The Israeli With Zero Credibility Promoting Rape Hoax

She claims to have seen beheaded babies, dead babies, and pregnant women cut open - all debunked, still published in the Not-At-All Serious Media (NAASM).

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Exposing Shari Mendes: The Israeli With Zero Credibility Promoting Rape Hoax by Mr N @DontFollowMrN; 2024-02-02
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NB Atrocities were committed against Isra-l civilians on October 7.
However, it has been proven that 98% of Isra-l propaganda is a heap of disgraceful lies - serving their genocidal project. If you still believe their words, you should check out other descriptions and do your research.

Exposing Shari Mendes: The Israeli With Zero Credibility Promoting Rape Hoax

□ comment: This is what people do for money, for a couple of shekel.
These and other lies empowered the genocidal Israel war machine to bomb, kill and starve tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians in Gaza!
However, the evil-doers will pay for what they earned, partly already here and especially in the Here-After!

• Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it.
Jonathan Swift, 1710



On Oct 20, she said,

“A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded, and then the mother was beheaded.”

“There is evidence of mass rape so brutal that they broke their victims’ pelvis – women, grandmothers, children.”…


On Oct 22, she described a baby “cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded.”…


On Oct 23, she said, “We saw genital cut off, heads cut off, babies, hands, feet, no reason.”

Source: @c_kensche

□ comment: watch her closely, her body gestures, her voice, when she tells what supposedly happened on October 7, because now we know, it's all fantasy, scripted by the Isra-l propaganda machine.

In an Oct 23 interview with @J_Insider, she said,

“Pelvises were broken, and it probably takes a lot to break a pelvis. This was also among grandmothers down to small children... We saw these bodies with our own eyes.”…


On Nov 25 with @washingtonpost, she said

“We saw many women with bloody underwear, with broken bones, broken legs, broken pelvises.”…


On Dec 4, she testified about sexual violence at an Israeli press conference at United Nations.

On Dec 28, she told the @nytimes,

'she had seen four people with signs of sexual violence, including some with “a lot of blood in their pelvic areas".'…


On Jan 18, she told @guardian

"We have seen women who have been raped, from the age of children through to the elderly." “Many young women arrived in bloody shrouded rags with just their underwear, and the underwear was often very bloody.…


On Jan 31, she said on @SkyNews

"Women had legs cut off. It seemed like there was a systematic genital mutilation of women in the women we saw."…

□ comment: at first, she says "I have seen", then several times later she replies "our team has seen" (this, and that). Who in her team has seen exactly what?
Of course, there were dead people, but in a situation like this on October 7, who would busy himself to cut off women's legs?
And while we are listening to this BS, the bombing and killing of innocent civilians in Gaza, and the West Bank is continuing:
This is the real intention of manufacturing consent: to divert attention from what is really happening.

She said she saw pregnant women cut out and beheaded. But, Haaretz debunked a similar pregnant woman's fetus-cutting story.…



She said she saw baby beheadings, but Israel won't confirm any baby beheadings.…


She claims she saw dead babies. But only one baby, Mila Cohen, died in the October 7th attacks.…


She relies on innuendos such as "bloody underwear", "broken bones", or "there seems to be systematic genital mutilation.

But, Times of Israel reported there was no physical evidence of sexual assault collected for Oct 7 victims.


Times of Israel reported that she "is not legally qualified to determine rape."…


In summary, Shari Mendes is an architect with no forensic credentials.

She claims to have seen beheaded babies, dead babies, and pregnant women cut open.

Yet she is cited in @washingtonpost,@nytimes, and @guardian in their investigative articles pushing Oct 7 mass rape.
Special shout out to @SamiXSavage and @SamiAlArian who promoted my first thread when I had no following. Rec following them.

What really happened on October 7, see oct7c  oct7b  oct7a 

Source: Exposing Shari Mendes: The Israeli With Zero Credibility Promoting Rape Hoax by Mr N @DontFollowMrN; 2024-02-02

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