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The Isra-l Settler Entity And

Rape Allegations

What is true?

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Items are from 2023-12-07--2024-01-04

Everyone is exposed to propaganda

Probably the most elaborate, sinister, deceitful propaganda, which uses proven psychological tools is the propaganda by Israel, the United States and other large powers to various degrees.[5]

NB Atrocities were committed against Isra-l civilians on October 7.
However, it has been proven that 98% of Isra-l propaganda is a heap of disgraceful lies - serving their genocidal project. If you still believe their words, you should check out other descriptions and do your research.

We are looking here at two groups of rape allegations.
The first group (A) is what is the documented responsibility of Isra-l individuals, such as their chief rabbi for the 'army', or evidence that has emerged against the oppressed, the imprisoned, who are the Palestinians.
Secondly (B), we'll ask the other side, did the Islamic Palestinian Resistance commit rape on October 7, and if yes - then what is the evidence?

A0 Chief Rabbi About Raping Women (in Wartime)
A3 Israeli Influencer H Natali Under Investigation for Rape
A2 GAZA: Isra-l Soldier Threatens Pregnant Palestinian Woman With Rape
A1 13 Year Old Girl Raped in Prison by IOF* Soldiers
*IOF = Isra-l Occupation Force

B0 Regarding the allegations brought against the Islamic resistance
B12 Why the UN come out now with these false allegations?
B11 Isra-l food blogger scripted Hamas rape story for NYT
B10 BBC distances itself from 7 October “mass rape” claims
B9 The Israeli With Zero Credibility Promoting Rape Hoax
B8 Dozens Israelis Lied: They Were Not Victims of Oct7 Attack
B7 What Is "Non-Evidence Journalism"?
B6 Why 'Hamas mass rape' story doesn't pass the sniff test
B5 NYT Weaponized Both a Dead Woman and Sexual Violence
B4 The Flaws in Isra-l Sexual Violence Claims
B3 Debunking Isra-l’s “mass rape” propaganda
B2 My thoughts on the rape allegations, Muhammad Shehada
B1 No Physical Evidence of Rape by Hamas Militants


itemA0 ==

Chief Rabbi About Raping Women (in Wartime)

IDF's chief rabbi-to-be permits raping women in wartime
Elisha Ben Kimon, Telem Yahav & Kobi Nachshoni | Published: 07.12.16 (2023)

Col. Eyal Karim, the IDF's intended next chief rabbi, has previously provided misogynistic interpretations of Jewish law that consider female conscription 'utterly forbidden' and permits raping 'attracting Gentile women' as a way to keep up morale; female MKs and women's rights organizations, incensed, call for his appointment to be cancelled.

Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim, who was announced on Monday as the IDF's intended new chief rabbi, has provoked controversy with previous misogynistic statements, such as opposing female conscription and implying that rape was permissible in times of war.

The rabbi gave a more shocking answer on the same site when asked if soldiers were permitted to rape women during war. Karim replied that, as part of maintaining fitness for the army and the soldiers' morale during fighting, it is permitted to "breach" the walls of modesty and "satisfy the evil inclination by lying with attractive Gentile women against their will, out of consideration for the difficulties faced by the soldiers and for overall success."

□ comment:
Thankfully, this deranged person got a lot of fire from women and others in Isra-l, however, his position for chief rabbi for the IDF has not been revoked, instead, the Isra-l Occupation Army "IDF" try to whitewash his character, talking about dignity, as can be seen in the final quote below.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office issued a reply:
"Col. Karim asks to clarify that his statement was issued as the answer to a theoretical question and not in any way whatsoever a question of practical Jewish law. Rabbi Karim has never written, said or even thought that and IDF soldier is permitted to sexually assault a woman in war—anyone who interprets his words otherwise is completely mistaken.[1] Rabbi Karim's moral approach is attested by his years of military service in command, combat, and rabbinical positions in which he displayed complete loyalty to the values and spirit of the IDF, in particular the dignity of the person."

