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on the Wrong Side of History

- Again!

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Germany already a perpetrator of genocide in Africa, Namibia, in the 1800s, then driving the industrial extermination project of the 1940s, the so called Holocaust, which was supposedly taught to all students in Germany after the war, coming up with the slogan of "Never Again" - and now we see that this "Never Again" slogan was only hot air.

Germany has lost its grounding in reality (if it ever had one), it is not a power for any good for anyone except for the enemies of humanity.

On this page, which is in English (E) and German (D) (with different content), we will try to describe in piecemeal the very problematic stance of the German elites, and the German government, regarding the war on Palestine and Palestinians, and of course the German elites' blind and unlimited support and encouragement of the Zionist 'ethnic cleansing' project, even more so in 2023/ 2024 when the devastating, appalling situation in Gaza, (the West Bank and East Jerusalem) has become apparent to the eyes of the world.

Allah does what(ever) He wishes/ intends (to do)

{ وَلَٰكِنَّ اللّٰهُ يَفْعَلُ مَا يُرِيدُ }

E0 Namibia rejects Germany’s Support of the Genocidal Intent
E2 Memory Failure in Germany
E1 They are okay with genocide in the colonies

D0 Deutschland stellt sich hinter Israel, unterstützt Massenmorde
D6 Deutsche Bundesregierung Kriegverbrecher mit Israel
D5 Fadenscheiniger Grund, den ICJ zu umgehen
D4 Solche Lumpen als Partner Deutschlands?!
D3 Deutschlands Außenpolitik liegt völlig am Boden.
D2 Für die US- und Europäischen Mittäter ist der Krieg eine Schande.
D1b Die innige staatsräsonistische Liebe zwischen Israel und Deutschland
D1a Germany: In the Shadow of the Holocaust


itemE0 ==

Namibia rejects Germany’s Support of the Genocidal Intent


Namibian Presidency:
Namibia rejects Germany’s Support of the Genocidal Intent of the Racist Israeli State against Innocent Civilians in Gaza

On Namibian soil, Germany committed the first genocide of the 20th century in 1904-1908, in which tens of thousands of innocent Namibians died in the most inhumane and brutal conditions. The German Government is yet to fully atone for the genocide it committed on Namibian soil. Therefore, in light of Germany’s inability to draw lessons from its horrific history, President @hagegeingob expresses deep concern with the shocking decision[1] communicated by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany yesterday, 12 January 2024, in which it rejected the morally upright indictment brought forward by South Africa before the #InternationalCourtofJustice that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in #Gaza.

Worryingly, ignoring the violent deaths of over 23 000 Palestinians in Gaza and various United Nations reports disturbingly highlighting the internal displacement of 85% of civilians in Gaza amid acute shortages of food and essential services, the German Government has chosen to defend in the International Court of Justice the genocidal and gruesome acts of the Israeli Government against innocent civilians in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Germany cannot morally express commitment to the United Nations Convention against genocide, including atonement for the genocide in Namibia, whilst supporting the equivalent of a holocaust and genocide in Gaza. Various international organizations, such as Human Rights Watch have chillingly concluded that Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza.

President Geingob reiterates his call made on 31 December 2023, “No peace-loving human being can ignore the carnage waged against Palestinians in Gaza”. In that vein, President Geingob appeals to the German Government to reconsider its untimely decision to intervene as a third-party in defence and support of the genocidal acts of Israel before the International Court of Justice.
@NamPresidency 2024-01-13


N Bi
Well done Namibia for this incredibly principled stance. I would hope you and SA would lead a joint effort within the AU to see Germany sanctioned by states on the continent for this frankly criminal position.

More comments [2]


itemE2 ==

Memory Failure in Germany

Hanno Hauenstein
Such a shame this brilliant piece hasn't been translated and published in a major German newspaper like Die Zeit or Der Spiegel. What a bold move that would be.
@hahauenstein Jan 21, 2024

In March 1960, Konrad Adenauer, the chancellor of West Germany, met his Israeli counterpart, David Ben-Gurion, in New York. Eight years earlier, Germany had agreed to pay millions of marks in reparations to Israel, but the two countries had yet to establish diplomatic relations. Adenauer’s language at their meeting was unambiguous: Israel, he said, is a ‘fortress of the West’ … [17]

West Germany’s munificence towards Israel had motivations beyond national shame or duty, or the prejudices of a chancellor described by his biographer as a ‘late 19th-century colonialist’ who loathed the Arab nationalism of Gamal Abdel Nasser and was enthused by the Anglo-French-Israeli assault on Egypt in 1956. As the Cold War intensified,[7]
4 January 2024 Memory Failure, Pankaj Mishra

Germany - Isra-l geopolitics


itemE1 ==

Never forget, they are quite okay with genocide in the colonies

Blood on their hands!


