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State Propaganda from the Zionists

And How to Detect it

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Items of hasbara are from 2023-12 - - 2024-04-17 (hasbara4 is from 2014)

hasbaraH What is the Hasbara Project? Captain Dan Hanley
hasbara0 Is Isra-l Losing the Propaganda War?
hasbara9 The term 'terrorism' is restricted to Palestinian attacks, J Cook
hasbara8 Torture, executions, babies left to die… Israel’s crimes, J Cook
hasbara7 Saying Gazans Are Starving but Israel Is Starving Them, C Johnstone
hasbara6 How Western media built the case for genocide in Gaza, J Cook
hasbara5 A Deliberate Propaganda Campaign, Jeremy Scahill
hasbara4 Corruption of Western Media! (from 2014)
hasbara3 Consequences of Isra-l Lies for Its People
hasbara2 How Corporate Media Whitewash Isra-l Crimes
hasbara1 The BBC's reporting on Gaza is beyond parody.

{ وَقُلْ جَاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا }

{Proclaim: the truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Indeed, falsehood is ever bound to vanish/ perish.} 17-81

As oppression is from injustice and injustice is from falsehood (baatil) it will employ more falsehood to defend its oppression, just as for the oppressed who will tend to propagate what is decent, true and right, because to shrugg off (intafada)[4] oppression is (from what is) justified and from what is true (haqq).[2]

Isra-l Uses Three Propaganda Strategies

Isra-l employs (at least) three central frameworks that form the foundations of Isra-l's narrative:[10]

1. Creating equal blame between both parties to the conflict.
2. Framing ‘extremists’ as the main obstacle

It is always and exclusively, the fault of the ‘extremists’ to reach agreements, which would be acceptable to both sides. It is always the Palestinian side, which is the main obstacle to peace efforts and undermining moderate voices, it's never the fault of the occupier, which is Isra-l.

3. Emphasizing Isra-l's right to ‘self-defense’
Emphasizing Isra-l's[16] right to ‘self-defense’ even in the face of unarmed protests[11], with little regard for Palestinian rights.

These frameworks essentially guide western mainstream media coverage of the Palestinian-Isra-li conflict. Though, additionally, Isra-l leverages historical claims to Palestinian land and anti-Semitism accusations to shape its narrative and appeal to western sympathy.

hasbaraH ==

What is the Hasbara Project?

Captain Dan Hanley
In 1983, there were over 50 major news media outlets. Today there are only 6 media conglomerates that control 96% of the news we read, see or hear and Zionists have infiltrated every level and branch of management to ensure that it happens.

In 1983, Israel launched the Hasbara Project. Its purpose is to control the media to ensure that all reported news is favorable to Israel to maintain American support.

Hasbara was formally introduced to the Zionist vocabulary by Nahum Sokolow. Hasbara (Hebrew: הַסְבָּרָה) has no direct English translation, but roughly means "explaining". It is a communicative strategy that "seeks to explain actions, whether or not they are justified".


Please read this article:

The art of deception: How Israel uses ‘hasbara’ to whitewash its crimes

"Hasbara does not look to jam the supply of contradictory information to audiences. Instead, it willingly accepts an open marketplace of opinion. What it seeks to do in this context is to promote selective listening by limiting the receptivity of audiences to information, rather than constricting its flow."[17]

Please recall that the Zionist owned-and-controlled mainstream media has been complicit in the coverup of 9/11 since September 11, 2001 to present.[18]

hasbara0 ==

Is Isra-L Losing the Propaganda War

Isra-l's well-oiled PR machine collapses
Hasbara, a Hebrew term uniquely associated with Isra-l's global propaganda efforts, has utterly failed to counter the pro-Palestinian narrative in the Gaza war. As a frontline tool for Tel Aviv's national security strategy, losing its Hasbara power is equal to losing its qualitative military edge. Ali Choukeir JAN 11, 2024[10]


Observers and researchers say the occupation state is losing the propaganda war, ceding its long-cultivated ‘victim’ image to one of a perpetrator of horrendous war crimes.

In attempting to gain and maintain global sympathy on the back of 7 October events, Isra-l's disinformation and deceptive tactics through its global Hasbara apparatus has faced significant setbacks and backlashes, which may have been entirely avoided had it not chosen to blow Gaza to bits.

