Zionism Is a Perversion of Judaism

It Is a "False Idol"

Re: Naomi Klein's Speech

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1. The False Idol of Judaism

Part 1 by OmarKN[11]
We are in solidarity with all Jews and Christians who are not Zionists/ Jewish supremacists.

Judaism came with the message of Allah (God)[1] to prophet Musa (Moses), was the first instance of monotheism in the world[2]. Its message was upgraded by `Isa (Jesus): Christianity and eventually by prophet Mohammed: Islam, (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon them all!).

"Jews Need an Exodus From Zionism"
Even if Naomi Klein is not the first one to do so, it is not a small thing, in the course of dystopian, Orwellian world events, when a Jewish intellectual, a famous journalist, author & activist - stands up to declare the end of Zionism, and precisely calling out the problem, which is that Zionism has become the new idol.[3]


This means that those who believe in Zionism are nothing less than delusional and/ or brainwashed idol worshippers.

Yesterday (2024-04-24) Naomi Klein reformulated for the world, some aspects of what original Judaism is about[4], which is first and foremost abiding by the 10 Commandments brought by prophet Musa peace be upon him, which may never be transgressed, and that it is also an argument for justice and liberation, for self-determination and emancipation from slavery.[5]

2. Zionism Is a Perversion of Judaism

Part 2 by Arnaud Bertrand[6]
Very important article from Naomi Klein[7], one of the main Jewish thinkers of our age, which argues that Zionism is a perversion of Judaism, the pursuit of a "false idol" as she puts it. (Read her speech[8] or watch the short video [n1])

Judaism ≠ Zionism
It is so important because the single most damaging direction we can take as a result of Gaza is to buy into Isra-l's current narrative that Judaism is Zionism, and that opposing it is therefore antisemitic. This is absolutely key, because from it stems absolutely everything else.

Why Isra-l and not Israel? [12]

It would be immensely damaging because it takes an extreme, radicalized and murderous ideology "that commits genocide in our name" (quote from the article) and says "this is Judaism, the first monotheistic religion, from which the other 2 derive".
There is no overstating how destructive this is to the very foundation of our culture, to the very core of our identity. Literally corrosive to who we are on a biblical scale.

It is also immensely damaging because of course everything Zionism stands for runs so counter to fundamental human values we all share:
- The sanctity of human life
- The belief that theft is wrong
- The belief that all humans, no matter their religion or ethnic origins, are equal.
- etc.

As Klein points out "it is a false idol that has led far too many of our own people down a deeply immoral path that now has them justifying the shredding of core commandments:
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not covet."

Boring Accusations of Antisemitism
Coming back on this and saying that fighting for those fundamental values is "antisemitic" - a repulsive moral crime - is nihilistic to the extreme. It is a negation of our very humanity.[14]

All this would ultimately not only result in Judaism destroying itself by becoming coopted by this militaristic ethnostate political project, but it risks destroying all the countries that support it alongside with it. The moral contradictions necessary to support this are just too overwhelming, it's like acid on the soul of these countries.

And that's why Jewish voices like Klein are so important. Because, … [9]

@RnaudBertrand 2024-04-25

We believe Islam is the answer and the way - and there is no god except Allah (God) - no reality, but the reality of the Real (Allah),
and Mohammad is certainly the Messenger of Allah (may His blessings & peace be upon him).
- Islam - The Way of the Prophets
- Islam the Natural, Easy Religion
- The Sum Of Islam

3. The Speech by Naomi Klein


4. Some Comments

All one has to do is look at how Jews were integrated into the Arab world before Zionism. You could not differentiate a Mizrahi Jew from an Arab without delving into their name and religion. @Rollerrodent

Erasing 3000 years of Jewishness (culture, language, food, folklore, …) under Zionism is the biggest betrayal to the Jewish people anyone could do! Zionism is the biggest antisemitic movement ever! And I wonder sometimes if that’s not a continuation[13] of the European antisemitism. @ChadyMattar



  1. There is only one God.

  2. Related
    The Racists' Revenge until Extermination

  3. "The problem is … that Zionism has become the new idol."