Hasan Spiker[8]
The very values of secular liberalism have always remained connected to European chauvinism. Their unbridled support for a settler colonial project and the ease with which they absorb genocide reveals the unsettling nature of liberalism itself.

The West has never found it harder to define itself, to know what it's supposed to be about. And so you have culture wars.

One of the main battle fronts is the whole issue of colonialism, the legacy of colonialism, exposing the crimes and the true pernicious, fundamentally evil nature of the imperial venture, getting to the point where it's become a matter of scholarly fact, essentially.

(The question is how could) J S Mill justify colonialism if he has such a strict principle of what the harm should be or what the limits of harm or the limits of freedom should be?

(There we have) this incredible contradiction.

(He says/ writes that) every individual over their mind and their body is sovereign. And then he suddenly says, this doesn't apply to children or people not in possession of a realized rationality.

(Those who) have a deficient rationalism, those who have a physical deficiency and it doesn't apply to barbaric peoples. It doesn't apply to peoples who fall short of the required levels of civilization. They require despotism. Now, his goal is representative government. That's the ultimate goal of his political goal of his liberalist project, because he sees this as conducive to greater individual freedom.

(However), these barbaric civilizations and cultures require a despotic leader. They need to be guided either by an enlightened despot for amongst their own ranks or by a mentoring nation that will come in and rule them until they reach a stage of maturity where they can themselves become liberal and democratic. And so the right of military intervention is written in there very clearly.

Why Islam is different.[10]

Source: Gaza: Why do Liberals Support Genocide? With Hasan Spiker - YouTube

liberalism colonialism neo-colonialism


itemD0 ==

Deutschland stellt sich hinter Israel, unterstützt Massenmorde

Deutschland will im Verfahren des ICJ gegen Israel wegen Völkermord in Gaza zur Verteidigung als 3. Partei auftreten. Ausgerechnet Deutschland. "Denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun". Kann man nur sagen.

(M.E. geht es aber in erster Linie darum das Verfahren hinauszuzögern, zu komplizieren um zu verhindern, dass ein Urteil gefällt wird, bevor "der Job erledigt" ist. Damit Seuchen, Krankheiten und Hunger den Rest erledigen, den die Bomben nicht erreichten.)


Mit anderen Worten: Deutschland stellt sich hinter Israel, unterstützt die Massenmorde in Gaza, und sollte es ein Urteil wegen Völkermord geben, ist der Weg offen für eine Anklage wegen Beihilfe zu selbigem.

Spätestens nun ist das Blut der Palästinenser auch an den Händen der deutschen Regierungs-Politiker. @jochen_mitschka

Israel angeklagt: Südafrika benennt, dokumentiert und belegt auf 84 Seiten "systematische Taten des Völkermordes"! Vizekanzler Habeck kann das "nicht nachvollziehen" und bestreitet eindeutige Beweise… 2024-01-11 @zeitonline
Weitere Kommentare[3]


itemD6 ==

Deutsche Bundesregierung Kriegverbrecher mit Israel

Dass die #Bundesregierung jetzt trotz der überzeugenden Klageschrift #Südafrikas mit Todesmut in den Ring springt und riskiert mit #Israel als #Völkermörder oder mindestens Kriegverbrecher bezeichnet zu werden, mag vielleicht der Staatsräson geschuldet sein. Je stärker ein Staat zum Faschismus tendiert, desto stärker versucht er sich die Freundschaft Israels zu erhalten, um nicht "Nazi" genannt zu werden.

Aber, dass ich noch keinen Bundestagsabgeordneten sah, der laut aufschreit und erklärt "nicht in meinem Namen", oder kein einziger führender Beamter erklärt "kann ich nicht mit meinem Fachwissen unterstützen". Das ist erschütternd.

