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Texts On Salafism / ”Wahhabism”

Salafism: Erroneous Methodology

Leading To Dangerous Consequences

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Until, when no `Alim (knowledgeable scholar in religion) is left, people will take ignorant men for teachers. These will be questioned and they will reply without knowledge. They are themselves misguided and misguide others.
Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ in Sahih al-Bukhari


“The name Salaf has been usurped by a movement which seeks to impose its own narrow interpretation of Religion towards a re-fashioning of the teachings of Islam. The adherents of this movement call themselves "Salafi."

”Such an appellation is baseless since the true Salaf knew no such school as the "Salafi" school nor even called themselves by that name; the only general name they recognized for themselves was that of Muslim.”

“In reality, today's so-called "Salafi" movement, now about thirty years old, is the modern outgrowth of an two-century old heresy spawned by a scholar of the Najd area in the Eastern part of the Arabian peninsula by the name of Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al- Wahhab (1703-1792). This scholar has been refuted by a long line of scholars both in his time and ours.”
- Al-Shaykh Jamil al-Siqdi al-Zahawi*

“Until, when no Alim (knowledgeable scholar in religion) is left, the people will take ignorant men for teachers. These will be questioned and they will reply without knowledge. They are themselves misguided and misguide others.”
- Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ in Sahih al-Bukhari

“It can be ascertained that the troublemakers (al-mushaghibun) in our time who claim that they belong to the school of the Salaf, outwardly making a show of such affiliation, do not in any way whatsoever belong to it: neither in knowledge nor in practice. They are propagators of falsehood, deception, and misguidance devoid of all guidance.”
- Munir 'Abduh Agha

(It would be wrong) ”to ignore the ideological/ religious intolerance of Jihadi Salafism, just because (there are those) Salafi friends who are not on the Jihadi path of Salafism.”
- Yasir Daood - facebook

Texts by Sh G F Haddad On The Salafi Deviation

The above being said, we still consider those who call themselves ”Salafi” as being Muslims and within the fold of Islam, however with the risk of becoming Khārijites (those that secede).
See below ”New Kharijism” n1
Or ”UK Kharijis” n2

Thanks to the efforts of our best scholars, men and women upright, who assiduously follow the Sunnah (exemplary way) of beloved prophet Muhammad ﷺ , falsehoods are constantly cleared off the dīn of Islam and correctness and sincerity (ikhlāṣ) again established. OKN

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Redefine religion, but do not derefine it. Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad

‘I was sent only to perfect the noble traits of character’ (hadith). The error of the False Salafi lies in his indifference to the methodologies of the classical period, and his failure to notice that the Salaf did not have a method (manhaj); instead, they followed a vast range of methods, of which the regional schools of Iraq, Syria and Medina are only the best known. The age of the Salaf was an age of diversity. [more]

Two videos:

The atrocities of Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab exposed

Arab Scholars Reply to Gustakh Wahabis like Bilal Philips!

Comment by Dr Gibril Fouad Haddad, 2013
”As we have said time and again shaytan and its followers always want Muslims to make less Dhikr of Allah Most High, less Salawat on His Prophet (upon him blessings and peace), less Tarawih in Ramadan, less respect of Awliya, less Tawassul through the Prophet and Salihin, and less pursuit of all the blessings and spiritual knowledge and practice that Allah has made available to this Umma.

Even when the Umma is being physically attacked and slaughtered East and West, these enemies have no shame in continuously trying to divide Muslims, eviscerate the Deen from its spiritual content and weaken Da`wa as much as they can.”

Oriental Pattern


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