Evidence of Foreknowledge

of October 7, 2023

At the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood


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Bold letters a.)… are links. The rest is unsourced as for now.
a.) The IOF girls were monitoring Hamas training inside Gaza on their screens.
b.) Isra-l was fully informed of plans by Hamas attack on Oct 7.
c.) Isra-l uses mass surveillance on phone number identification and location.
d.) There had been several warnings before October 7.
e.) On October 7 the standdown lasted at least 6 to up to 8 hours.
e.) The genocidal, supremacist state confiscated this guy's radio equipment before Oct 7.
f.) Insider trading, short-selling of Isra-l stocks.
g.) Isra-l was completely behind the Oct 7 attacks
h.) The Shinbet chief was in their headquarters in Tel Aviv the night before.

Isra-l was fully informed of plans by Hamas to attack its border that were executed on October 7.

Why Isra-l and not Israel? [5]

A report from the New York Times claimed Isra-l obtained Hamas' plan for the attack more than a year in advance.1 Dec 2023

What did Isra-l know about Hamas' October 7 attack? - CNN



Documents Expose Isra-l Conspiracy to Facilitate October 7 Attack

World Socialist Web Site
2 Dec 2023 — No, the events of October 7 were not an intelligence failure: Isra-l was remarkably successful in exactly predicting Hamas's military operation.

wsws.org: Documents expose Isra-lic conspiracy to facilitate October 7 attack

On Friday, the New York Times published a report establishing conclusively that Isra-l was fully informed, in detail, of plans by Hamas to attack its border that were executed on October 7. These revelations make clear that Isra-l officials, knowing full well where and how Hamas would strike, made a deliberate decision to stand down in order to facilitate the attack.

These revelations mean that the Isra-l government allowed and abetted the killing of their own citizens and that the Isra-l government is responsible for the deaths that took place that day. This criminal conspiracy was aimed at establishing a pretext for a long-planned genocide against the people of Gaza.

Moreover, it is impossible to believe that the United States was uninformed of Hamas’s plans, under conditions where not only Isra-l intelligence, but also Egypt had advance warnings of the attack. Everything points to a plot that involved Isra-l, the Biden administration and likely British and European intelligence agencies.


Some investors earned millions by short-selling Isra-l stocks days ahead of Oct 7, 2023

The Cradle https://thecradle.co
Unknown investors placed unusually large bets anticipating a drop in Isra-l's stock market just days before 7 October, indicating foreknowledge of the surprise ...



MintPress News https://www.mintpressnews.com
7 Dec 2023 — Hearkening back to the days preceding the 9/11 attacks, suspicious stock market activity suggests that someone with prior knowledge of ...



economist.com: Who made millions trading the October 7th attacks?
Researchers highlight suspicious activity[1]

Kenneth Roth, @KenRoth
Someone with foreknowledge of Hamas's October 7 attack seemed to have profited handsomely by predicting a fall in the Isra-l stock market.



The Washington Post
5 Dec 2023 — Isra-l regulators are looking into a report claiming that investors earned millions of dollars by short-selling Isra-l stocks days ahead…



Failure to Prevent the Deadliest Attack by Palestinian Militants

BBC https://www.bbc.com
12 Oct 2023 — Isra-l intelligence services are under scrutiny for their failure to prevent the deadliest attack by Palestinian militants in Isra-l's 75-year ...


Isra-l was warned by Egypt of potential violence three days before Hamas' deadly cross-border raid, a US congressional panel chairman has said. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee head Michael McCaul told reporters of the alleged warning.
Isra-l PM Benjamin Netanyahu described the reports as "absolutely false". Isra-l intelligence services are under scrutiny for their failure to prevent the deadliest attack by Palestinian militants in Isra-l's 75-year history.

"We know that Egypt has warned the Isra-ls three days prior that an event like this could happen," Mr McCaul told reporters following a closed-door intelligence briefing on Wednesday for lawmakers about the Middle East crisis, according to AFP news agency. "I don't want to get too much into classified, but a warning was given," the Texas Republican added. "I think the question was at what level."