Da Deutschland das Geld ausgeht, um sich Freunde zu kaufen, wird es in nicht allzuferner Zukunft einsam werden. Denn innerhalb der EU wird die Regierung wegen des Führungsanspruchs gehasst, von den USA verachtet wegen der Unterwürfigkeit, während vom Rest der Welt wegen seiner Unterstützung eines Vernichtungsfeldzuges gegen Palästinenser.
Jan 12, 2024 @jochen_mitschka

Antwort von @MegaMrDino
Man belehrt die Kinder an Schulen über den Holocaust und die Grausamkeiten, die die Nazis verrichtet haben, damit sich so etwas ja nicht wiederholt. Gleichzeitig unterstützt man einen laufenden Genozid über Jahre hinweg und stellt sich gegen die öffentliche Meinung. Wow!


itemD5 ==

Fadenscheiniger Grund, den ICJ zu umgehen


🇺🇦Neonazi-Bataillone (in der Ukraine) sind kein Grund, keine schweren Waffen zu liefern.
🇵🇸12 von 30000 UNRWA[12] Mitarbeitern (in Gaza), die von einer für Folter bekannten 🇮🇱-Stasi beschuldigt werden, sind Grund, den #ICJ[11] zu umgehen und den Genozid mit anderen Mitteln fortzusetzen.

UNRWA Genozid


itemD4 ==

Solche Lumpen als Partner Deutschlands?!


Jules El-Khatib
Während Gaza bombardiert wird und die Bevölkerung verhungert, feiern und tanzen 3 israelische Minister auf einer Konferenz, die die Besatzung und den Siedlungsbau in Gaza plant.

Wie kann man eine Regierung, die solche Minister hat, als Partner bezeichnen, [liebe][9] Bundesregierung?



itemD3 ==

Deutschlands Außenpolitik liegt völlig am Boden.

Ich habe heute Morgen mit einem Freund aus #Südafrika gesprochen, und er erklärte mir, was die Entscheidung #Deutschland s, sich auf die Seite #Israel s im #Völkermord prozess wegen #Gaza in weiten Teilen Afrikas auslöste. Er erklärte:

In den letzten Jahrzehnten habe Deutschland erfolgreich versucht, den Eindruck zu erwecken, seine koloniale und Nazi-Vergangenheit überwunden zu haben. Die diversen Regierungen gaben viel Geld aus und bemühten sich, den ehemaligen Kolonien zu zeigen, dass sie nun auf Augenhöhe verhandelten. Dieser Eindruck hatte sich begonnen zu verflüchtigen, als auch Deutschland versuchte Afrika zu belehren, Russland müsse sanktioniert werden, weil Russland ein böser Aggressor sei. Während Russland, bzw. die Sowjetunion ein Freund der Freiheitsbewegungen war, welche gegen Kolonialstaaten Befreiungskriege führten.

Aber was in den letzten Wochen passiert sei, als sich Deutschland quasi auf die Anklagebank neben Israel setzte, und behauptete, das Apartheid-Regime verteidige sich nur, habe Jahrzehnte von Goodwill, Bemühungen um gegenseitiges Verständnis und Diplomatie zunichte gemacht.

Mit der Verteidigung der Aktionen Israels verteidigte die deutsche Elite implizit die Ermordung von Widerstandskämpfern in den Kolonien, weil der Besatzer „hatte ja das Recht auf Verteidigung“, und es verteidigte implizit sogar die SS-Erschießungskommandos, welche nach Anschlägen von Widerstandsbewegungen gegen die NAZI-Besatzung für einen Deutschen jeweils 10 Zivilisten (oder sogar 100) hingerichtet hatten. Weil Nazi-Deutschland verteidigte sich ja nur. @jochen_mitschka

Deutschlands Außenpolitik liege völlig am Boden…[6]


itemD2 ==

Für die US- und Europäischen Mittäter ist der Krieg eine Schande.

Jürgen Todenhöfer
Netanyahu ist nach Auffassung liberaler Israelis ein rechtsradikaler Faschist. Theodor Herzl wollte Israel zu einem „Musterstaat der Toleranz“ machen. Netanyahu machte daraus einen „Musterstaat der Intoleranz“. Auch dass Israel wegen Völkermords vor Gericht steht, ist Netanyahus Schuld. Er vernichtet nicht nur Gaza und dessen Bevölkerung, er zerstört auch das Ansehen seines Landes auf Jahrzehnte.

Er verlängert den Krieg bewusst, weil er weiß, dass er nach Kriegsende von der Mehrheit des israelischen Volkes davon gejagt werden wird. Und dann wegen Korruption im Knast landen könnte.

