ʿAqīda and Pseudo-H. anbal ʿAqīda

- Validity Of Ijtihad
- Validity of weak hadith
- Enduring Myths of Orientalism
- Virtues of Madina
- How many types of ijaza are there?

- Tawajjuh-Tasawwur-Suhba-Rabita
- Were all the sahaba at an equal level of superlative learning?
- Reciting the 99 Names under a guide
- Regarding Literalism - Anthropomorphism
- "Keeper of my Sunna a Shaheed" hadith

- Hadith on Surat al-Waqiʿa against poverty
- Awliya and Qutb
- Panegyrics of the Companions
- Mistranslation of a hadith in Sahih Muslim
- What is haram is haram at all times

- Adding salawat after al-hamdulillah is always excellent
- Abu Hanifa and uncreatedness of Qur'an ('shaukani' website)
- Praying with Shoes in the Masjid
- Tradisi Berserban Di Dalam Islam
- Sifat Keibuan dan Keperluan Kewajipan Anak

- An accepted orthodox principle?
- Thief death sentence and other hadiths
- Review of Taner Edis's _An Illusion of Harmony_
- Looking for American Imams?
- Al-Razi on Atomism vs Hylomorphism + "Islamization of Science"

- Hammad al-Ansari
- Forbidden Forms of Dhikr
- Hadith "Our Lord was in a heavy cloud"
- Do Muslims Have to Give Bay'a to an Amir?
- How I Came To Islam, F Haddad


- The Sum Of Islam, Ali bin Abi Tālib
- Updated List of GF Haddad's texts [ link ]
- Recommended Articles
- Social Media on Livingislam


- On article "Recapturing Islam from Pacifists"
- Stoking Intolerance: Reply to The Partisan Review
- Standard Missionary Islamophobia
- Concerning The Present Pope's Remarks On Islam, Sh Nazim al-Haqqani


- On The Islamic Tradition And The Unchanging Religion Imam A H Vālsan
- Tradition And Traditionalism -- an excerpt (The Reign of Quantity)
- What Is Traditional Islam? from S. H. Nasr

- Words and Symbols René Guénon
- On René Guénons Critique of Modernity -Quotes
- Foreword to Crisis Of The Modern World; René Guénon
- Crisis Of The Modern World; René Guénon / 'Abd al-Wāhid Yahya
- Crisis Of The Modern World - more quotes René Guénon / 'Abd al-Wāhid Yahya
- Quotations from René Guénon

- What Is Normal And What Normality? Hasan Le Gai Eaton
- The Nature Of Sacred Knowledge Q / A
- Knowledge of the Sacred, S H Nasr; Q / A
- The Living Character of Islamic Tradition, by A Shafaat
- René Guénon's Legacy Today; From An Interview With M Sedgwick

- On The Significance Of The Teachings Of René Guénon; Omar K N
- Crisis of Modern Consciousness Sh Abdul Hakim Murad

_Metaphysics & The Islamic Intellectual Tradition

- Metaphysics
- On the Unfolding of the Islamic Intellectual Tradition W. C. Chittick
- 01_Mahiyya - Asking What It Is
- Antitradition And Countertradition; René Guénon
- Are Non-Islamic Religions Valid?, Omar KN

- Metaphysical Foundations okn
- Insights Into The Nature Of (Being) And Existence Sh. Ibn `Arabi
- Oriental Metaphysics; Explanations, And Traditional Definitions
- Islam Is The “Middle Way” Hassan Gai Eaton
- Story Of Early Life Of H. Gai Eaton (b. 1921)

- Texts by or related to Shaykh Hasan Gai Eaton
- Metaphysics - Why Is It Necessary Today? ed. Omar K N
- Indifference - The Most Widespread Of Faults OKN
- Keynote Address Seyyed Hossein Nasr
- In The Beginning Is Consciousness SH Nasr

- The Multiple States of Being, pt1 René Guénon
- The Multiple States of Being, pt2 René Guénon
- On The Supreme Identity René Guénon
- Notes on: Prolegomena to the Metaphysics of Islam Syed M Naquib Al-Attas
- On The Oneness of God

