Sohbat by Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani
On The Danish Scandal

Sohbet from 19.02.2006

O our Lord- save our souls!

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya Meded, ya RijalaLlah! A´udhu bi-Llahi mina shaytani rajim Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim.

As-salamu alaikum!

It is a short association and we are trying to follow the ways of Holy people. and who is living on earth - billions of people are living - they are two kinds of people: Holy ones and unholy ones.

I was once passing through Switzerland on my way from London to Cyprus. There is a famous monastery, St.Nicolaus [von der Flüe], always [when] I am passing, his spirituality was asking me to come closer and he was taking familiarity from my spirituality. I was passing and coming there, stopping and visiting the monastery and his tomb also.

Once I was there, just I visited and [I was] coming out, a person [was] coming and he said that: "I am priest of this monastery” and I was addressing to him: "Your holiness.” He said to me: "I am not a holy one. If you are saying ‘holiness', holiness inside, buried there, but I am ordinary priest, I am not holy one.” I said to him: "What about [the] Pope?” "He is not also a holy one; he is also a person that appointed by some group of religious people [that] we are saying ‘Cardinals' [for them]. Holiness that is a grant and blessing from Heavens. [Those who] are appointed by someone [else] on earth, they are not Holy ones. ‘Holiness' is a rank that [is] granted from Heavens to the Lord of Heavens' servants.” I said: "What you are saying is true. When they are appointed by governments, they can't be Holy ones.” To be ‘[His] Holiness' that is something [that] belongs to [the] Heavens; it is not a reward or such a thing that people may give to anyone. Yes, I may dress like dress of Popes or Saints - their clothes is holy clothes, as we are looking - but inside, no. Don't think if a person dressing what dresses [a] holy man, [he is] going to be [a] holy one, no! Clothes we are understanding, but not that person. We are speaking on that point [so] that people must know some of them are holy ones, and mostly they are ordinary people.

For example: Can't be a person King, [even] if he is going to dress King's dressing; even putting on his head a crown, he is not going to be a King, no!

But now [this is] through whole nations and people are not asking who is holy one or not. They are not understanding what is [the] mission of [the] holy ones. People now [are] going to be [all] on the same line - that their mission [is] to work for Dunya. Who [is] working for Dunya, he is not a holy one, no. Who [is] working for his Lord, he is holy one. Holy one is a clean person, no dirtiness on them for Dunya, no. But who [is] working for Dunya, they are all of them just going to be dirty from Dunya. You may say, there is a pond; who is swimming in that pond, clean one, he is clean, but who [is] falling in[to] a dirty pond, he should be dirty. Dunya is dirty and we are not created for Dunya, no, we are created for the Lords servanthood.

Who choosing to be servant of his Lord, his life is clean and he is reaching through his cleanliness his Lords Divine Presence. Clean ones. Who [is] choosing Dunya, all of them just coming in a dirty pond and they should be left through that dirty place. It is so clear, so clear!

All Prophets that came, that have been sent, they are all of them chosen ones, they are saying [the] same thing. Don't think Adam - ´alayhi salām - was saying other words that what we say now. Don't think Noah - ´alayhi salām - was calling his people to another station. Don't think Abraham - ´alayhi salām - and his sons, grandsons and lines of Prophets through 12 tribes - thousands of Prophets -, don't think they were calling people to Dunya, no, but they were calling them to be for their Creator, the Lord of Heavens: "Come and be servants for your Lord Allah Almighty!” Shaytan is calling people: "No, you must try ... you must run after Dunya and you must try to enjoy your physical being with so many things from Dunya!” Shaytan is calling that.

All Prophets just called!

Now we are living in a time [when] there is a Muslim world [and] there is a Non-Muslim world; Non-Muslim world means Christian world and then Jewish world - that they are also Book-given-people, all of them - and there are so many millions or billions people - they are never taking care or never interested in Holy Books or following some ‘ways from old‘. and now the representatives of Muslim world, the representatives of Non-Muslim world, the representatives of Christians, the representatives of Jewish faith, all of them [are] never getting power for defeating Satan [taking him away] from people. Satan‘s power coming over their powers! They are in such a way that their faith [is] not enough for defending [the] Truth - [although] the Lord of Heavens sent all Prophets and their real inheritors, [as] defenders of Truth.

and Truth [is] coming from Heavens. Truth is not from earth; the Balance of Truth [is] coming from Heavens. Every balance that they are doing now - nations and their religious people -, their balance [is] from earth, therefore they are not able to defend or to be defenders of Truth. They are following their egoistic interests; they are interested only in Dunya and aren't able to be defenders of Truth.