Netanyahu geht es im Gazakrieg und vor dem Internationalen Gerichtshof nicht um Israel. Ihm geht es immer nur um Netanyahu. Dass in diesem Krieg Zehntausende unschuldige Palästinenser und Hunderte israelische Soldaten sterben, interessiert ihn nicht.

Ob der „Internationale Gerichtshof“ den Gazakrieg am Ende „Völkermord“ nennen wird oder nicht, ist fast irrelevant. Das, was Netanyahu – unter Hinweis auf den eindeutig völkerrechtswidrigen Hamasterror vom 7. Oktober – dem palästinensischen Volk antut, ist viel mehr als Völkermord. Für die Kinder Gazas ist Netanyahus Vernichtungskrieg schlicht die Hölle.

Für den schweigenden oder sogar Beihilfe leistenden Teil der Welt aber ist der Krieg eine Schande. Dafür, dass die deutsche Regierung Netanyahus Massaker auch noch mit deutschen Rüstungsgütern unterstützt, gehört sie eigentlich ebenfalls vor den Internationalen Gerichtshof. Was für eine Schande! Diese Regierung hat aus der Geschichte nichts gelernt. Jan 13, 2024 @J_Todenhoefer

- - responding to the above - -

Johann Spischak
Zionismus bedeutet Palästina ohne die Palästinenser. Das Völkermord war von Anfang an geplant. Nix mit "Musterstaat der Toleranz", ganz im Gegenteil. Zionistischen Rassenwahn.
2024-01-13, @SDGMasterglass


itemDb ==

Die innige staatsräsonistische Liebe zwischen Israel und Deutschland


Was hat es mit der deutschen Staatsräson auf sich?

Deutschlands Staatsräson steht im Grundgesetz

Jürgen Todenhöfer
Die Sicherheit Israels ist nicht Deutschlands Staatsräson. Unsere Staatsräson steht im Grundgesetz. Da ist von Menschenwürde und Frieden, von Freiheit, Gleichheit und rechtsstaatlicher Demokratie die Rede. Aber nichts von Netanyahus völkerrechtswidrigen Kriegen.

Deutschlands Juden sind endlich und für immer ein wichtiger, zu Recht respektierter Teil unseres Landes. Netanyahus Kriegsverbrechen gegenüber den Palästinensern jedoch nicht.

Die pathetische Behauptung, Israel sei Deutschlands Staatsraison, stand in einer Rede Merkels vor dem israelischen Parlament, aber nie im deutschen Grundgesetz. Sie wurde bis heute nie zu Ende gedacht.[18]

Israel ist ein enger Partner Deutschlands. Wir tragen Mitverantwortung[4] für sein Schicksal. Aber nicht für unverhältnismäßige und damit völkerrechtswidrige Kriege wie den aktuellen Gazakrieg.

Deutschland trägt auch Verantwortung für das Schicksal der Palästinenser. Deshalb ist die in diesen Tagen geplante Lieferung großer Mengen Panzermunition an Israel ein weiterer Beweis dafür, dass die deutsche Bundesregierung aus der verhängnisvollen Vergangenheit Deutschlands nichts, aber auch gar nichts gelernt hat. 2024-01-17 @J_Todenhoefer


Was der wahnhafte Isra-l Präsident Herzog (oben abgebildet) da in 29 Sekunden von sich gegeben hat ![5] kann man hier bestaunen.

At the Davos World Economic Forum, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said “if Israel were not there, Europe would be next… these barbaric jihadists want to drive all of us out of the region."[5]

He also stated the war in Gaza as “an essential element in the history of humankind.”

Wer noch nie einen Zionisten-Israel-Psychopathen gesehen hat, das ist Ihre Chance. Aber es gibt ja mehr davon, bis zu 700.000. Sie wollen ein 'rassenreines' Israel aufbauen. Die Al-Aqsa Moschee wollen sie zerstören. Das wird ja garnicht lustig werden.

{ حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل }

Staatsräson Gazakrieg Holocaust Vergangenheit rassenrein


itemD1a ==

Germany In the Shadow of the Holocaust

M Gessen[13]
I visited Berlin often… Here was a country, or at least a city, that was doing what most cultures cannot: looking at its own crimes, its own worst self. But, at some point, the effort began to feel static, glassed in, as though it were an effort not only to remember history but also to insure that only this particular history is remembered—and only in this way. … As Candice Breitz, a South African Jewish artist who lives in Berlin, told me, “The good intentions that came into play in the nineteen-eighties have, too often, solidified into dogma…”

On November 9th, to mark the eighty-fifth anniversary of Kristallnacht, a Star of David and the phrase “Nie Wieder Ist Jetzt!”—“Never Again Is Now!”—was projected in white and blue on Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. That day, the Bundestag was considering a proposal titled “Fulfilling Historical Responsibility: Protecting Jewish Life in Germany,” which contained more than fifty measures intended to combat antisemitism in Germany, including deporting immigrants who commit antisemitic crimes; stepping up activities directed against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (B.D.S.) movement; supporting Jewish artists “whose work is critical of antisemitism”; implementing a particular definition of antisemitism in funding and policing decisions; and beefing up cooperation between the German and the Israeli armed forces [ □ comment: this was 1 month into the Zionist slaughter of Gaza!][14]

Germany has long regulated the ways in which the Holocaust is remembered and discussed. In 2008, when then Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke before the Knesset, on the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel, she emphasized Germany’s special responsibility not only for preserving the memory of the Holocaust as a unique historical atrocity but also for the security of Israel. This, she went on, was part of Germany’s Staatsräson—the reason for the existence of the state.[18] The sentiment has since been repeated in Germany seemingly every time the topic of Israel, Jews, or antisemitism arises…[15]

Crimes Staatsräson Holocaust

ADD this as fn Jochen Mitschka @ @jochen_ .19h Diese Schande, diese Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit werden die Zionisten die nächsten Jahre zu Parias machen. Und ähnlich wie die USA Afghanistan und nun die Ukraine plötzlich nicht mehr unterstützen können, wird das dann auch eines Tages mit Israel der Fall sein. Before 2024-02-05

"In any case, what Westerners call civilization, the others would call barbarity, because it is precisely lacking in the essential, that is to say, a principle of a higher order."
René Guénon, East And West, 1924

صلّى الله على سيّدنا محمّد و على آله و صحبه و سلّم

The blessings and peace of Allah on the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions, ( sallAllahu `aleihi wa sallam ) .



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  1. empty


    I am deeply appalled, that my Namibian brothers and sisters had to endure genocide by the German colonisers.

    I also find it extremely ironic that Germany claims authority on what constitutes as genocide, given their own history of conducting multiple genocides.

    H Z
    The most absurd notion: Germany believing it has the authority to determine what constitutes genocide and what does not!

    J C
    Genocide is very on-brand for Germany.

    pic famine hungry Africans

    On this day in 1904, the Herero people began a revolt against the colonizers of German South West Africa. In response, the Germans ordered the killing of every Herero person within the occupied territory, marking the first genocide of the 20th century.

    Caitlin Johnstone
    Who'd have predicted that eight decades after losing WW2 Germany and Japan would still be evil, but only because of their close alignment with the United States? @caitoz

  3. M S
    Germany becomes the 1st country in the world to announce it will legally intervene to defend Israel at the ICJ as a third party against the charges of genocide in Gaza.

    The German government maintains it has a "Feminist & Human Rights Based Foreign Policy"!

    - - responding to - -

    Steffen Seibert
    The Federal Government rejects the accusation of genocide made against Israel before the @CIJ_ICJ. It is unfounded. In the main hearing Germany will therefore express its position as a third party. We continue to support the work of the ICJ as we have for decades. @GerAmbTLV

    translation of :

    Steffen Hebestre & @RegSprecher
    Die Bundesregierung weist den gegen Israel erhobenen Vorwurf des Völkermordes entschieden zurück. Er entbehrt jeder Grundlage. Wir werden uns daher in der Hauptverhandlung vor …

  4. "Wir tragen Mitverantwortung für sein Schicksal."

    Nein, falsch!
    1. Wir, die wir heute leben sind frei von dem was 1933 - 1945 im Namen Deutschlands (und der Deutschen) verbrochen wurde. Wir lehnen die These einer vererbbaren Kollektivschuld ab (Erbschuld).
    2. Wir sind allerdings für das, was wir heute tun verantwortlich, und was wir unterlassen zu tun. (Mitschuld wegen unterlassener Handlung:
    "Unterlassen bedeutet also nicht schlichtes Untätigsein, sondern vielmehr die Nichtvornahme einer, in der konkreten Situation rechtlich geforderten und damit erforderlichen Tätigkeit." juracademy.de)
    3. Also, als Staat nach dem internationalen Recht (Geneva Convention, Rome Statute) zu agieren, was der derzeitge Deutsche Staat verpasst. Schreckliches Beispiel: Palestina - Gaza, Westbank.

