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Excerpts from al-Sayyid Yusuf al-Rifaʿi's recent epistle,
*Advice to Our Brothers the Ulema of Najd*
(Nasiha li-Ikhwanina ʿUlama' Najd):

Charging The Muslims With Shirk

1 - Calling the Muslims: "Pagans"

It is not permitted to charge Muslims - believers in monotheism who pray with you, fast, pay zakāt, and perform pilgrimage shouting over and over, "Ever at Your call, O Allah! Ever at Your call, there is no partner with You, ever at Your call! Truly all glory and praise, all favor and grace belong to You, and all sovereignty and dominion! No-one can be a partner to You!" - It is not permitted, by Law, to charge them with idolatry (al-shirk) the way your books and publications are filled with such charges; the way your preacher clamors on the day of the Major Hajj in the mosque of al-Khayf in Mina, the eve of the Feast of the pilgrims and all Muslims; and the way his fellow preacher frightens the people of Makka and those in the Holy Mosque on the Day of ʿId al-Fitr through all their verbal assaults and false accusations. Stop this, and may Allah guide you! To frighten a Muslim is prohibited, especially the dwellers of the Two Sanctuaries. There are many sound sacred texts to that effect.

2 - Calling the Muslims: "Apostates"

You have declared the Sufis disbelievers then the Ashʿaris. You have denied and denounced imitation of and adherence to the Four Imams (Abu Hanifa, Malik, al-Shafiʿi, Ahmad ibn Hanbal) whereas their imitators formed and continue to form the vastest mass (al-sawād al-aʿzam) of the Muslims, just as the official ideology of your state and that instituted by King ʿAbd al-ʿAziz - may Allah have mercy on him! - textually stipulates reliance upon, and due consideration of the Four Madhāhib. Therefore, stop this, and may Allah Most High guide you!

Whoever turns disbeliever after his Islam has the status of an apostate (murtadd) whose killing becomes licit. Therefore, remember the narration of your Prophet the Elect One ﷺ: "Do not revert after me and turn disbelievers again, striking at one another's neck."1

3 - Calling the Muslims: "Deviants"

After you finished doing the above, you let loose certain hirelings you had nurtured, so that they began to throw accusations of misguidance and deviance at the Islamic groups and organizations that work in the field of calling to Islam (daʿwa) and are active raising up the Word of Allah and commanding good and forbidding evil. I mean organizations such as Jamaʿat al-Tabligh; al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin; the Deobandi group that represents the brightest Ulema of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh; and the Barelwi group that represents the vastest mass of the common Muslims in those countries. In so doing they have made use of books, tapes, and the like. Then you went and translated those books into various languages, distributing them free through your numerous outlets. Likewise, you published a book that contains the declaration that the people of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are disbelievers, together with the Ibadis, your colleagues on the board of Majlis al-Taʿawun. As for your attacks on the renowned Azhar University and its scholars, they are too numerous to count!

4 - Calling the Muslims: "Innovators"

You keep repeating the phrase of the noble hadith, "Every innovation is misguidance"2 without discernment, only to criticize and condemn others, yet approving certain actions that contradict the Prophetic Sunna without condemning them nor counting them as innovations. We shall list some of them...


1 Narrated from Ibn ʿUmar and Jarir - Allah be well-pleased with them - by al-Bukhari and Muslim.

2 Narrated from Jabir ibn ʿAbd Allah - Allah be well-pleased with him - by Muslim. See Sayyid ʿAbd Allah ibn al-Siddiq al-Ghumari's Itqan al-Sunʿa fi Tahqiq Maʿna al-Bidʿa.

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