First of all - what we must do [for] our defence [is] to make people believe in [the] Lord of Heavens, their Creator, and secondly [what] we must do [for] our defence for defending that: "O people, take your true ways according [to the] Rules of Heavens, that had been sent through His chosen people, honoured people who are [the] Prophets!”

We don‘t say: "How we are going to be defenders of Truth?” Therefore, Truth - now perhaps [there are] 6 billion people - you can't find even one million people to be real defenders for Truth. That means: all our destinations through wrong heads who do not know [the] true destination of mankind; and we are accepting them and following them and we are going to be defenders for Shaytan, defenders for satanic ideas. Now people [are] defenders of satanic ideas and works and activities, [so] that what they are doing, [is] drawing Heavenly cursing on[to] earth! What do you think now today through East and West, from North to South? [Do] you think Heavenly Blessings [are] coming on earth or cursing [is] coming? Cursing [is] coming, because we are not defenders of Truth, not following Prophets and their real inheritors. That is it, nothing else!

People running to do this, to do that, to stop this…stopping that and beginning another curse there, coming another… Every day and night another kind of curse coming, unexpected… Unexpected, until they are saying: "O our Lord, save ourselves!”

If a ship [is] going to sink, giving announcement: "SOS…SOS…SOS!" Calling. What does it mean SOS? "O people, we are going to die, save our souls!”

Not your souls! [They should be] saying: "SOB, SOB, SOB!" It is better, because people can't say, ordinary people can't say ‘souls‘. [They] may say: "[Save our] bodies" - without souls. Why not sending - they are sending that announcement through four directions - [and] calling: "O people, we are in a dangerous position. [The] ocean [is] going to swallow our ships and ourselves! Please, quickly reach to ourselves and save our bodies!” Not souls! Why [are they] not saying [it], these people, 21st century people? Why not sending their announcement: "O our Lord, save our souls?” Why not saying?

People [are] running through [the] streets, Muslim people, for a nonsense person drawing. That is Islamic way? No! Why not going to mosque and saying: "O our Lord, You said, You promised for Your Beloved Servant that You are going to be Guarantor for him! Please, send us armies from Heavens, as You did some time [ago as] we are believing. Send us to destroy their technology, their nuclear weapons, send us to destroy their whole nuclear bombs!” Why not saying? On streets, burning cloth [flags]! That is Islam? That [is the] saying [of] our Prophet and our Holy Book? Written in such a way? Allah knows!

Therefore I am saying that I heard a punishment is coming for the inhabitants of this world: One punishment for Non-Muslims, seven punishments for Muslims, because they lost their way! Keep yourself! Run and ask [the] Holy ones! One Holy one may shelter you, but 1000 regiments cannot shelter you. That is the head of crises and that is its treatment. May Allah forgive me…

Therefore - coming, I am saying: "O our Lord, send us Your Sultan!” Sultan means: who has Heavenly Power!

I was in Damascus at the end of the Second War - no one was born from you - and the French forces were bombarding from Mezze; it was a center of army, protected with everything. They were bombarding Damascus and we looked and [as we] saw that one shell [was] coming on Sayyidina Yahya, Yahya's tomb, just appeared a hand, taking that shell and throwing away. and I was also looking in Homs, [a] famous place in Syria [in the] time of Christians and after Christians Muslims - they were bombarding from Qal´a, sheltered place, and army there and bombarding. I was in Sayyidina Khalid ibn Walid's mosque - Allah bless him - also coming a shell. Passing and they were taking as their target to destroy that holy tomb of Prophets people, Sayyidina Khalid ibn Walid - radiyaLlahu ´anh. Only one piece coming on minaret and falling down. I was there. That shell passed away.

We have power! We are not weak people! Now - we are weak people, but inheritors of Prophets have such power! But people are not believing in Holy ones. They are finished…

Therefore every day one punishment on Islamic world coming, coming, coming…

May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam,


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