□ comment:
Firstly, any sane person who has some degree of humanity in his heart, will ask himself, how is it possible that a learned man in the religion of Judaism thinks he has to come up with such evil words?
Secondly, what is the effect of this evil speech on young impressionable men in the army or working for example in the prisons? What evil thoughts are generated or promoted here?
Thirdly, for the Isra-l Occupation Army "IDF" to excuse and whitewash him is wrong. They did neither sack him, nor punish him, instead they support him! So, what effect does this have on the morality of the troops, which, supposedly, are part of the "most moral army in the world".

حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل


itemA3 ==

Israeli Social Media Influencer Hananya Natali Under Investigation for Rape

Kakeru Sakamaki
Israeli influencer @HananyaNaftali who constantly accuses Hamas members of rape is under investigation for rape himself.

@HananyaNaftali you're a pathetic looser.
2024-02-15 @5akamaki


Haaretz: Israeli Social Media Influencer Hananya Natali Under Investigation for Rape
He: "How You Can Defend Israel"
[ □ comment: Innocent until proven guilty, as the saying goes!]


itemA2 ==

GAZA: Israeli Soldier Threatens Pregnant Palestinian Woman With Rape

Idris Palmer:
Horrific testimony from a pregnant Palestinian woman who was detained by Israeli occupation forces:

“They (Israeli soldiers) asked me to strip off my clothes. I told him I’m 5 months pregnant but he still hit me in the stomach, and until now my stomach hurts, and he hit me on my head. Then they said if I don’t speak the soldiers will rape me.”

Where is the global outrage?

israeli-soldiers-asked-me-to-stripIsrael soldiers asked me to strip



itemA1 ==

13 Year Old Girl Raped in Prison by IOF Soldiers

Palestine and MENA Info Center:
A friend of mine lives in Jenin on the West Bank. During one of the raids of the IOF on Jenin, his 13 year old daughter Layan threw a rock at one of the IOF’s armored vehicles. They arrested her and placed her under “administrative detention”, aka without charging her with anything.

They starved her for 5 days and gang-raped her both vaginally and anally, so brutally that she was ruptured from front to back. They released her this evening by dropping her off at a checkpoint near Jenin. Her father drove her to a hospital immediately where she is now undergoing emergency surgery to fix the ruptures in her lower body.

And people have the audacity to say Hamas is evil? Layan is not the only young girl who got this “treatment” from the IOF.[2] They told her that if she would speak to the media about what happened to her in prison, they would do the same thing to her 9 year old sister.

13-year-old-girl-raped-in-prison-by-iof-soldiers-AIAI produced



B. Regarding the allegations brought against the Islamic resistance ("Hamas")

itemB0 ==

Not Finding Victims of Alleged Sexual Assaults

Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده :
Haaretz: Israeli police are facing difficulties in finding victims of alleged sexual assaults in the October 7th incident. The police are struggling to locate eyewitnesses confirming the occurrence of alleged sexual crimes in the October 7th incident. From haaretz.co.il
Challenges arise in linking current sexual assault testimonies with the described victims. Most testimonies of sexual assaults, including those presented to the United Nations and published by The New York Times, are based on the accounts of a single young individual. The Israeli police have not succeeded in reaching the women described in The New York Times report. @RamAbdu, 2024-01-04




itemB12 ==

Why the UN come out now with these false allegations?

Abdelgader Legnain
The Zionist is again exposed.

After 5 months and with no evidence … why the UN come out now with these false allegations?

The answer is because of the Zionist pressure.

The UN said today its information on the sexual violence on Oct 7th are solely based on Israeli sources.

"It must be noted that the information gathered by the mission team was in a large part sourced from Israeli national institutions."
□ comment:
So, do they think we are stupid to believe those same "national institutions", which are right now, bombing, killing and starving Palestinians, every day and night since October?

Source: @legnain


itemB11 ==

Isra-l food blogger scripted Hamas rape story for NYT

While the New York Times pushes its virally debunked Hamas mass rape lies, a social media whistleblower under the name @zei_squirrel managed to compile data concerning two of the co-authors of the running article.

Adam Sella and Anat Schwartz, who co-authored the NYT's widely-known false article alongside Jeffrey Gettleman, have been called out for their credibility and their attempt to promote a fabricated narrative that the NYT proudly endorsed.