Isra-l intelligence leak details extent of warnings over Hamas attack

Isra-l’s military and intelligence officials were given a highly detailed warning that Hamas was actively training to take over kibbutzim on the Gaza border and overrun military posts with the aim of inflicting substantial fatalities, according to reports in the Isra-l media…

The hugely embarrassing leak describes in shocking detail what would turn out to be key elements of Hamas’s planning for its massacre of 1,200 Isra-ls on 7 October, including that Isra-l spotters were aware of senior Hamas officials present as observers during training preparations.

Isra-l intelligence leak details extent of warnings over Hamas attack | The Guardian


The Times of Isra-l
9 Oct 2023 — Cairo official says Isra-l focused on West Bank instead of Gaza;[2] Egypt's spy chief said to warn PM of 'terrible operation,' Netanyahu denies ...



Radio Equipment Confiscated Before October 7th

Mads Palsvig, Nov 27, 2023
Isra-l Rafael Ayon had his radio equipment confiscated before October 7th and returned after October 7th. He tried to warn the Isra-l army, but was told he was “blocked” from someone “in the top”

Isra-l Rafael Ayon had his radio equipment confiscated before October 7th and returned after October 7th.
He tried to warn the Isra-l army, but was told he was “blocked” from someone “in the top”. pic.twitter.com/0x7kJiJtnU

— Mads Palsvig (@Palsvig) November 27, 2023
"I just begged to be heard and no-one listened."

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They were Isra-l's 'eyes on the border' - but their Hamas warnings went unheard

The women sit inside rooms close to the border, staring for hours every day at live surveillance footage captured by cameras along the high-tech fence, and balloons that hover over Gaza…
(According to) the IDF (they were to) "know everything about the enemy"…

"We would see them practising every day what the raid would look like," Noa, who is still serving in the military, tells the BBC. "They even had a model tank that they were practising how to take over"…

For former observer Roni Lifshitz, … the most concerning thing she saw in the preceding weeks was the regular patrol of vehicles full of Hamas fighters, which would stop at watch posts on the other side of the fence…

Several watchwomen who did fear a major attack was coming have told the BBC they felt their concerns were not being listened to…
Shahaf's mother, Ilana, remembers her saying: "Why are we here if no-one's listening?"

Hamas picture

bbc.com: They were Isra-l's 'eyes on the border' - but their Hamas warnings went unheard


Isra-l uses AI mass identification

1. AI mass identification (phone numbers, locations, connections)
So Isra-l is able to identify the children of the Hamas leader, while riding in a car in Gaza, then killing them from a drone, but they had no idea about the October 7 Operation Al-Aqsa Flood preparations?!

This doesn't make sense.
More examples, comments[4]

2. Israel Uses AI to Kill Palestinians
Mass Surveillance in Gaza Israel Using AI to Kill Palestinians
Israeli Scholar Neve Gordon on Israeli Mass Surveillance in Gaza & Use of Al to Kill
Democracy Now![6]


Isra-l was completely behind the Oct 7 attacks

OCTOBER 7 WAS AN INSIDE JOB - Collected Evidence That Isra-lic Leaders Not Only Were Informed Of The Attacks in Advance And Let Them Happen But Made Them Possible In The First Place.John Hankey (via DarumaIkyu)

The soldiers normally manning, and operating the machine gun towers around Gaza, had been evacuated before the attack on the morning of October 7 except for one tower.


'October 7 Was An Inside Job' - documentary (2024) - John Hankey #RealHistoryChannel March 2024 - Israel was behind the attacks of October 7.
Hamas is run by Israeli Secret Intelligence, the Mossad. The fact that the Mossad supplied Hamas with billions of dollars in cash is NOT in dispute. ALL sources say that the Israeli military stood down (was completely absent) for 6 hours.
The best evidence indicates that 94% of the civilians were killed by the military, to justify the genocide in Gaza. Israeli veterans say so.[7]


h.) ==

The Shinbet chief was in their headquarters in Tel Aviv the night before Oct 7.