It is a national security disaster that more than matches a military loss. For Isra-l, this war was lost from the moment it dropped bombs on homes in the Gaza Strip.


hasbara9 ==

The term 'terrorism' is restricted to describing Palestinian attacks, J Cook

Jonathan Cook
Research shows terms like 'massacre' and 'slaughter' are only ever used by the New York Times to describe the killing of Israelis, never for the killing of Palestinians.

Now the Intercept has found the NYT memo that specifically bars its journalists, and even interviewees, from using these terms in relation to Palestinian deaths, as well as a ban on the use of 'genocide', 'ethnic cleansing', 'occupied territories', 'refugee camps' and 'Palestine'.

The term 'terrorism' is restricted to describing Palestinian attacks, according to the memo. Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians and civilian infrastructure, such as hospitals, is excluded.

The entire Palestinian narrative – and the region's history – has been erased from the NYT's coverage, exactly as Israel would want it to be.

Now we just need to unearth the memos issued by the BBC, Guardian and a host of other outlets that are serving precisely the same purpose of skewing the coverage exclusively in Israel's favour. More here:[25]

@Jonathan_K_Cook 2024-04-17


hasbara8 ==


Torture, executions, babies left to die, sexual abuse… These are Israel’s crimes, J Cook

Jonathan Cook
Western establishments implicitly defend the fact they constantly stress Hamas’ barbarism over Israel’s on the grounds that the crimes of each are categorically different – in the apples and pears sense.

Hamas supposedly demonstrated a degree of sadism in its killing spree on 7 October inside Israel that marks it out from Israel’s far larger killing spree in Gaza.

That has been the basis for every media interview that requires guests to “condemn” Hamas before they are allowed to express concern about the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. No one is asked to condemn Israel.

It is the basis too for permitting Israeli spokespeople to claim unchallenged that Israel targets only Hamas, not civilians, even while some three-quarters of Gaza’s dead are women and children.

On the BBC’s evening news last weekend, presenter Clive Myrie made precisely this preposterous assertion as he intoned that since 7 October, “Israel launched a relentless bombing campaign targeting members of Hamas.”
□ comment: BBC reading from the Isra-l script!

But new reports of 27 Palestinian deaths in Israeli torture centres and the testimonies of savagely beaten doctors from Nasser Hospital confirm how bogus this entire narrative framing by the western media is – one intended to mislead and misinform audiences.

Israel claims it is targeting Hamas, but its actions tell an entirely different story. Famine will kill off the sick and vulnerable long before it does Hamas fighters.

The truth is, Israel is not primarily eradicating Hamas. It is eradicating Gaza. Its crimes are at least as cruel and savage as anything Hamas did on 7 October – and its atrocities have been carried out on a far larger scale and for far longer.

Western establishments and their media have been waging a giant campaign of misdirection for the past five months, as they have against the Palestinian people in previous years and decades. Western publics have been encouraged to look in the wrong direction.

Until that changes, the men, women and children of Gaza will continue to pay the heaviest of prices at the hands of a vengeful, sadistic Israeli military.[21]

The rest of my article (above) can be read here:[23]
Mar 15, 2024 @Jonathan_K_Cook



Jonathan Cook
I really shouldn't have to be teaching the editors, subs and reporters at Politico how to do their job properly:

"Israel has said it considers civilian infrastructure like hospitals and schools a fair target because [INSERT] it claims [END INSERT] Hamas has hidden fighters and weapons in these buildings."

That "said" above treats only the first proposition as contentious, not the second.[22]


hasbara7 ==

Saying Gazans Are Starving (but) Israel Is Starving Them, C Johnstone

Caitlin Johnstone Original Title
It’s Journalistic Malpractice To Say Gazans Are Starving Without Saying Israel Is Starving Them

The mass media are printing some amazingly depraved headlines about a new UN-backed report on starvation in Gaza from the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification, who says half the enclave’s population is now at the highest-possible threat level for starvation.

The New York Times has a real corker out titled “Famine Is Projected for Northern Gaza, Experts Say”, subtitled “A global authority on food security said that in the coming months, as many as 1.1 million people in Gaza could face the severest levels of hunger.”