"If I told you that the New York Times hired a recently graduated college student with only a couple prior articles written on the subject of food and cooking to be their lead on the ground "reporter" on the "mass rape" hoax they fabricated, would you believe it? That's Adam Sella", the user said on a thread on X.
28 Feb 2024

Food blogger, Israeli film director scripted Hamas rape story for NYT | Al Mayadeen English


itemB10 ==

BBC distances itself from 7 October “mass rape” claims

BBC distances itself from 7 October “mass rape” claims Panorama climbdown follows The Electronic Intifada’s reporting.

to be updated…


itemB9 ==

The Israeli With Zero Credibility Promoting Rape Hoax

For example on Jan 31, she said on @SkyNews
"Women had legs cut off. It seemed like there was a systematic genital mutilation of women in the women we saw."

This is from the thread:[7]
Exposing Shari Mendes: by Mr N @DontFollowMrN; 2024-02-02,


Go to page [7] The Israeli (Person) With Zero Credibility Promoting Rape Hoax


itemB8 ==

Dozens of Israelis Lied: They Were Not Victims of Oct7 Attack

Pretend to be shocked 😳

“Israeli Kan News broadcaster revealed in its investigation that dozens of Israelis lied fraudulently claiming that they were victims of Oct7 attack and attended the Nova music festival on October 7 when they didn't in order to receive thousands of Shekels as compensations.”

The video is not accessible.


Without shame: the Israelis who pose as the survivors of the Nova massacre

Since October 7, the National Insurance has accumulated dozens of false complaints from Israelis who claim to have survived the massacre at a party in Ra'i. They even provide evidence of the horrors they experienced - all in an attempt to receive compensation from the state that can reach tens of thousands of shekels. Criminal investigations are already underway against these impersonators.
2024-02-06 @abierkhatib


itemB7 ==

What Is "Non-Evidence Journalism"?

□ comment: We can see how the deniers of truth and decency, the modern idol worshipers of death and destruction are becoming more brazen and proud.

Max Blumenthal
Jeffrey Gettleman, the NYT correspondent who claimed with absolute confidence to have proven that Hamas employed "systematic sexual violence" on October 7, now says, "it's not my role" to provide evidence for the claims he published.

First time I've heard a self-styled journalist attempt to minimize the importance of evidence, but understandable given the NYT already canceled a podcast episode about Gettleman's discredited article under internal pressure. 2024-02-09 @MaxBlumenthal

- - responding to - -

Dawn Clancy
“And what we found I don't want to even use the word evidence because evidence is almost like the legal term that suggests you're trying to prove an allegation or prove a case in court.” @dawnmclancy

@nytimes journo @gettleman describing his reporting in [the NYT article], Screams Without Words, as not evidence.

@pass_blue @theintercept @AliAbunimah

“And what we found I don't want to even use the word evidence because evidence is almost like the legal term that suggests you're trying to prove an allegation or prove a case in court.” @nytimes journo @gettleman describing his reporting in, Screams Without Words, as not… pic.twitter.com/XlEfxYd7mW

— Dawn Clancy (@dawnmclancy) February 9, 2024


In short there’s no evidence to support the atrocity propaganda NYT mercenary Gettleman has tried to spread to whitewash and justify the genocide in Gaza.

So, in reporting such a story to millions of readers, we should NOT expect journalists to seek evidence? Journalists should just publish whatever discredited witnesses say and lend credence to hard-to-believe allegations of cutting "body parts" and tossing them around?

Your purpose is to communicate the truth, which inherently assumes it has been verified for your audience. What distinguishes people in your role from the billions of others on this planet is their commitment to this principle. Otherwise, what value do your words have? Zero.

Many journalists now are no more than channelers
Provided by @yipmann82


itemB6 ==

Why 'Hamas mass rape' story doesn't pass the sniff test

Jonathan Cook, quoting ~
In the latest of a cycle of "Hamas mass rape" articles, the Guardian joins the fray. It recycles a supposed eyewitness account of a group of Hamas fighters taking turns to rape a woman at the Nova festival on October 7, then cutting off her breast to play a football-like game with it at the side of the road.

We are supposed to believe this happened when we also know – from facts provided by the Israeli media – that Hamas stumbled on to the Nova festival totally unprepared and on their way to what they assumed would be a major confrontation with the Israeli military at a nearby army base; that its fighters were quickly confronted by paramilitary Israeli police who engaged them in gun battles; and that Israeli Apache helicopters, with little intelligence to work on, were firing Hellfire missiles at anything that moved, based on the “Hannibal directive” to prevent hostage-taking at all costs.