- Individuality and the Reduction of Intellect to Reason
- On Being and Existence 1
- Being and Nonexistence 2

- The Veil of Otherness
- The Possible Things
- Wujūd and Infinity

_Various Texts

- Tradition (hadith) of `Ali ibn Abi Talib
- On Improving The Cooperation Among Muslims S Foudah
- Muslims read your own history
- "Salafi" forgeries/manipulations
- Story of the Cranes / "Satanic verses" (updated) Imam Ahmad Vālsan (rh)

- About Mistreating Wives from Sh. Ahmad Ibn ʿAjiba'
- Tomb Structures, Visits, and Vows Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- How not to pray (book review)
- In Mammon We Trust rev of Newsweek article, GF H
- Imām Ahmad's ʿAqīda and Pseudo-H. anbal ʿAqīda

- Eleven (False) New Age Principles
- Islamic Reformation Or Islamic Renaissance? Dr. H al-Zoubeir
- Violence in Muslimdom: Religious imperative, or spiritual dev? H.A. Hellyer
- Defense against slander and takfir, Omar KN
- Narration fr. meanings of verses and hadiths

- Translations - On the Great Difficulty of Translating W. Chittick (interview)
- The New Atheists: About Their Notion of Science, Chris Hedges

_Articles by Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui

- Divine Harmony pdf
- The Forgotten Path of Knowledge pdf
- The Quest for True Happiness pdf
- Spiritual Culture in Islam pdf
- The Universal Religion pdf
- Women and Their Status in Islam pdf

_Other Articles

- Ahl Sunna on Yazid ibn Muawiyya
- An Incident Of "Istighata"
- Book Of Proofs - Defense Of Habib Ali & Tasawwuf
- Displaying Body Of The Deceased
- Facts About Salafiyya / Wahabiyya

- Fatwa Against The Targeting Of Civilians
- Fatwa On Tawassul
- Ibn Hajar & Akbari Follower Mubahala
- Motherhood And The Ideal Of Filial Piety
- Myths Of Orientalism GF Haddad (pdf)

- Narration Of Our Liege-Lord ʿAli From Al-Hasan Al-Basri
- Regarding The Text: The "Hand" Of Allah
- Regarding Whoever Knows Himself
- Shaykh Afifi On "Harb" And "Ahl Al-Dhimma"
- The Book Of Allah And My Sunna

- The Turban Tradition In Islam
- Inghimas In 'Suicide' Warfare, Sh. Gibril F Haddad
- Anger Management in Islam, OKN
- Knowledge Versus Ignorance, Aftab Ahmad Malik
- Ibn Arabi On True Knowledge

- Six Examples of Early Muslim Treaties With Conquered Lands & Cities
- Kalam & Islam, Sh. Nuh Ha Mim Keller
- Taskhīr, Fine-Tuning, Intelligent Design, Adi Setia
- Islamic perspective on going green, Adi Setia
- Signs And Virtues, And Living By The Book, HGE (Audio)

- The Musalsal of Surat al-Saff, F Owaisi
- Shaykh Nazim On The Danish Scandal
- Wahabi Related Texts
- On the Supreme Principle And Metaphysics, RG
- Metaphysics - Why Is It Necessary Today?Omar K N

- Metaphysics, What is ~ ?
- True & False Spiritual Teachers, RG
- The Role Of The Spiritual Master, RG
- Principles Of Sufism
- Sh Ibn Arabi & Diversity Of Beliefs

- Two sorts of Knowledge, IA
- Interpretations Of T Shahadah
- Advice from Abu Hasan al-Shādhili
- Allah (may His Majesty be exalted!)
- How God brought the cosmos into existence disclosing Himself

- On Wahdadul Wujud, OKN
- The Book of Wisdom NHM K
- Abu Dharr Asked The Messenger of Allah For Advice

_Other Texts

- Kalam and Islam, NHM Keller
- A Question To Pose
- Ali's Advice to Kamil B Z
- Ali bin Abi Talib, sum of Islam
- Amina Wadud & Progr. Muslms, Zainab Ansari
- T Book of Wisdom NHM K

- KHAYRU, poem
- The Human Spirit Longing for God, poem Al-Baydawi
- Muʿadh: Accept only the Truth
- Man is Veiled from God
- About Salman al-Fārisi

- Slavery In Islam? ed. Omar K N
- Ghusl of Shahada Death
- Moonsighting
- Brotherhood of Man
- On the Tafsil of Taqlid ...