A casual news consumer could get multiple paragraphs into this article assuming that people in a place called Gaza are suffering from some kind of famine caused by natural events, like a drought or something. Not until paragraph four would they encounter the word “Israeli”, and not until paragraph five would they encounter the line “Israeli’s bombardment and a near-total blockade.”

At a time when only 20 percent of news readers ever make it past the headline of a given story, this is an extremely destructive and propagandistic act of journalistic malpractice.


The editors of The New York Times know exactly what they’re doing packaging a story about Israel’s deliberate starvation of Palestinian civilians like it’s a troubling prediction about the weather.

Contrast the New York Times’ headline with that of Al Jazeera’s report on the same story: “Gaza headed towards famine amid Israeli aid curbs: What to know”. That’s the normal way to present a story about a deliberately inflicted famine upon an imperiled population. If a population was being deliberately starved by siege warfare from a nation like Russia, China or Iran, we may be absolutely certain that the name of that nation would appear in the headline. cont. [20]
Mar 19, 2024 @caitoz


hasbara6 ==

How the Western media helped build the case for genocide in Gaza, J Cook

Jonathan Cook
Misdirection by the media is everywhere in its coverage of the famine induced by Israel in Gaza – and it is entirely intentional. It is a playbook being used by every single Western media outlet. It was all too visible when an aid convoy last month reached Gaza City, where levels of Israeli-induced famine are most extreme.

In what has come to be known by Palestinians as the “Flour Massacre”, Israel shot into large crowds desperately trying to get food parcels from a rare aid convoy to feed their starving families. More than 100 Palestinians were killed by the gunfire, or crushed by Israeli tanks or hit by trucks fleeing the scene. Many hundreds more were seriously wounded.

It was an Israeli war crime – shooting on civilians – that came on top of an Israeli crime against humanity – starving two million civilians to death.

The Israeli attack on those waiting for aid was not a one-off. It has been repeated several times, though you would barely know it, given the paucity of coverage.

The depravity of using aid convoys as traps to lure Palestinians to their deaths is almost too much to grasp.

But that is not the reason the headlines that greeted this horrifying incident so uniformly obscured or soft-soaped Israel’s crime.

For any journalist, the headline should have written itself: “Israel accused of killing over 100 as crowd waits for Gaza aid.” Or: “Israel fires into food aid crowd. Hundreds killed and injured”.

But that…[19]


hasbara5 ==

On Isra-l's "Deliberate Propaganda Campaign", Jeremy Scahill


Democracy Now!
The United States and more than a dozen other countries quickly moved to suspend funding to UNRWA, the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, a vital lifeline for millions of people in Gaza, shortly after Isra-l accused a handful of the agency's staff of taking part in the Hamas attack on October 7.

But the U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 obtained the intelligence dossier on UNRWA that Isra-l shared with allied countries, and found "no evidence to support its explosive new claim." The Financial Times and Sky News also reviewed the materials and came to the same conclusion.

Isra-l's claims about UNRWA are just the latest example of what journalist Jeremy Scahill says is a "deliberate propaganda campaign" to justify its brutal assault on Gaza.

"This is one of the most epic frauds in modern history, reminiscent of the lies told to explain and justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq," says Scahill, senior reporter and correspondent at The Intercept.[12]
(With transcript)

Isra-li soldiers detain blindfolded Palestinian men in a military truck in the southern Gaza Strip on Nov. 19, 2023. (Photo credit: Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty Images)

J Scahill on Democracy Now!
In The Intercept, Scahill writes, "Nearly every week, sometimes every day, the Isra-li government and military have unloaded a fresh barrage of allegations intended to justify the ongoing slaughter." He adds, "The tactic is effective, particularly because the U.S. and other major allies have consistently laundered Isra-l's unverified allegations as evidence of the righteousness of the cause."

J Scahill on Democracy Now!
In the early morning hours of October 7, members of Hamas from the Qassam Brigades, the Nukba, their elite special forces, as well as members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, led a multi-pronged attack in Isra-l. Everyone is familiar with this.

And the initial targets that they hit constituted almost the entirety of Isra-l's infrastructure in what Tel Aviv calls the Gaza envelope, and they were able to actually quite swiftly overpower the Gaza division, the main entity of the Isra-li state, responsible for enforcing the prison conditions of the people of Gaza, for carrying out drone strikes, for waging war, for conducting all manner of warfare against the people of Gaza.