This image was not part of Jonathan Cook's article

Does any of that add up? Did Hamas’ most disciplined elite fighters – training for years and knowing that this might be their only, brief moment to take on the Israeli army in a near-fair fight or drag hostages back to Gaza for a prisoner swap before the Israeli military used its air power to overwhelm them – really take time out to indulge in a sick game involving a woman’s breast?

How is it that no one…[6]


itemB5 ==

NYT Weaponized Both a Dead Woman and Sexual Violence

The New York Times weaponized both a dead woman and sexual violence to spread propaganda in the service of a genocide.

Aaron Maté
A major embarrassment for NYT's @gettleman and his story on "How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence."

Gal Abdush is the Oct. 7th victim whose story leads and is featured throughout the NYT article. Her family is even featured as the cover image. NYT describes her as a "symbol" of Oct. 7th sexual violence.

But Abdush's sister says "there is no proof that there was rape." She also accuses the NYT of manipulating their family. They didn't know that she would be presented as a rape victim.

In other words, NYT weaponized both a dead woman and sexual violence to spread propaganda in the service of a genocide.
Source: @aaronjmate 2024-01-02

Sulaiman Ahmed
They had no knowledge the article was going to be about rape and were under the impression it was going to be about Gal ABDUAH'S memory.


Gal Abdush's sister denies rape claims mentioned in the New York Times propaganda article. She even states that the NYT manipulated her family and said they were writing a piece in her sister's memory. Their family had no knowledge of the article being about rape.

This page has more info from her brother, in Hebrew with translation.

miralalter ”but she was not raped just because there are no medical sheets and tests which prove that she had been raped mentioning that the New York Times that came to us indicated that they wanted to do a story In memory of Gal and Nagy and that's why we approved if we knew that it was a headline like rape slaughter we would never agree.”
@ShaykhSulaiman 2024-01-02


itemB4 ==

The Flaws in Isra-l Sexual Violence Claims

Aaron Maté
[The quote below is] from Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, auto-translated from Hebrew.

The police are having difficulty locating victims of sexual assault or witnesses to acts from the Hamas attack, and are unable to connect the existing evidence with the victims described in it. Now, three months after the massacre, the organization decided to turn to the public to encourage those who have information on the matter to come and testify.

חוקרת פשעי המין ב-7 באוקטובר: "אנחנו מאמינים שיש קורבנות שלא מסרו עדות. אני זמינה עבורם" - משפט ופלילים - הארץ 2024-01-04

Those of us who have pointed out the flaws in these sexual violence claims have been accused of rape denial. @aaronjmate


itemB3 ==

Debunking Isra-l’s “mass rape” propaganda

Ali Abunimah and the team at The Electronic Intifada watch it there or
on YouTube Debunking Israel's "mass rapes" atrocity propaganda

Israel and its proxies have launched a new media blitz, reviving unverified claims that Hamas fighters perpetrated mass rapes of Israeli women during its 7 October military operation.

Despite blanket coverage, Israel does not claim to have identified any specific victim of such crimes, nor produced any videos or forensic evidence corroborating that they took place…

[Mondoweiss] 2023-12-18

There’s a similar and equally sinister dynamic to Israeli propaganda now targeting Palestinians. Its purpose is to demonize them and soften up public opinion to tolerate or support Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza.

On Monday, Hamas condemned Western media for going along with “misleading Zionist campaigns that promote lies and baseless allegations” including the claims of rape and sexual assault by its fighters.”

The resistance group added that the latest campaign is “part of a series of lies propagated by the Zionist propaganda machine” which has consistently made false claims such as “the beheading of children, the targeting of revelers at the concert in the settlement of Re’im and not the least of which is the lie of using al-Shifa hospital for military purposes.”[3]


itemB2 ==

My thoughts on the rape allegations, Muhammad Shehada

Quoting here from his thread on Thread Reader App.

My thoughts on the rape allegations
I fully support an impartial international investigation & oppose out of hand denialism!

