The Isra-lic Manipulation of


Re: the Occupation

by Alon Mizrahi

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1. Repugnant Strategies and Practices Are Applied Systematically

Alon Mizrahi | Without equality, there's no freedom
[This is about] the ways the Isra-lic manipulation of consciousness vis-à-vis the occupation works, and the way this genocide is marketed to Western audiences.

When you look at this marketing campaign run in Western media with an Isra-lic's perspective, you can see very obvious similarities which, by now, have become more of a unity.

The Isra-lic way of handling news took over in quite a spectacular way in establishment media. [See below][n1] … 3 major tactics involved in this psychological warfare which are still very much in play at the moment.

But today I want to add another prominent tactic they use in their quest to confuse, disorient and destabilize us.
You see, for morally repugnant strategies and practices to be applied systematically, they need you to constantly question yourself, your judgment, and reality itself.

When you are afraid to access your own understanding, you have a lot less energy to direct at them. - So what is the additional tactic they're using both in Israel and now in the West in general, at the service of the same endeavour? It is the treatment of every incident as separate and isolated from history and context.

The killing of the 7 aid workers and the way it's been packaged in the media gives us a stark example of that. Frustration, demands for an investigation, and even rage were expressed regarding this incident. But this was just the lyrics, as it were. The most important part, the music, was: this is the first time something this outrageous happened in this otherwise reasonable genocide.

And that was the main thing and the main message we got. But for people who are not following closely, this display of dismay could almost be convincing: you see? Biden is angry. Blinken demands answers, and Cameron says it's very regrettable.

In a day or two, this will all be forgotten, just as 10,000 instances of the same nature are forgotten. But in order to keep the show going, and to harvest every bit of public anger and every building of a sense of method in this, they need to wrap every incident as unique and only of its kind.

And you'll see - the next time something like this happens (maybe it will be carefully chosen Egyptian soldiers or high-ranking UN officials), they will respond in the same way: dismay, mild amazement and demanding a full inquiry. Then they will move on to the weather forecast, or the midterm elections.

No investigation is ever completed. It is all a charade.
Maybe you remember how, in July of 2014, Ismail Mohammed Bakr (9), Zakaria Ahed Bakr (10), Ahed Atef Bakr (10), and Mohamed Ramez Bakr (11) were murdered on the Gaza beach (213 Gazans were killed that week, Wikipedia tells us) while they were playing.[1]

It was a terrible incident (read it in the voice of a CNN anchor, [if you can.]). Very tragic. Much dismay and discomfort were expressed, and a thorough Isra-lic investigation ensued. 11 months later, it cleared the IDF of any wrongdoing. By then, it was old, old news.

But the goal was achieved. Nothing becomes part of a full, bigger, ongoing story. It is all separate instances and episodes, floating in a sea of nothingness, niceties, fake dismay and pretend coverage. The oppression goes on, and the occupation is never reported on as a continual theme. Soon enough, audiences develop the fragmented consciousness required to support this obscene and anti-human form of storytelling, aimed at perpetuating and institutionalizing systemic evil.
@alon_mizrahi Apr 3, 2024 [Some comments [8]]


Comment by Alon Mizrahi
Pieter Bruegel's "The Blind Leading the Blind", references an episode from the gospel of Matthew. No explanation is needed. This is us, now.[10]

2. Three Tactics in Their Psychological Warfare

Alon Mizrahi | Without equality, there's no freedom
3 Tactics They Use in Their Psychological Warfare Against Us[2]

Tactic #1: denying what you know is true, and they know you know they know is true (or seriously claiming what they know you know is a lie). Examples: we did not, or are not attacking, so and so hospital, while people are there filming themselves being bombarded. Also: The IDF claims only militants were targeted in X incident when you’re looking at images of dead women and children.

This can be called: lying to your face. Repeatedly, even though it is obvious to all involved they’re doing it, and you’re seeing it.

Tactic #2: claiming, or doing, two mutually exclusive things. Examples: claiming to care about people and providing the means to kill them. Talking about the importance of aid while not using any kind of public message to warn Israel it cannot withhold it. Talking about values and democracy while defending and justifying a genocide. There are a million examples of this, I’m sure you’ll come up with plenty more.

Tactic #3: saying things like “we’ll investigate”, “we’ll look into it”, or “we’re waiting for confirmation”. Two brothers shot by a sniper a month ago? A man waving a white flag shot in front of a camera? 3 Isra-lic hostages killed by IDF while waving white flags? A command centre under a hospital? 100 People killed in one attack? 400? Who remembers? And by the way: we’re still looking into it.
Continue reading[3]

More from the same author: They are not sloppy or confused, but it [their Jewish supremacist propaganda system (hasbara)] is intentional and very methodical. [4]

3. Talmudic Truth Is Whatever

Listen to the guy raised in a Talmudic* environment:
*When the truth doesn't exist outside his own will.