And then the militant Palestinian fighters made their way into a series of settlements in the area, and the intent was quite clear. They were trying to take hostages captive so that they could negotiate the release of their own prisoners.

But what they did on that day was nothing short of shattering the paradigm, of sending a message that the big lie that is promoted by Isra-l, not just under Netanyahu, but certainly under Netanyahu, that Isra-lis could somehow live in peace, a stone's throw away from what is effectively a concentration camp filled with 2.3 million people that have deprived anything vaguely resembling a human existence, that that is tenable.[13]


hasbara4 ==

Corruption of Western Media!

Dr.Bassel Abuwarda ‏@DrBasselAbuward 2014-07-22 ≈ 07:00 UTC
This is how much western media is corrupted !
[They switched the word Palestine with Isra-l, so Americans will think this destruction happened in Isra-l!!]

34_media_is_corrupted_1_AGC3    35_media_is_corrupted_2_AGC3
36_media_is_corrupted_3_AGC3    37_media_is_corrupted_4_AGC3

They switched the word Palestine with Isra-l, so Americans will think this destruction happened in Isra-l, but it was in Gaza!!
This is how the Zionists - in Tel Aviv and in Washington , DC are lying, and they lie more than they breathe!


hasbara3 ==

Consequences of Isra-l Lies for Its People

#Black_propaganda (i.e. lies)[8]

Feras Smadi
Do you wonder why Isra-l commits genocide? Watch this video to learn about #Nazism=#Isra-l

□ comment: The video clips are all in the public domain, seen by many of us. This video can only serve as an explanation, not as an excuse for Isra-l's genocidel warfare.

People in Isra-l have been indoctrinated into a pathological fear of "the other", whose land they have taken, and are still taking. And while they endlessly repeat "Khamas", and "Oct 7"[7], they know themselves that this is all a diversion from the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population, accompanied by a long list of warcrimes, because there can be NO excuse for genocide ever.

— Feras Smadi (@feras_alsmadi) January 16, 2024
January 16, 2024

Feras Smadi's account on twitter.com has been suspended. 2024-04-14

Comment by J B
The denigration of Palestinians must be generic in the education/socialization of the Isra-li community because the rest of the world sees Palestinians as equals: our neighbours, friends, colleagues, professionals, and associates. J B 2024-01-17

Francesca Albanese
The special rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, Francesca Albanese, told the U.N.’s Human Rights Council she believes “the threshold indicating the commission of the crime of genocide against Palestinians as a group in Gaza has been met.”[3]
26 Mar 2024 #Israel #Gaza #UnitedNations


hasbara2 ==

How Corporate Media Whitewash Isra-li Crimes

Isr-l spends millions of $s on an Information War to manufacture consent.[link to YouTube]

Very good analysis of what is happening in front of our eyes.

”It's a psychological war against truth tellers. We will not back down.”
”Isra-l thought it could bury us, but we turned out to be seeds.”


hasbara1 ==

The BBC's reporting on Gaza – or rather lack of it – is beyond parody.

Tonight's News at 10[1] featured reporter Wyre Davies finding yet another excuse for the BBC to return at length to the fall-out for Isra-lis from the three-month-old events of October 7, followed by him gravely intoning: 'The world's attention is still very much focused on the ongoing war, just over in Gaza.'

Well, the BBC's attention certainly hasn't been focused on the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza. Not a word tonight about Isra-l's continuing bombing of civilians, or the famine and disease it is inducing through its 'complete siege'. Or Isra-l's referral to the International Court of Justice, charged with carrying out a genocide.

Instead we segued from an interview with the families of the hostages and a report on the 'We will dance again' campaign by the Nova festival organisers to Lyse Doucet analysing Isra-l's options for running Gaza on the 'day after'.

Once again, the BBC made the Palestinians of Gaza – and the genocide they are enduring – invisible.
2024-01-06 Jonathan Cook @Jonathan_K_Cook

1 comment:
Yes, this included the repetition by a BBC reporter that over 300 people at the Nova Festival were killed by Hamas, when this has been thoroughly debunked[7] and the role of 'friendly fire' to be investigated including witness statements from the festival. M



"In any case, what Westerners call civilization, the others would call barbarity, because it is precisely lacking in the essential, that is to say, a principle of a higher order."
René Guénon, East And West, 1924

صلّى الله على سيّدنا محمّد و على آله و صحبه و سلّم

The blessings and peace of Allah on the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions, ( sallAllahu `aleihi wa sallam ) .



