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Christians in Palestine

Harassed, and hated by Jewish supremacists

in the Zionist state of Isra-l, 2024

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Question to Christians
Does your Christian faith require you to support a foreign government (Israel) blowing up churches and killing Christians (all the while they blow up mosques and kill fellow Muslims)?


Mehdi Hasan, Sharp Gaps in Perception
A poll in 2006 found 78% of Christian residents of Bethlehem cited Isra-l's[1] occupation as the main reason for their emigration while only 3% exclusively blamed the "rise of Islamic movements" like Hamas.
2024-04-10 @mehdirhasan
Bethlehem surveys show support for town of Christ's birth - and confusion over its location | The Electronic Intifada (2006)


Sharon Saad, a Privileged Christian Palestinian
I, a privileged white appearing Christian Palestinian WITH an Isra-lic[1] citizenship and therefore the privilege, left Isra-l because I was sick of being a second class citizen and not belonging. Imagine those under actual occupation. That’s a very small part of my story.
2024-04-10 @sharonobgynMD

Eric Reiner
I ask out of genuine curiosity and sadness to hear this - in what ways as a Christian Isra-lic were you treated as a second class citizen?

Sharon Saad
Funny you ask, the mere question shows how clueless people are and if Isra-lic then how ignorant [they are]. I could write a book about this but I’ll summarize it:
1. Education
2. Acceptance to uni
3. Getting rejected from jobs because I didn’t join the military
4. Break ups due to being Arab
I could go on and on including being strip searched at airports, humiliated, could not speak my language on the phone in public places due to suspicious looks,
is that enough?



Alon Mizrahi, Reverse-Engineering Christianity
"Christians in the Middle East" is trending, and I'd like to suggest that a major part of the reason why white evangelical American Christians, but also some Europeans, support Isra-l and not Middle Eastern Christians [is the following].

- Racism is obviously part of the answer, but it is not only hate for brown people in general, it is also the desire to destroy and replace Arab Christianity (i.e. the original Christianity) with totally white Christianity.

They want to live in a world where a picture of Christ as a Woodstock attendee (rather than a Gazan martyr) does not make anyone giggle. The existence of brown, Arabic-speaking Christians stands in their way. It is a stain on their immaculate white self-image, which is really white colonialism, but they perceive it as simply Christianity.

So in the struggle Isra-l[1] has with Christianity in Palestine, of course, they support Isra-l. Isra-l not only helps to bring about the Armageddon they crave so ferociously, it actually helps reverse-engineer Christianity as a white-European Latin-speaking construct, rather than a brown, Arab, Palestinian, Middle-Eastern one.

Masha Allah, how deranged racism and colonialism make cultures [and] communities.
Apr 10, 2024 @alon_mizrahi


Save Gazan Lives
It’s worthwhile to note that during the Nakba, Zionists destroyed scores of mosques but left churches intact — they didn’t want to antagonize Western Christianity back then.
2024-04-09 @UdsiAsli

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The dome of the mosque at al-Majdal, a haunting reminder of the Nakba. Zionist militias, during that time, decimated around 100 mosques across historic Palestine.
Jehad Abusalim جهاد أبو سليم @JehadAbusalim


Khalil Sayegh, In the Face of the Enemy’s Brutality
With a heavy heart I announce that my 18-year-old younger sister, Lara Sayegh, was killed today on her way from Gaza City to the south. She and my mother were reaching Egypt for safety. My angel collapsed as she was walking on the “safe route” past the Isra-lic checkpoint, in an area where the Isra-lic armed forces has long refused to allow any ambulances, cars, or other emergency response to enter. My mother, who was accompanying her from the Catholic church to Rafah, is currently in a coma as a result of the shock. She is in much need of your prayers. Lara is the second immediate family member I lost after my father, who died on December 21 2023 due to the prevention of medical care or ambulances to the church which they take refuge.

In the face of the enemy’s brutality that normalized all sorts of direct and indirect killings, we praise God as our judge and our refuge, even if we don't get much-needed justice on this earth, we will certainly do so in the afterlife when we all stand in front of Christ. Until then I will continue to fight for justice for my family and other victims of this genocide.
Apr 24, 2024 @KhalilJeries

My 18-year-old younger sister, Lara Sayegh, was killed today on her way from Gaza City to the south


Videos YouTube

- How Does the Government of Israel Treat Christians? Christian Leaders in the West Should Care, Tucker Carlson, interview with pastor Munther Isaac from Bethlehem.

- How Evangelicals Betray Christians In The Holy Land [Pt. 2]

- US evangelical pastor describes how Zionist Christians contribute to injustices in Palestine

- Is Christian Zionism Blasphemy?

"In any case, what Westerners call civilization, the others would call barbarity, because it is precisely lacking in the essential, that is to say, a principle of a higher order."
René Guénon, East And West, 1924

صلّى الله على سيّدنا محمّد و على آله و صحبه و سلّم

The blessings and peace of Allah on the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions, ( sallAllahu `aleihi wa sallam ) .



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  1. Why Isra-l and not Israel?
    The 'el' in the misappropriated name of 'Israel' stands for 'God', however the state of Isra-l is committing the evil works of the Satan (rajim).
    (Not all Jewish people of Isra-l are like this, but the mentality of majority is built on racism and hatred.)
    The state of Isra-l is a genocidal colonial settler entity, propped up by the US empire, and it is bent on technological murder and messianic killings, evictions and humiliations: on the destruction of the Palestinian people in total or in part.
    Therefore it is best for everyone – except for the Zionist supremacist elite – to dismantle this lunatic state as soon as possible, it has lost its legitimacy.
    More: Why Isra-l and not Israel?


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