There's a range of crucial questions & uncertainties to answer (some raised by Israeli scholars) in order to make a "weaponization of rape" conclusion👇

The NYT article, quote:

Screams Without Words:
How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7
A Times investigation uncovered new details showing a pattern of rape, mutilation and extreme brutality against women in the attacks on Israel.

2\ Question 1: What is the compelling evidence alleged rape incidents were used as "a weapon of war"?

To establish "weaponization" of alleged rape rather than individual incidents, 2 prerequisites need to be fulfilled:

That it was *both*
a) Premeditated/instructed
b) Systematic


3\ The NYT article doesn't show any argument that the alleged rape was premeditated/instructed.

The authors did well to NOT cite any "confessions of rape" by detained Gazans in Israeli prisons b/c Israel's own Physicians for Human Rights dismissed them as extracted under torture.

4\ Israel "leaked" videos of kidnapped & visibly tortured Gazans as "Hamas operatives' admissions of rape", like Muhammad Nahed Al-Arja (21) whose family announced he & his 2 cousins went missing & has been seeking help to locate them & says they were NEVER affiliated with Hamas!

5\ Was the alleged rape systematic?
NYT cites unnamed IDF soldiers & ZAKA volunteers that they overall found 30 bodies with "signs of abuse".

[ □ comment: Both sources, "unnamed IDF soldiers & ZAKA volunteers" have been found very unreliable (i.e. lying), they also reported about the 40 beheaded babies and the baby in the oven, which have been debunked after the propaganda had its pernicious effect on the Isra-l public and its military. ]
See our page: Hasbara - State Propaganda from the Zionist Entity

On Oct 7, ≈3,000 militants crossed into Israel (The Times of Israel)

Serious question to experts: is 30 out of 3000 sufficient to establish it was systematic?

6\Question 2: Does NYT have evidence to link the alleged rape to Hamas militants?

After Hamas' Nokhba took over IDF military bases surrounding Gaza & the separation fence collapsed, militants from at least 7 other groups rushed in without a central command & acted individually…[4]


itemB1 ==

No Physical Evidence of Rape by Hamas Militants

Aaron Maté
The key word here is "stories." To date, there is no physical evidence of rape by Hamas militants, nor any purported rape victims offering direct testimony.

There are only outlandish "stories" like this from a purported male witness, who uses odd language to describe "a beautiful woman with the face of an angel" being raped by "8 to 10" Hamas militants.

This same "witness" also claims that he then saw another Hamas militant who "took a shovel and beheaded" another woman, whose "head rolled along the ground." Again, where is the evidence to back this up?

Israel has been caught lying multiple times about atrocities (and Hamas' hospital HQ) to justify its mass murder campaign in Gaza. And "stories" like this are only starting to "surface" now. It seems clear that this is yet another fabrication in the service of genocide:


Aaron Maté
For people who have a hard time processing words when I say them, here's the Times of Israel reporting on November 9th -- that's one month after Oct. 7th -- that

"physical evidence of sexual assault was not collected from corpses." Moreover, "morgue officials have not designated individual cases as rape because of a lack of court-compliant physical proof."

Which leaves us to rely on the claims of Israeli government-furnished "witnesses" -- the same Israeli government that lied about beheaded babies; a baby killed in oven; a Hamas HQ in Al-Shifa; and other lies used to manufacture support for its genocide campaign in Gaza. ( twitter.com/muhammadshehad2) Don't be a dupe. 2023-12-04/05 @aaronjmate


"In any case, what Westerners call civilization, the others would call barbarity, because it is precisely lacking in the essential, that is to say, a principle of a higher order."
René Guénon, East And West, 1924

صلّى الله على سيّدنا محمّد و على آله و صحبه و سلّم

The blessings and peace of Allah on the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions, ( sallAllahu `aleihi wa sallam ) .



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  1. From the article also this quote:

    After Karim was announced as the intended new IDF chief rabbi, members of Knesset and women's rights organizations called for the decision to be revoked. The head of the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality, MK Aida Touma-Sliman (Joint Arab List), said, "Col. Karim's ruling on permitting raping non-Jewish women is similar to the fatwa of a murderous organization that's not so far from Israel's borders. I will contact the attorney general and oppose the appointment, and I call on female and male members of Knesset to join my request."