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  1. Probably 2024-01-05

    So imagine the BBC after 90 days of carnage with over 22000 people killed in Gaza! walk away from this genocide in the making in order to talk to Oct 7 survivors, and how festival lovers are wishing they could dance again! The West is by now nothing more than a mental asylum.

  2. It is not the Palestinians, who took away land, and are still taking away the land and restrict the lives of Isra-l Jews. Instead is the Isra-l state with the support from a large part of the Isra-l population, which is encroaching on Palestinian lands, taking it without permission, destroying water pipes, burning olive trees, bursting into Palestinian houses at night time and so on.

    So we are looking at those who want to disguise the evil deeds with sweet words, so-called propaganda (or Hasbarah) the many examples of it, we just pick a few. when the default for reporting truth is from the oppressed and lies from the oppressor. bcs to free oneself from oppression is from the truth while upholding oppression is from falsehood.

  3. except for the political leaders, and the journalists, who know better, but don't dare to tell truth of the matter.

  4. Intifada is an Arabic word that literally means “shaking off”, and in the Palestinian context, it is understood to mean a civil uprising. From an Arabic term *nafaDa meaning "to shake", "shake off", or "get rid of".

  5. Which depraved and racist minds would even come up with such an expression as "mowing the lawn" when talking about killing people en mass? But that's what is happening in real life, but it will be stopped rather soon .

    Isra-l uses such euphemisms like ”mowing the lawn”, when they want to kill a certain percentage of the occupied population, in order to terrorize the rest into submission. Problem for Isra-l is that most Palestinians are Muslims, and they prefer to submit to the highest power, whereas Isra-l is clearly part of the lowest powers abiding in hell already.

  6. Speech about Isra-l's ongoing attack against Palestinian journalists, how Western corporate media whitewash Isra-li crimes along with sharing her personal journey of surviving Isra-li occupation. YouTube

  7. See
    - What really happened on Oct 7, 2023 (A)
    - What really happened on Oct 7, 2023 (B)
    - What really happened on Oct 7, 2023 (C)

  8. There are at least three kinds of propaganda:
    - Black propaganda, which is mostly lies. Isra-l is very good at it.
    - Grey propaganda, is mixing truth with fake stories, more difficult to discern.
    - White propaganda, which is basically telling the truth, no lies, but not telling all of it. White propaganda is how Nasrallah (Hizballah) communicates. (May Allah keep him on the truth!)

  9. See: The Wrong Story: Palestine, Isra-l and the Media, by Greg Shupack
    quoted in same article: Isra-l's well-oiled PR machine collapses

  10. From the same article: Isra-l's well-oiled PR machine collapses

  11. Such as during The #GreatReturnMarch Gaza 2018

  12. And we started reviewing the public documentation of the deaths. It turns out that there was only one infant that was killed in all of the attacks combined on October 7th, a nine-month-old baby named Mila Cohen. And she was hit by a bullet during gunfire while she was in her mother's arm. There were also—I think there were 36 children under the age of 19 that died that day. Fourteen of them were actually killed in Hamas rocket attacks. So when journalists started actually looking then at the official death toll—and you can go, the Isra-lis have published the stories, the photos of many, many, many of the victims—you realize that these were all lies. It was a massive fraud that was perpetrated on the world, particularly this business about mass decapitation of babies. And Joe Biden, on numerous occasions, said that he saw actual photographic evidence of the beheading of babies and the bounding and burning alive with kerosene whole families. And what I discovered in my research was that these stories appear to have ended up in the heads of Biden and Blinken and others based on the totally fraudulent version of events on October 7 that was offered by private, orthodox rescue operations…

    And yet these lies were sold and some of the most obscene things that Isra-l said that we now know are false were repeated by Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State in testimony in front of the Senate by Joe Biden himself.
    And this has gone on and on and on. I've just given you a couple of the most graphic examples of this.