According to the report (in Yedioth Ahronoth), Shin Bet Director Ronen Bar was present at the agency headquarters in Tel Aviv the night before the attacks. [8]


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and Mohammad is certainly the Messenger of Allah (may His blessings & peace be upon him).
- Islam - The Way of the Prophets
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What really happened on Oct 7 (C)


  1. Quote from above the pay-wall:
    Before its attack on October 7th, Hamas maintained tight operational security. The assault blindsided Isra-l’s spies, and seems to have surprised even Hamas’s political leaders. But did someone know enough to profit? A new paper by Robert Jackson Jr, a former commissioner of America’s Securities and Exchange Commission, and Joshua Mitts of Columbia University suggests so.

    The authors’ most striking finding is a surge in short sales—bets that a security’s price will fall—of an exchange-traded fund (etf) listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker eis, which tracks an index of Isra-l shares. In September an average of 1,581 shares a day of eis were sold short, representing 17% of the daily total trading volume. On October 2nd, five days before the attacks, a whopping 227,820 shares were shorted, representing 99% of total volume. Rather than reflecting a souring of market sentiment, the increase in activity seems to have come from just two trades. Then, on the first trading day after the attack, standard “long” transactions outnumbered short sales by a similar number of shares (248,009). If these trades were made by the same investor, they would correspond to a $1m profit.

  2. They knew it was all about Gaza. This is only to deflect from the foreknowledge the supremacist Zionist secret state organs had.

  3. The Truth, Nov 27, 2023
    I don't trust just one individual as fact, but I find it's very odd that Isra-l, a country is surrounded by many of its enemies missed the intelligence.

    - - responding to the above OP - -

    Mads Palsvig
    If you go through my Twitter feeds you will find several "individuals", what we in law call "first hand witnesses" testifying exactly the same, that Isra-l stood down, didn't assist the Isra-ls the first six hours, and then in accordance with the Hannibal directive bombed and machine gunned Hamas as well as anyone in their immedieate surroundings including hostages and Isra-l civilians, these types of testimonies are some of the strongest proofs in court cases, as opposed to the "expert opinions" that is the only thing fake news mainstream media utilises, which is not worth anything, at all.
    Nov 27, 2023

    - - responding to the above OP - -

    RGS, Nov 28, 2023
    Isra-l knew an attack was coming & confiscated all weapons from security in Gaza beltway Sept 1 against their will. ODD. Then the girl IDF who watch monitors all day in Gaza towers for months complained re: seeing hamas training, staring at them to deaf ears.
    Then the standdown

  4. 4.1
    S M
    The murders of Ismail Haniyeh's children and grandchildren in targeted strikes in Gaza is part of a pattern of the IDF sabotaging negotiations.

    In the last Gaza war (2014 unrwa.org), Isra-l struck apartment buildings housing 3 PIJ commanders who were to go to ceasefire talks *that morning*.


    M S
    A reminder, the US never went after Bin Laden’s kids. His son Omar is a painter in France, his daughter Mariam is a swimmer.

    Isra-l deliberately targeting the uninvolved family members, children & grandchildren, of Hamas leaders is a war crime. Period!

    R A
    Isra-l killed them simply because they were descendants of a Palestinian political leader. This illustrates how Isra-l has slaughtered nearly 40,000 innocent civilians.

    Anyone denying that Isra-l is a brutal, bloodthirsty entity driven by hatred and revenge needs to reconsider their mental and moral faculties. #GazaGenocide

    J S
    Isra-l has killed 3 children and multiple grandchildren of Hamas' leader, Ismail Haniyeh. Haniyeh's response: "The blood of my sons is not more precious than the blood of our martyred people in Gaza, as they are all my sons."

    Isra-l's revenge killing of the children and grandchildren of Hamas'leader on Eid indicates they can be quite precise, a reminder that the unjust and indefensible killing of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians were targeted killings.

    4.7 IDF colonel discusses ‘data science magic powder’ for locating terrorists | The Guardian

    When using AI to predict whether someone is a terrorist, he explained, Unit 8200 takes information it has about people it believes are members of terrorist groups and aims “to find the rest of the group”.

  5. Israeli Scholar Neve Gordon on Israeli Mass Surveillance in Gaza & Use of AI to Kill Palestinians - YouTube

  6. Source:
    - youtube.com - october 7 was an inside job
    - rumble.com - october 7 was an inside job
    For context:
    - richardgage911 - new documentary on gaza october-7

  7. More: What really happened on Oct 7, 2023 (oct7c)

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