    First, there is no fatwa, has never been in any islamic organization, allowing this.
    Secondly, regarding the allegations of rape on October 7, see section B.

  2. IOF: Isra-l Offensive Forces

  3. Rape testimonies through Shin Beth

    This is an edited transcript from Debunking Israel's "mass rapes" atrocity propaganda

    To get so much attention, what's behind this? Well, you would think so, but let's go back to that Haarez's article again for a minute. The one with the sensational headline claiming that the scope of Hamas's campaign of rape against Israeli women is revealed testimony after testimony. Well, let's take a look at this highlight of the article pointed out by the excellent propaganda busting account propaganda and code. Their name is ironic, of course. And they point out that the headline claims that there is testimony after testimony. Regarding th Haaretz's article The Scope of Hamas' Campaign of Rape Against Israeli Women Is Revealed, Testimony After Testimony - Israel News - Haaretz.com PAYWALL

    But the article itself states, thus far has the allegedly independent commission headed by Dr. Cochav Elkayam-Levy, not taken testimony directly. And this is not the only giveaway in this article, there are other examples of alleged evidence.

    if we if we can. And this is the type of it allegedly contains. And again, now now I'm going to read a bit from the Aharets article.

    It says the Shinbet security service, of course, that's Israel's secret police notorious for its use of torture, has released recordings of at least two investigations of Nuchba terrorists.

    Nuckba is the elite unit of the Qassam Brigades, the Palestinian resistance. So it claims that they've released recordings from Nuckba terrorists who are asked whether they had been given specific orders to abuse women and children. Referring to the sex crimes, one of them said that the aim was to soil them, to rape them.

    A second terrorist related that quote, the commander said, you have to step on their heads, cut off their heads, do everything to them. And again, still reading from her, it's a military source cited by the daily yet.

    The other note noted that the terrorists related the aim of cutting off heads and rape was to sow fear and alarm in the Israeli public. But what do you notice about this?

    1st, they're citing interrogation videos from an agency whose use of torture is very well documented and acknowledged even in Israel and regulated in Israel. They allow a Shinbet to use torture.

    2nd, these these Palestinian fighters allegedly confessed they were giving or given orders to cut off heads. And yet there is not a single beheading or decapitation that has been documented. -no credibility.

    So how much can you give this?

    3rd, this is coming from a military source, so the accuser here is the army committing genocide. [ □ comment: How should we believe killers suddenly become truth-tellers?]

    So now another key part of the spin in the Haaretz article profiling Kochev El-Kayyam Levy and her supposedly independent commission is

    she complains a lot about the fact that independent bodies and even journalists are for more concrete evidence. For example, even just a rough estimate of the number of victims or whether there's forensic evidence.

    So what is El-Kayyam Levy answer: no, I do not go there myself, even with the requests for numbers, I don't cooperate. They ask me how many, how many, how many?

    Nothing wrong with that question? You could you could say, well, we're not 100 percent sure yet, but we think it's in this way.

    Other examples of dubious or non-existent evidence.

    So go back to the Mondoweiss article, a really important article I pointed to earlier. They in that CNN report by Jake Tapper that they discuss, they they there's one example that's talked about where they say that

    the CNN report presents a video of an Israeli soldier showing only his back and identified by the letter G claiming to be a paramedic of unit 669, the Israeli Air Force Special Tactics Rescue Unit. And in his testimony,

    the soldier says that during a search of the houses in Kibbutz, Bery, he opened the door of a bedroom to find the bodies of two girls aged between 13 and 15, both killed, one of them naked with semen remains on her lower back. I mean, this is, you know, these I'm sorry for these graphic images. That's what he claimed. And he claimed this was during combat.

    But as Mondoweiss notes, upon examining the names of all girls killed in Kibbutz, Bery, on October 7th to match the facts, no pair of Israeli teenagers meeting that description were found dead together.

    There are other problems with this particular example. That's just one of them.

    Another being that there's no evidence that this unit, 669, was ever in Bery. And there's there's also a claim from CNN and other media that there's one so-called eyewitness who hasn't been named that Israeli police played a recording of at a press conference in mid November.

    And the recording of this eyewitness claimed that she saw with her own eyes a group of Palestinians raping an Israeli woman.