  5. Folgendes/ the following from Isra-l President Isaac Herzog:

    ”But the truth is that we are fighting a war for the entire universe, for the free world.

    I always say if Israel was not there, Europe will be next.

    Because these barbaric jihadists want to get all of us out of the region and want to get all of Europe out of its place as well.

    And the United States is next too.

    So this war is something of an essential element in the history of humankind.”

  6. Deutschlands Außenpolitik liege völlig am Boden. Während der Ruf der USA ebenfalls noch nie so schlecht war wie jetzt, konnten sich die USA aber immerhin mit Geld Sympathien kaufen und mit Geheimdiensten Erpressungen und Ermordungen inszenieren, was ihren Einfluss in gewissem Maße aufrechterhielt. Dies wird Deutschland nicht möglich sein.

    Abgesehen von der moralischen Verwüstung, der Entlarvung von Heuchelei und Doppelstandard: Es steht zu befürchten, dass Deutschland und deutsche Unternehmungen in der Zukunft keinen Sympathiebonus mehr nutzen können, und dass im Zweifel andere Kooperationspartner den Zuschlag, wozu auch immer, erhalten werden. Und da Deutschland langsam auch das Geld ausgeht, wird man auch keine Sympathien mehr erkaufen können. Vor allen Dingen aber wird niemand mehr irgendeinen Ratschlag oder Vorwurf von Deutschland akzeptieren. Der diplomatische Einfluss Deutschlands sei auf NULL gesunken. Jan 16, 2024


    Deutschland hatte insbesondere einen Bonus durch das Verhalten der DDR während der Freiheitskämpfe in Afrika. Viele afrikanische Waisenkinder wurden in der DDR aufgezogen und ausgebildet. Und gingen später oft wieder zurück in ihre Heimat.

    Darüber hinaus hat es auch einzelne Deutsche gegeben, die sich in den Parteien engagierten, welche den Freiheitskampf führten und gewannen. Und andere, die sich später für eine Entwicklung des Landes eingesetzt haben.

    Und schließlich bewunderte man das deutsche Wirtschaftswunder, die deutschen Ingenieure und deutsche Qualitätsprodukte. Letzteres hatte allerdings schon vor ein paar Jahren angefangen nachzulassen.

  7. If you have come this far, and you are interested in German recent history regarding their relation to the Isra-l settler Apartheid entity, READ the whole original article, it's worth it!

    As the Cold War intensified, Adenauer determined that his country needed greater sovereignty and a greater role in Western economic and security alliances; Germany’s long road west lay through Israel. West Germany moved fast after 1960, becoming the most important supplier of military hardware to Israel in addition to being the main enabler of its economic modernisation. Adenauer himself explained after his retirement that giving money and weapons to Israel was essential to restoring Germany’s ‘international standing’, adding that ‘the power of the Jews even today, especially in America, should not be underestimated.’

    A strategic philosemitism, parasitic on old antisemitic stereotypes but now combined with sentimental images of Jews, flourished in postwar Germany…

    Robert Habeck, followed with a more explicit warning to Muslims: they would be tolerated in Germany only if they rejected antisemitism. Aiwanger, a politician with a weakness for Nazi salutes, has joined the chorus blaming antisemitism in Germany on ‘unchecked immigration’. To denounce Germany’s Muslim minority as ‘the major carriers of antisemitism’, as Özyürek points out, is to suppress the fact that nearly ‘90 per cent of antisemitic crimes are committed by right-wing white Germans.’

    As Israel began to bomb homes, refugee camps, schools, hospitals, mosques and churches in Gaza, and Israeli cabinet ministers promoted their schemes for ethnic cleansing, Scholz reiterated the national orthodoxy: ‘Israel is a country that is committed to human rights and international law and acts accordingly.’ As Netanyahu’s campaign of indiscriminate murder and destruction intensified, Ingo Gerhartz, the commander of the Luftwaffe, arrived in Tel Aviv hailing the ‘accuracy’ of Israeli pilots; he also had himself photographed, in uniform, donating blood for Israeli soldiers.