    But what's clear is that the Isra-li government understood that they needed to sell this as like the worst crime against humanity in modern times in order to justify a long planned siege of Gaza that Benjamin Netanyahu, he represents the most extreme and violent version of the Isra-li state project. And it's very, very clear that they sold this fraud and the White House laundered it. And that's why we've seen, and I think 27,000 people killed in Gaza is a conservative estimate.

  13. And Isra-l was, by all accounts, caught off guard, despite the fact that its own intelligence analysts had been warning that it appeared that Hamas was preparing and training for something that was quite spectacular and not simply some small one-off attempts to fire rockets or even do a minor incursion into Isra-li territory. And by all accounts, those were overlooked and dismissed.

    And what we saw happen then, as the Palestinian fighters made their way across these various Isra-li communities and overtook the Gaza division and took many, many military personnel, prisoner and brought them back to Gaza, was the Isra-li government engage in sustained counteraction, including with Apache attack helicopters, with drones. When the military did finally arrive in some of these communities—and, mind you, it was hours and hours before any official Isra-li security forces were responding to some of these civilian areas—they engaged in widespread firefights at Kabut's Beri.

    We know that eyewitnesses have said that Isra-li forces shelled a house, likely killing at least a dozen Isra-lis who were being held captive by Palestinian fighters. And so the Isra-li government then was reeling from the shock of having these crucial military bases overrun, communities being flooded with Palestinian fighters.

    And within hours of these attacks happening, the Netanyahu government began to craft a very deliberate propaganda campaign to sell the United States, other Western leaders and the global public on a scorched-earth war of annihilation against Gaza. And this campaign kicked into such high gear immediately. And what they did, what was central to this, is that the Isra-lis began showing President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, the heads of state of NATO countries and other Western nations.

    And there were images and videos that they then proceeded to tell an unverified story about what they depicted. And the characterization from Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Ghulan was that this was the greatest act of violence against Jewish people since the Holocaust, that the tactics that Hamas used included rape, beheading of babies, mutilation of bodies, torture of families, the bounding of children in groups, including in a nursery in one of the kabutzes, and then engaging in mass execution of small children, setting children on fire. And President Biden, Secretary Blinken, and many Western leaders then started to repeat these claims. But what happened is that when Isra-li Social Security Agency began to actually document the deaths on October 11th, they documented 1,139 deaths. Six hundred and ninety-five of them were civilians.

  14. see oct7c  oct7b  oct7a 

  15. „Jede Propaganda hat volkstümlich zu sein und ihr geistiges Niveau einzustellen auf die Aufnahmefähigkeit des Beschränktesten unter denen, an die sie sich zu richten gedenkt.“ (Adolf Hitler).

  16. See: Why Isra-l and not Israel? - Living Islam - Islamic Tradition

  17. The art of deception: How Israel uses ‘hasbara’ to whitewash its crimes

  18. Captain Dan Hanley
    Too many Americans and others have lapped up the propaganda being spewed out and repeated hourly that they actually believe it to be true...they have been completely brainwashed by Israeli Zionist!
    Sad, isn't it?

    "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."
    ~ Joseph Goebbels

    Turn off your TV and think constructively for yourself.

  19. But that would have accurately transferred agency to Israel – Gaza’s occupier for more than half a century, and its besieger for the last 17 years – in the deaths of those it has been occupying and besieging. Something inconceivable for the Western media.
    So the focus had to be shifted elsewhere.

    The Guardian’s contortions were particularly spectacular: “Biden says Gaza food aid-related deaths complicate ceasefire talks”.

    The massacre by Israel was disappeared as mysterious “food aid-related deaths”, which in turn became secondary to the Guardian’s focus on the diplomatic fallout.

    Readers were steered by the headline into assuming that the true victims were not the hundreds of Palestinians killed and maimed by Israel but the Israeli hostages whose chances of being freed had been “complicated” by “food aid-related deaths”.

    The headline on a BBC analysis of the same war crime – now reframed as an author-less “tragedy”: “Aid convoy tragedy shows fear of starvation haunts Gaza”.

    Another favourite manoeuvre, again pioneered by the Guardian, was to cloud responsibility for a clear-cut war crime. Its front-page headline read: “More than 100 Palestinians die in chaos surrounding Gaza aid convoy”.