- Scholars of Falsehood, Al-Ghazali
- An essay on t Western World, Tage Lindbom
- The New Crime-Terror Nexus
- Islamic Resources 2 - Important Resources for the Muslim Community

_Society, Extremism, Fitna

- Why An Islamic State Is Not Feasable Today
- Regarding the Idea of An (Islamic) Nationstate AHM
- Islamic State? The Illusions Of Fundamentalism, C-A Gillis
- Saving Islam from t Deceit + Depravity of 'Islamic State', Sh. M Al-Yaqoubi
- Interview with Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi 2013

- 911 links (174+ links on 9/11 - 2 pages)
- Osama bin Laden's recommended reading
- The Islamic Response To Terrorism And War
- Repressive Regimes China, Zionist Israel - Palestine, India…
- Journalist Robert Fisk about criticising Israel 2000

- Differences between - Hamas - ’ISIS / IS’
- Saud KSA Bombing Of Yemen
- Destabilizing Muslim Organizations And Countries
- The Evil of Corruption: Example - Trump Administration
- Pornography - Debasing Normal Sexuality

- No to Extremism
- LivingIslam Pages On Extremism
- Clarification of Extremism
- Extremism In The Modern World, S H Nasr
- Some Texts On Daesh (not ’IS/ ISIS’), ed. Omar K N

- Background And Perspectives Of The Paris Attacks
- Suspected Secret Service Links - list of links
- The New Crime-Terror Nexus
- Curing Extremism; ed. Omar K N
- Countering Islamophobia

- Anti-Muslim Bigotry Has Become Mainstream pt.2, okn
- Solidarity Worldwide - By Leaders & People of New Zealand a.o. okn
- How the Media Rigs News on Palestine and Israel, James North - YT
- Observing The Right Wing And Those Acting From Behind, okn
- Lessons-From-the-Bosnian-Muslim-Genocide

- Aspects of US-Imperialism okn
- The Utoya Massacre and the Islamophobia Networks

_Other Religions

- The people of the Book: Jews and Christians
- The concept 'Father - Son' in the Bible
- Recommended Readings


- Middle East - Suhba by Mawlana Sheikh Nazim 2003
- On The Ego (Nafs), Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani

_Various Texts By Shaykh Gibril F Haddad

Accessed at: k/vt1-gfh_e.html
- Basic internal rule for recognizing forgeries
- Bin Baz and Uthaymin Books Now Banned in Kuwait
- From the Two Holy Sanctuaries
- Hadith Mustalah cursus + Nawawi's Forty
- Hadith of the Prophet saying ameen three times at the Minbar
- Imam Ali in Fiqh

- Is Al-Khidr alive?
- Narrator who is discarded
- PreIslamic Philosophers
- Qualifications and Curricula for Da'wa?

- Re: Imam Muhammad Ash-Shaybani's status as narrator of hadith
- Re: Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad bin Yahya Ninowy
- Regarding Tafsir of Qur'an 8:43
- Regarding the soul of tashabbuh (resemblance)
- Regarding: Anā al-dahūk al-qattāl

- Sheikh Ibn Baz on the Flatness of the Earth
- Status of the 12 Imams
- Stephen Schwartz - at it yet again.
- The obligation to protect a life overrides all other rules
- Tibb recipe for cure of paralysis and stroke
- Verily this learning is Religion

_Various Texts By Shaykh Gibril F Haddad

Accessed at: [ vt2 ]
- Reciting Quran in the 'order of revelation'
- Re: Terrible Allegation Against Sayyidina Muawiyah ra
- Friend is looking for a spiritual path
- 40 Days After Death