    This is not the first time invocations of Staatsräson have been used to conceal democratic deformations. In 2021, for example, while pursuing defence deals with Israel, Germany challenged the right of the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes in the Occupied Territories. In mid-December, with twenty thousand Palestinians massacred and epidemics threatening the millions displaced, Die Welt was still claiming that ‘Free Palestine is the new Heil Hitler.’ German leaders continue to block joint European calls for a ceasefire. Weizman may seem to exaggerate when he says that ‘German nationalism has begun to be rehabilitated and revivified under the auspices of German support for Israeli nationalism.’

    But the only European society that tried to learn from its vicious past is clearly struggling to remember its main lesson. German politicians and opinion-makers are not only failing to meet their national responsibility to Israel by extending unconditional solidarity to Netanyahu, Smotrich, Gallant and Ben Gvir. As völkisch-authoritarian racism surges at home, the German authorities risk failing in their responsibility to the rest of the world: never again to become complicit in murderous ethnonationalism.
    Source: Memory Failure, Pankaj Mishra

  8. Source: Gaza: Why do Liberals Support Genocide? With Hasan Spiker - The Thinking Muslim

  9. An dieser Bundesregierung ist in dieser Hinsicht nichts "lieb" - wenn überhaupt!

  10. (In Islam local customs can rise to) the power of law, and that and other principles allow these societies to be, they're not micromanaged. They were never micromanaged.

    (Islam doesn't) want to change (societies). We don't want them to be assimilated into our culture. (The Islamic civilization had) genuine diversity.

  11. ICJ ist International Court of Justice, mehr hier: Invoke Genocide Convention

  12. UNRWA is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East


    AMMAN, 27 January 2024- “Nine countries have as of today temporarily suspended their funding to UNRWA. These decisions threaten our ongoing humanitarian work across the region including and especially in the Gaza Strip.  

    “It is shocking to see a suspension of funds to the Agency in reaction to allegations against a small group of staff, especially given the immediate action that UNRWA took by terminating their contracts and asking for a transparent independent investigation. The United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), the highest investigative authority in the UN system, has already been seized of this very serious matter…  

    UNRWA’s lifesaving aid may end due to funding suspension | UNRWA

  13. Quotes are from In the Shadow of the Holocaust | The New Yorker by Masha Gessen.

  14. □ comment: One month after the start of the gruesome slaughter of Gaza (on civilians) Germany increased its supply of weapons and munitions to the most extreme, messianic Isra-l government in history! This is their "Staatsräson!"

    Therefore Germany is following its decades old policy, of being a staunch supporter of Isra-l Zionism in its injust, murderous struggle - and now in Gaza - in a genocidal struggle against the Palestinian people. This is all very well described in the above article Memory Failure in Germany

  15. More quotes from the text:

    At the same time, an obscure yet strangely consequential debate on what constitutes antisemitism has taken place…
    This definition was accompanied by eleven examples, which began with the obvious—calling for or justifying the killing of Jews—but also included “claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor” and “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.”

    This definition had no legal force, but it has had extraordinary influence. Twenty-five E.U. member states and the U.S. State Department have endorsed or adopted the I.H.R.A. definition.

    [Although there is] an alternative definition of antisemitism, called the Jerusalem Declaration [allowing for criticism of the state of Isra-l], it has barely made a dent in the growing influence of the I.H.R.A. definition.

    [Since the introduction of the wide-range IHRA rule, which prohibits criticism of the state of Isra-l] Germany has reported an almost uninterrupted rise in the number of antisemitic incidents,… but the statistics mix what Germans call Israelbezogener Antisemitismus—Israel-related antisemitism, such as instances of criticism of Israeli government policies—with violent attacks.[Side effect!]

    There are now dozens of antisemitism commissioners throughout Germany. They have no single job description or legal framework for their work, but much of it appears to consist of publicly shaming those they see as antisemitic, often for “de-singularizing the Holocaust” or for criticizing Israel…
    Candice Breitz, the artist, told me. “Whenever we want to invite someone, they”—meaning whatever government agency may be funding an event—“Google their name with ‘B.D.S.,’ ‘Israel,’ ‘apartheid.’ ”
    [Several examples of shaming, defunding of exhibitions or seminars are noted in the original text. People have also lost their job because of a social-media line in support of Palestinians!]

    The resolution was unbeatable because it linked B.D.S. to “the most terrible phase of German history.”

