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The US Empire

And Why We Care

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What do we know about empires, their rise, culmination and eventually fall?
Presented are explanations, policy descriptions for the events in West-Asia ("Middle East") 2023/24.

About empires in general
Ibn Khaldun[3] is often called the father of social sciences.

Probably his most important theory - based on the quranic message - is the cyclical theory of the rise and fall of sovereign powers (states, dynasties, empires, even civilizations).
This cyclical theory assumes that sovereign powers are like living organisms, they are born, grow up, mature, and die.[1]

إنّ اللّٰهُ يَرْفَعُ بِهذَا الكِتابِ أقْواماً وَ يَضَعُ بِهِ آخَرِيْنَ

The Prophet ﷺ (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him!) said:
Allah will raise with this book (al-Qur’an al-Karim) some nations; and He (Allah) will cause the fall of some nations with this book (i.e. when they abandon its laws and teachings).
Sahih/ Sound hadith, Muslim no. 817[2]


E0 Genocide Joe & his neocon cabal very pleased
E6 Truth About The Latest U.S. Strikes On Iraq & Syria
E5 The US have killed countless people around the world
E4 US warns Yemen to stop support for Gaza Palestinians
E3 US 'White House' regarding Hamas/ Isra-l News
E2 Step by Step the US is implicated in Zionist warcrimes.
E1 Since 2006 (video), bloodthirsty Isra-l got worse.

item0 ==

Genocide Joe & his neocon cabal very pleased

Genocide Joe very pleased (for the moment) with having Isra-l defending democrazy and inhuman rights - while killing for the empire.[4]
Sign the petition to push other countries - apart from RSA - to follow their lead to bring Isra-l to the ICC (via the ICJ)!

Dr. Mads Gilbert wrote:
On the first day of 2024, allow me to ask you, president Biden: are you proud & happy watching your personal New Year gift to THE PEOPLE, the human people, of Palestine? And please, as you watch, don’t forget to watch the more than 22.000 murdered and 56.000 wounded, the millions starving, the thirsting, the willfully diseased, the orphaned, sheltering millions you made, the hundreds of corpses of killed health care workers and journalists and and and- all of this thanks to your unyielding, teflonized and sinister support of ISrael with the brutest of US arms, the unconditional billions of your taxpayer’s dollars, all the massive lies - and oh! not to forget - with your good, warm heart, Joe.
Dr.Mads @DrMadsGilbert


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Truth About The Latest U.S. Strikes On Iraq & Syria

As usual, US government and MSM are lying about just about everything surrounding the 3 United States soldiers killed at “Tower 22” and supposed “Iranian aggression”. Iraq and Syria want the U.S. occupiers out of their countries, simply put. #Iran is their ally, but they are not Iran’s proxies. Watch this video and you will know and understand more than 99% of people in America and its allied countries. Watch & Share:


As usual, US government and MSM are lying about just about everything surrounding the 3 United States soldiers killed at “Tower 22” and supposed “Iranian aggression”. Iraq and Syria want the U.S. occupiers out of… pic.twitter.com/Gd5anIdxlP

— Patrick Henningsen (@21WIRE) February 4, 2024

ADDENDUM: This week, the warhawks in Washington have treated U.S. media consumers with another episode of “shock and awe” as it launches a series of attacks which it claims are targeting alleged “pro-Iranian groups” located in Syria and Iraq.

The United States Empire occupies - of course illegally - about 40% of Syria. Here is the US base on Jordan territory, but very close to the Syrian border.

Here are US combat helicopters, necessary to enforce the occupation.[9]

While this display of military prowess may play well to an American domestic audience, the reality is that the White House has further antagonized multiple sovereign states and non state actors in the region who would like to see an accelerated exit by the US from a beleaguered Middle East. The United States is already on extremely weak footing in both Syria and Iraq, and locals have made it very clear their occupation presence is unwelcome – a key point which most in Washington have chosen to ignore.

Far from deterring regional opposition to the occupation activities of the US and Israel, this move by Biden is only going to speed-up that process of pushing the US asset out of their remaining exposed positions…
Feb 4, 2024 Patrick Henningsen, @21WIRE


itemE5 ==

The US have killed countless people around the world


@upholdreality -->
Yemeni Official Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti:
"It's a great honor for us that the sponsor and founder of terrorism, which has killed countless people around the world and used atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands there, is the one that classified us as terrorists." Jan 20, 2024

Yemeni Official: "It's a great honor for us that the sponsor and founder of terrorism, which has killed countless people around the world and used atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands there, is the one that classified us as terrorists." pic.twitter.com/dOPRYisMWn