    And then I think this was the story where they claimed that they then cut off her breast and started tossing it to each other like a ball. Horrifying stuff.

    But CNN and the other media did not report another thing this alleged eyewitness said in the same recording played by the Israeli police.

    And I quote from the recording, ”I saw one of them carrying a naked girl on his shoulder while the others were raising decapitated heads like in a kind of demonstration of power.”

    So has anyone said, has anyone else said that they saw Palestinian fighters carrying decapitated heads?

    Even the Israeli government hasn't said that. But that shows you the credibility of this alleged eyewitness who was who has been widely cited. And up till up till recent days, the only alleged eyewitness.

    And finally, on Kocav El-Kayyam HaLevy, the journalist Max Blumenthal has pointed out that while she is unwilling to share any real information, not even numbers, although she claims to have this vast database of evidence, she's happy to spread disinformation.

    And here's a video of her presenting an old photo of a deceased Kurdish female fighter, nothing to do with Palestine, and claiming that it is an Israeli woman assaulted at the Supernova rave on October 7th.

    □ comment: this image Examples of Fake Isra-l Propaganda - Living Islam - Islamic Tradition

  4. 7\ A witness quoted by NYT claims he saw 5 men in "civilian clothes" committing an alleged act of rape.

    Hamas militants wore military gear & (often) green arm or head bands..

    To establish a "weaponization" of alleged rape, there's a need for evidence linking these acts to Hamas.

    8\ Israel itself says ONLY 1 person -out of over 200 militants detained on Oct 7 & 1000s detained in Gaza- allegedly "admitted" (under torture) to committing an act of rape.

    That alleged detainee is from the PIJ not Hamas & Israel hasn't found his alleged "victim" yet.

    DISCLOSURE: FIRST CONFESSION OF A TERRORIST in rape in the October 7 massacre In the hands of Israel are additional testimonies and evidence of horrific sex crimes committed by the terrorists on Black Sabbath

    9\ Question 3: Did the NYT consider that some of the quoted witnesses have changed parts of their testimonies or had previously made other allegations that were proven to be false? Does this impact their testimony here?

    Was any background check conducted about the interviewees?

    10\ E.g. Shari Mendes told NYT she only saw 4 women with signs of sexual abuse, inc. some with “a lot of blood in their pelvic areas.”

    But Shari said elsewhere she saw "evidence of MASS rape of so brutal that they *broke* their victims’ pelvis – women, grandmothers, children"!

    11\ Shari had also claimed elsewhere to have seen a "decapitated pregnant woman and her beheaded unborn child" (a claim debunked by Haaretz).

    She had also expressed strong opinions on Gaza regarding how the PR (public relations) battle for Israel's image "may make the military battlefield look easy".


    For the sake of brevity, points 12 to 14 were not included, see the complete thread by @muhammadshehad2 on Thread Reader App.

    15\I understand the extreme sensitivity of this topic to women & victims & wish in no way to minimize what may have happened on Oct 7.
    [ □ comment: On that day, atrocities did occur.
    See our 3 pages,
    What really happened on Oct 7, 2023 ]

    Please understand it's also an extremely sensitive topic to Palestinians as it's being weaponized for dehumanizion & genocidal incitement re Gaza.
    • • •

    Thread by @muhammadshehad2 on Thread Reader App

  5. On propaganda see more from our pages

    - Hasbara - State Propaganda from the Zionist Entity
    - Defending Humanity in Jerusalem and Everywhere! pt.1 Examples Of Hasbara / Lies, Whitewashing
    - How the Media Rigs News on Palestine and Israel Example: The New York Times
    Also mentioned
    - Defending Humanity in Jerusalem and Everywhere! pt.3
    - Palestine Resistance 2017

  6. How is it that no one – the Guardian reporter, her section editors, the paper's editors – stopped for a moment and thought “Is this really plausible?” and “Am I being played to advance a nefarious agenda?” – in this case, genocide. Or did they simply recite in their minds – as Israel knew they would – “Believe women!”, especially if they are confirming a racist assumption that Arab men are blood-thirsty, sex-obsessed primitives?