_More of Sh. Gibril F Haddad's texts

Accessed at: [ fiqhi/sm1-gfh_e.html ]
- Zakat funds to build mosques
- Minimum age of fetus to be called miscarriage
- Displaying body of the deceased
- Celebrating Christmas with the Christians
- Regarding Marriage and Consent
- Treating addiction

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_Palestine/ Zionism @ Livingislam.org

Pages on Palestine/ Zionism on our blog

[ Palestine ] [ Remembering Israel's Brutal Massacre of Palestinian Civilians in Kafr Qasem ] [ When powerful leaders side with Zionist supremacists]

More pages on Palestine & Zionism:

[ Palestine ]
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[ Videos And Comments About The Palestinian Struggle 2021 ]
[ Defending Humanity in Palestine and Everywhere! pt.3 ]
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[ Israel burns books and bombs bookshops! ]
[ Explaining t Israel-Palestine ‘Conflict’ ]
[ Defending the Rights of Palestinans, Sarah's Timeline ]
[ How the Discourse on Zionism Has Been Rendered Perilous]
[ Zionism Has Nothing to Do with Judaism] Rabbi Y Shapiro (Fallback)
[ Videos On Zionism, Palestine, Israel ]
[ Part 1 of The GreatReturnMarch 2018]
[ Part 2 of The GreatReturnMarch 2018]
[ The Truth about Judaism and Zionism ]
[ Stop Zionism! ]
[ Zionism & Events oF 2014]
[ Zionism & Israel Links ]
[ Gaza 2008/9 ]
[ Some Facts About Zionist Israel ]
[ Statistics On Palestine, Israel ]
[ Israel Shahak On Jewish Fundamentalism ]
[ Quotes On Zionism ]
[ No To Jewish Racial Exclusivity! ]
[ Journalist Robert Fisk about criticizing Israel ]
[ Zionism & Background Info For #Gaza 2014 ]
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[ Zionism, Gaza & Mediadistortions 2014 ]
[ Palestine Resistance 2017 - photos]
[ Zionism, Palestine & Israel FAQ ]
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[ Record01 Of Some Original Tweets - On The Assault On Gaza 2014_01]
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GO TO IMPORTANT POSTS @mahiyya.wordpress.com For Following Texts:

• Example of Israel’s Propaganda & Diversion Operations (HASBARA) 20180507
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• Justice For Jewish Victims, but None for Victims of Jews Dec 23, 2017
• 17 Israeli Zionist Apartheid Soldiers Against 1 Palestinian Youth Dec 11, 2017
• Israel Launched the 1967 War Dec 11, 2017

[ 9/11urls: look for evidence of Zionist involvement in 9/11! ]
[Bryt belägringen av Gaza!] swedish flag

_Collected Pages

- Former Australian Foreign Minister Exposes Zionist Lobby Power, @https://www.islamtimes.org/en
- The War on Conspiracy Realists Continues, @https://gmmuk.com
- US-Israeli Imperialists Plot Downfall of Syria and Iran, @https://www.globalresearch.ca
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- at-taHiyyātu transcr. o. svenska
- at-taHiyyātu svenska

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- Islamic Resources MAIN
- The Psychological Imposture F. Schuon
- Tradition Islamique - Islamic Tradition AV
- Tolerant Monotheism
- Inconvenient Links
- The Winds of Truth - Underrated Links

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- The Time of Reckoning Is Getting Closer and Closer
- Since When Do Highrise Buildings on Fire Collapse in Seconds?
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- Remembering Israel's Brutal Massacre of Palestinian Civilians in Kafr Qasem
- Secret We Cannot Talk BLOG1
- How Africa Was Erased From the History of the Modern World
- 9/11: Were they Victims of 'Coincidences' or of Intent?
- Interview mit Dr. Daniele Ganser: Wir leben in einer revolutionären Zeit
- Proof: On 9/11 WTC 7 Collapsed Because of Controlled Demolition
- Mossad Used Fake Passports in Dubai Hit
- Hotel Bombing in Jerusalem 1946 by Zionist Terrorists
- Negative Health Consequences of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior
- 5 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True
- What Is a Conspiracy and What a Conspiracy Theory?

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