    However, Zionism was an aberration from the outset (even before the foundation of the state of Isra-l), it has no foundation in Judaism, instead its foundation is in settler colonialist nationalism and rude racism."

  4. "of what original Judaism is about"

    She did not mention the worship of God, piety, being truthful etc.

  5. "emancipation from slavery"

    Very important: Both from premodern as well as modern slavery.

  6. Part 2, incl. footnote 9 is by Arnaud Bertrand, who comments on Naomi Klein's speech/ article.

  7. @NaomiAKlein

  8. theguardian.com - comment is free

  9. And that's why Jewish voices like Klein are so important. Because, as Mearsheimer and Walt argued in their famous book in the Isra-l lobby, accusations of antisemitism are "the Great Silencer", a scarily powerful tool to silence criticism of Isra-l's actions. And Jewish voices have of course the immense advantage of being able to say "I'm Jewish", kryptonite[15] to "the Great Silencer". Which is why the fact so many of these students protesting today in US campuses are Jewish is totally silenced by so many media, as admitting it would reduce the potency of "the Great Silencer".

    It's not only important because they have this "Great Silencer" kryptonite, but also because their activism is in of itself the best weapon against actual antisemitism, the real one this time, which does exist. If the current Isra-lic project of equating Zionism with Judaism did succeed and were to be commonly accepted, then naturally all Jewish people would be equated with Zionism and its actions, which anyone with an ounce of common sense can understand would make actual antisemitism surge.[16]

    The more Jewish people like Klein say "not in our name", the more Zionism is seen as it should rightly be seen: a "false idol" that "Jews need an exodus from", in order to ultimately resolve the biggest injustice of our age, that inflicted on the Palestinians.

  10. Video description by Democracy Now (24 Apr 2024):
    Hundreds of protesters were arrested in Brooklyn on Tuesday when Jewish New Yorkers and allies gathered for what they called a "Seder in the Streets to Stop Arming Isra-l" on the second night of Passover. The demonstration, held one block away from the home of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, came just hours before the Senate overwhelmingly approved a $95 billion foreign aid package that includes about $17 billion in arms and security funding to Isra-l. "Too many of our people are worshiping a false idol," said award-winning author and activist Naomi Klein, one of several speakers at Tuesday's rally. "They are enraptured by it. They are drunk on it. They are profaned by it. And that false idol is called Zionism."

  11. Part 1 is by OmarKN, commenting on Naomi Klein's speech and its bearing on the struggle against Jewish supremacism, bloodlust, and the powers of darkness.

  12. Why Isra-l and not Israel?
    The 'el' in the misappropriated name of 'Israel' stands for 'God', however the state of Isra-l is committing the evil works of the Satan (rajim).
    (Not all Jewish people of Isra-l are like this, but the mentality of majority is built on racism and hatred.)
    The state of Isra-l is a genocidal colonial settler entity, propped up by the US empire, and it is bent on technological murder and messianic killings, evictions and humiliations: on the destruction of the Palestinian people in total or in part.
    Therefore it is best for everyone – except for the Zionist supremacist elite – to dismantle this lunatic state as soon as possible, it has lost its legitimacy.
    More: Why Isra-l and not Israel?

  13. "if that’s not a continuation of the European antisemitism."

    Not sure if a continuation but definitely a consequence. @RnaudBertrand

  14. At this site Living Islam - Islamic Tradition we agree with the The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism | JDA, especially Chapter 3.

  15. "something that can seriously weaken or harm a particular person or thing." Definitions from Oxford Languages

  16. "would make actual antisemitism surge"

    But antisemitism is already surging among the right, as well as hatred against Islam and Muslims, so-called islamophobia. With it the forces of the right seek justification in a nebulous (mis-)understanding of Christianity.

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