    In fact, the Zaka volunteers who are being heavily relied on in this Guardian “report” are Jewish religious extremist men, also with a proven record of lying: they came up with the complete fabrication of “40 beheaded babies”, when no babies were beheaded. Two infants are recorded dying that day.

    The woman leading the “Hamas mass rape” campaign – now an academic – is a former spokesperson for the Israeli military. Their job, as any honest reporter will tell you, is to lie to journalists to excuse Israel's incessant war crimes.

    What we now know – from multiple credible Israeli sources – is that Israel killed lots of its own civilians on October 7. Ynet, Israel's biggest media outlet, has just published an investigation in Hebrew showing that Hamas successfully took out Israel's all-seeing drone “eyes” over Gaza that day, leaving the Israeli military blind about what was happening. Panicked, Israeli commanders invoked the Hannibal directive, allowing those in the field to order tanks and helicopters to fire at anything that moved.

    It was Israel that incinerated the hundreds of cars trying to flee the Nova festival, killing potentially hundreds of the 1,140 Israeli civilians that died that day, as well as Hamas fighters. It was an Israeli tank that incinerated 13 Israeli civilians, and 40 Hamas fighters, holed up in a house in Kibbutz Be'eri by blasting a shell through its front wall.

    More from my (Jonathan Cook's) latest article can be read here: Why the Guardian's 'Hamas mass rape' story doesn't pass the sniff test
    Jan 19, 2024

    Some comments - - responding to the above - -

    It does seem worrying, that a lot of people who you would consider might have credibility, Schama for example, retweet reports from the Guardian without a critical appraisal. As if, if the Guardian report it, it must have credibility.
    Jonathan Cook @Jonathan_K_Cook
    That's precisely the Guardian's role. The left thinks, if it's in the Guardian, it must be true. That's what the left keeps falling for establishment psyops

    There is the footage of multiple dead bodies, not strafed by helicopters, but murdered by hamas thugs. There is footage Of youngsters running from nova at 7.10am being gunned down by hamas thugs. . Kids hiding in a container had grenades thrown in at them. Stop lying

    Those allegations, even if true, do not in any way excuse all the IDF's indiscriminate slaughter, let alone how it was all falsely blamed on Hamas so as to provide figleaf justification for Israel's genocidal orgy of destruction and mass-killing in Gaza.


    The videos of the festival show there was nonstop gunfire then nonstop massive missiles starting about 30 minutes in. There was no time for that. This is a compilation of all the social media feeds reassembled by time.
    NOVA -סרט דוקו yes

    I am shocked & disappointed with @guardian

    Telling penultimate paragraph says despite the broader insinuation of the article - actually they lack a single victim, as well as evidence that qualifies for ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

    pic m2 An-international-investigation-has-more-potential-Halperin-Kaddari.jpeg

    When you're actively dodging Apache helicopter fire, everyone knows the best thing to do at that moment is take time out & have a game of football with a decapitated breast. Every time I think The Guardian has reached the height of absurdity, it always manages to outdo itself.

    The MSM keeping going back to Oct. 7, much of it debunked, as if this placates the GENOCIDE & ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, when NOTHING absolutely NOTHING justifies the horrors in what the Israelis are doing in Gaza.

    Mainstream media seems focused on spreading Israel propaganda. For some reason they cannot let go of the rape lie.


    “How is it that no one – the Guardian reporter, her section editors, the paper's editors – stopped for a moment and thought “Is this really plausible?” and “Am I being played to advance a nefarious agenda?” – in this case, genocide.”

    The festival was moved to that venue only 48 hours prior. Their border ops, Egypt and US warned of imminent attack. They stood down from the border that day. No independent access to the sites, survivors or witnesses. Dozens of questions but only deflection and propaganda.

    Our media has lost all credibility, their demonisation of all opposition to government is standard lies, stirring up hatred for the other side of this story. Still living in a colonial mindset. Not one of them has lived in the middle east unlike you or in fact me!


    @zei_squirrel former senior CIA agent John Stockwell: "We pumped dozens of stories about Cuban atrocities, Cuban rapists. We ran fake photographs that made every paper in the country. It was pure raw false propaganda to create the illusion of Communists eating babies for breakfast."


  7. Go to the detailed page [7] The Israeli (Person) With Zero Credibility Promoting Rape Hoax


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