Ali ✌🏻🇵🇸
“The truth is whatever you can argue and get away with it.”
‘Zios don’t use logic, they use logical fallacies’ @AliAlmousawi86

“The truth is whatever you can argue and get away with it.”
‘Zios don’t use logic, they use logical fallacies’[5]pic.twitter.com/PPXVzU1Zkg

— Ali ✌🏻🇵🇸 (@AliAlmousawi86) January 20, 2024
Jan 20, 2024

Quote from the video
[When going down this route of Talmudic arguing] you end up being so unbridled and unmoored to reality that you go completely nuts.
Because the game of truth is whatever we can argue and get away with, ends very badly for the people participating in that. They don't actually believe anything and that's the Talmud. - The Talmud is a [series of] book[s] of debates.[9]


We believe Islam is the answer and the way - and there is no god except Allah (God) - no reality, but the reality of the Real (Allah),
and Mohammad is certainly the Messenger of Allah (may His blessings & peace be upon him).
- Islam - The Way of the Prophets
- Islam the Natural, Easy Religion
- The Sum Of Islam


  1. No accountability for Isra-l crimes
    Mohammed Bakr [who is the father of one boys, murdered by the by Isra-l occupying military] condemns lack of culpability for four boys’ deaths as new questions emerge over scope and accuracy of inquiry.

    “Children, maybe four feet tall, dressed in summer clothes, running from an explosion, doesn’t fit the description of Hamas fighters, either.”

    Although pro-Israel social media activists at first made strenuous efforts to claim the deaths were the result of one of Hamas’s own rockets falling short, the IDF later admitted its own munitions were responsible.

    Several weeks after the attack – announcing it was launching investigations into a number of controversial incidents in which civilians died – the military advocate general’s office briefed more than a dozen journalists. The senior Isra-lic officer was asked by reporters then if investigators would seek to contact all witnesses. The officer replied in the affirmative.

    In reality, however, it appears no effort was made to contact a number of the journalists who witnessed the incident – including this correspondent[6]. A handful of Palestinian witnesses supplied information by affadavit.

  2. as below fn3

  3. Source: 3 tactics they use in their psychological warfare against us - | Eastern Oak February 13, 2024

  4. Isra-l Propaganda Tactics to Disorient or Confuse the Public
    The real purpose of these tactics is not to convince or dissuade you of anything in particular. They are meant to destabilize you psychologically.

    This is the disorientation I was referring to earlier. It is not coincidental, it is the desired effect of this strategy. Yes, it is strategic.

    By always maintaining two opposites in your consciousness, they are always giving you false hope, and always denying it, thus slowly breaking you (after 100 instances of this you stop hoping, and after 200 you forget hope ever lived in you).

    By always providing a grain of simulated recognition of your fears, they’re letting you think that maybe you’re heard and maybe not everything is a lie, but only to disappoint you a minute later. And again. Then again.

    [This] is intentional. They are not sloppy or confused, but very methodical. Nothing of the messages we’ve been fed, especially the clear lies and contradictions, is not coincidentak. There is a very distinct logic to this madness.
    [□ comment: In reality in madness there is no logic, there may be certain patterns, but not what we ususally understand by logic.[7]]

    The trick to resisting this strategy is to always trust your instincts (because you are good and they work beautifully) and to always remember that they are using duplicity intentionally, strategically, to destabilize you.

  5. What is a logical fallacy?
    Logical fallacies are deceptive or false arguments that may seem stronger than they actually are due to psychological persuasion, but are proven wrong with reasoning and further examination.
    These mistakes in reasoning typically consist of an argument and a premise that does not support the conclusion. There are two types of fallacies: formal and informal…
    Source: 16 Common Logical Fallacies and How to Spot Them

  6. Peter Beaumont in Jerusalem, 2015-06-15

  7. logic: reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. Oxford Dictionary of English

  8. In the Middle East, they have a saying (that rhymes in Arabic):
    "𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘮𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘺 𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘯 𝘰𝘧 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘰𝘯 𝘧𝘰𝘭𝘬 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘦𝘦 𝘥𝘢𝘺𝘴"

    Maggie Maske
    Also, this focus on the aid workers have drawn attention away from the AL Shifa hospital massacre. I have wondered if the timing of killing the aid workers was calculated.

    mix it up
    I've been saying this to people. I get SO frustrated with those who accept and speak of these horrors as incidents in isolation. I have been known to give 'ted talks' on why they aren't! Apr 3, 2024

  9. See also at Living Islam - Islamic Tradition:
    - Judaism and the Talmud
    - Zionist Jewish supremacy and its roots in the Talmud

  10. Re: ”The Blind Leading the Blind … This is us, now.”

    □ comment: It refers the people in so-called Isra-l, and all those applauders of the genocide in mostly Western countries (and groups in India), and it refers especially to those blind leaders who think(?) something good can come out of atrocities and crimes.

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