    The B.D.S. movement, which is inspired by the boycott movement against South African apartheid, seeks to use economic pressure to secure equal rights for Palestinians in Israel, end the occupation, and promote the return of Palestinian refugees. Many people find the B.D.S. movement problematic because it does not affirm the right of the Israeli state to exist—and, indeed, some B.D.S. supporters envision a total undoing of the Zionist project.
    Still, one could argue that associating a nonviolent boycott movement, whose supporters have explicitly positioned it as an alternative to armed struggle, with the Holocaust is the very definition of Holocaust relativism. But, according to the logic of German memory policy, because B.D.S. is directed against Jews—although many of the movement’s supporters are also Jewish—it is antisemitic. One could also argue that the inherent conflation of Jews with the state of Israel is antisemitic, even that it meets the I.H.R.A. definition of antisemitism.

    The insistence on the singularity of the Holocaust

    The insistence on the singularity of the Holocaust and the centrality of Germany’s commitment to reckoning with it are two sides of the same coin: they position the Holocaust as an event that Germans must always remember and mention but don’t have to fear repeating, because it is unlike anything else that’s ever happened or will happen. The German historian Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, who heads the Centre for Research on Antisemitism, in Berlin, has argued that unified Germany turned the reckoning with the Holocaust into its national idea, and as a result “any attempt to advance our understanding of the historical event itself, through comparisons with other German crimes or other genocides, can [be] and is being perceived as an attack on the very foundation of this new nation-state.”

    Some of the great Jewish thinkers who survived the Holocaust spent the rest of their lives trying to tell the world that the horror, while uniquely deadly, should not be seen as an aberration. That the Holocaust happened meant that it was possible—and remains possible. The sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman argued that the massive, systematic, and efficient nature of the Holocaust was a function of modernity—that, although it was by no means predetermined, it fell in line with other inventions of the twentieth century. Theodor Adorno studied what makes people inclined to follow authoritarian leaders and sought a moral principle that would prevent another Auschwitz.[16]

    In 1948, Hannah Arendt wrote an open letter that began, “Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the ‘Freedom Party’ (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy, and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties.” Just three years after the Holocaust, Arendt was comparing a Jewish Israeli party to the Nazi Party, an act that today would be a clear violation of the I.H.R.A.’s definition of antisemitism.
    Arendt based her comparison on an attack carried out in part by the Irgun, a paramilitary predecessor of the Freedom Party, on the Arab village of Deir Yassin, which had not been involved in the war and was not a military objective. The attackers “killed most of its inhabitants—240 men, women, and children—and kept a few of them alive to parade as captives through the streets of Jerusalem.”
    This was maybe the largest massacre in the Nakbah of 1948, but there were many others.

    The occasion for Arendt’s letter was a planned visit to the United States by the party’s leader, Menachem Begin. Albert Einstein, another German Jew who fled the Nazis, added his signature. Thirty years later, Begin became Prime Minister of Israel. Another half century later, in Berlin, the philosopher Susan Neiman, who leads a research institute named for Einstein, spoke at the opening of a conference called “Hijacking Memory: The Holocaust and the New Right.” She suggested that she might face repercussions for challenging the ways in which Germany now wields its memory culture. Neiman is an Israeli citizen and a scholar of memory and morals. One of her books is called “Learning from the Germans: Race and the Memory of Evil.” In the past couple of years, Neiman said, memory culture had “gone haywire.”

    cont. In the Shadow of the Holocaust | The New Yorker

  16. He "sought a moral principle that would prevent another Auschwitz."

    Such moral principles do exist, and the holy Quran is replete of those moral principles.
    And it is no accident that some thing similar to the European destruction of minorities has no equal in the Islamic civilisation.

  17. If Adenauer thought, in old colonialist German fashion, that "Israel is a ‘fortress of the West’", then we understand that this fortress of the West is meant to be directed against those brown people, those Muslim people, who, according to the consensus of the liberal class, for example J S Mill[n1], are only barbarians, who need the European headmaster, because they cannot govern themselves. This is of course the colonialist viewpoint, and in the case of Germany, we see those old colonial, supremacist reflexes alive and 'well', with very harmful consequences for the indigenous peoples in Palestine and many places of the world.

  18. So now imagine this: Your state and your country's (the reason for) existence is tied to the security of another country!

    Or figure this: "Germany (has a) special responsibility not only for preserving the memory of the Holocaust as a unique historical atrocity but also for the security of Israel."



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