    Once again, Israel was removed from the crime scene. In fact, worse, the crime scene was removed too. Palestinians “died” apparently because of poor aid management. Maybe the UN was to blame.

    Chaos and confusion became useful refrains for media outlets keen to shroud culpability. The Washington Post declared: “Chaotic aid delivery turns deadly as Israeli, Gazan officials trade blame”. CNN took the same line, downgrading a war crime to a “chaotic incident”.

    But even these failings were better than the media’s rapidly waning interest as Israel’s massacres of Palestinians seeking aid became routine – and therefore harder to mystify.

    A few days after the Flour Massacre, an Israeli air strike on an aid truck in Deir al-Balah killed at least nine Palestinians, while last week more than 20 hungry Palestinians were killed by Israeli helicopter gunfire as they waited for aid.

    “Food aid-related” massacres – which had quickly become as normalised as Israel’s invasions of hospitals – no longer merited serious attention. A search suggests the BBC managed to avoid giving significant coverage to either incident online.

    More from my article How the Western media helped build the case for genocide in Gaza can be read here: declassifieduk.org

  20. But because the western media exist to generate propaganda and not to report the news, we get headlines like “Gaza faces famine during Ramadan, the holy month of fasting” from the BBC, and “Famine in northern Gaza is imminent as more than 1 million people face ‘catastrophic’ levels of hunger, new report warns” from CNN, and “Famine imminent in northern Gaza, says UN-backed report” from Reuters, and “‘Catastrophic levels of hunger’ in Gaza mean famine is imminent, says aid coalition” from The Guardian.

    We saw this with Saudi Arabia’s US-backed starvation of Yemen as well. When the mass media talked about Yemen at all (usually they just ignored it), editors consistently obfuscated the fact that this was a population being deliberately starved by a cruel blockade and the deliberate targeting of food infrastructure. The fact that it was being made possible by the United States was almost never mentioned.

    This is a very good example of how western propaganda works, by the way. The mainstream western press don’t generally make up whole-cloth lies (though they will uncritically print claims made by western government agencies who have an extensive history of lying); what they do is rely on half-truths, distortions and lies by omission to give their audiences a wildly slanted picture of what’s going on in the world.
    By always going out of their way to tell you an enemy of the US-centralized empire is committing an atrocity the millisecond it looks like they might be, while being furtive and obfuscatory about the crimes of the US and its allies, they give their audience a skewed understanding of who is and is not committing the real evils in our world.

    This doesn’t typically happen as a result of any grand monolithic conspiracy; it’s mostly just the natural consequence of having all the major news platforms controlled by wealthy and powerful people who each have a vested interest in manufacturing consent for the status quo upon which their wealth and power are premised. The oligarchs control the media, and they hire the executives who run the media, and the executives hire the editors who write the headlines and guide the reporters to report a certain way, and this gives rise to a system where everyone working for the outlet conducts themselves in a way that just so happens to suit the powerful people on top.

    Then before you know it you’ve got editors at The New York Times — a paper that’s been published by the same family for over a century — packaging a story about starvation caused by an Israeli siege to look like it’s a story about an innocent crop failure. Odds are nobody told them to do that; they just learned over the years that that’s how you rise to the top in an outlet like The New York Times.

  21. M K
    The media's failure to critically examine and challenge such narratives only serves to further entrench harmful stereotypes and enable ongoing atrocities.
    It's appalling how mainstream media subtly perpetuates biased narratives, ultimately contributing to the suffering of innocent civilians in conflict zones.

    The wording and its connotations will have been checked many times before going to print. It is most definitely complicity in genocide. No different to the vilest lynch mob leafleting.

  22. That "said" above treats only the first proposition as contentious, not the second. The reader is left to infer the second, highly contentious claim is actually a fact and is simply being reported by Politico.

    Establishment media slip this stuff in subliminally all the time – and always in ways that favour Israel. If you're not paying very close attention, you start to assume these claims as facts. Just as Israel wants.

    In such ways, establishment media becomes directly complicit in mass slaughter.

  23. Torture, executions, babies left to die, sexual abuse… These are Israel’s crimes

  24. United Nations expert says Israel committing genocide in Gaza - YouTube

  25. theintercept.com: Leaked NYT Gaza Memo…


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