— COMBATE |🇵🇷 (@upholdreality) January 20, 2024

Interview by grayzone's Max Blumenthal with Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, senior political officer and spokesman for Yemen's Ansarallah movement (Houthi)
Our goal is to stop the genocide' Al Ansar


itemE4 ==

US warns Yemen to stop support for Gaza Palestinians

Armed men stand on the beach as the Galaxy Leader commercial ship, seized by Yemen's Houthis last month, is anchored off the coast of al-Salif, Yemen, Dec. 5, 2023. (Khaled Abdullah/Reuters)

Regarding the US statement warning Yemen’s Ansarallah (Houthis) to cease the attacks they’ve been making on commercial vessels in the Red Sea:

Caitlin Johnstone
Many critics have been pointing out the irony of the western power alliance threatening military intervention to protect shipping containers and corporate profits while actual human beings are being butchered by Israeli airstrikes and starved by Israeli siege warfare with nothing but friendly support from these same powers.

“Palestinians would really love to get the same amount of attention and protection as shipping containers,” tweeted Palestinian-Canadian journalist Yasmine El-Sawabi.
2024-01-04 @caitoz, Read whole post here.


itemE3 ==

US 'White House' regarding Hamas/ Isra-l News

Shibley Telhami
WH spokesman walks back the original US-backed goal of "destroying" Hamas.[8] While saying that Hamas capabilities can be degraded, he acknowledged that Hamas ideology will not be eliminated, that it still has "significant force posture" and it will not be "erased from existence." @ShibleyTelhami


Response by Arnaud Bertrand
This is a stunning admission, nothing says "we're winning" like walking back objectives...

Also how wasn't this painfully obvious from the very start? Literally everyone with a few braincells could see it...

And we're now in the crazy situation where Israel and the US are in a complete and utter mess of a situation. Israel wants to solve it with genocide/ethnic cleansing…[7]


itemE2 ==

Step by Step the US is implicated in Zionist warcrimes.


Re: ”implicated”:
In reality the US is working hand-in-hand with the Zionist baby killers.

Ussama Makdisi:
Remember that every Palestinian child massacred in Gaza by Israel is part of a clearly genocidal campaign supported by the USA. For over 80 days. Massacre after massacre. Hospital after hospital. Home after home. Cruelty after cruelty.

And remember that virtually every single bomb or artillery shell fired by Israel is made in the USA, sent by the USA, and paid for by US taxpayers. And all of this is totally enabled by @POTUS who will go down in history as the most evil U.S. president for the Palestinians [5], far worse than Trump was and far worse than Truman.

The cruelty and callousness of the current U.S. administration toward Palestinian life is breathtaking. Utterly incomprehensible from any humane perspective or from any rational foreign policy objective.[6]


itemE1 ==

Since 2002 (video), bloodthirsty Isra-l only got worse.

sunset-jerusalem-Palestine-Is-Still-The-IssueSunset Jerusalem: Palestine Is Still The Issue

John Pilger in 2006:
"The occupation of Palestine should end now!"
"Or is history to witness the consequences of yet another silence?"

Recommended introduction
Palestine Is Still The Issue [2002] John Pilger Documentary (720p) - YouTube

Also when we signed
the petition to bring the responsible in Isra-l to the ICC court (via the ICJ)!
and different legal initiatives to force Israel and the West to comply to int'l rules of law.


"In any case, what Westerners call civilization, the others would call barbarity, because it is precisely lacking in the essential, that is to say, a principle of a higher order."
René Guénon, East And West, 1924

صلّى الله على سيّدنا محمّد و على آله و صحبه و سلّم

The blessings and peace of Allah on the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions, ( sallAllahu `aleihi wa sallam ) .



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  1. Source, 20 Dec 2018: Ibn Khaldun's Cyclical Theory on the Rise and Fall of Sovereign Powers: The Case of Ottoman Empire

  2. 56- The Holy Qur’an on Rise and Fall of Nations (Series: Inviting Reflections).

  3. Ibn Khaldun - Wikipedia Born 732 AH, 1332 AD

  4. The image is AI-produced.

  5. This is also a U.S. president who is bad for all decent people who are active for truth and justice everywhere, as his administration sets a new precedent of wilful ignorance, blindness and carelessness and racism.

    Reminder: Quran 21-1

    {Their reckoning draws nigh for mankind, while they turn away in heedlessness.}

  6. Quote From Sara Roy in the New York Review:
    "In November a USAID official approached a colleague of mine and asked about the feasibility of building a tent city in the Sinai, which would be followed by a more permanent arrangement somewhere in the northern part of the peninsula. Later that month the daily Israel Hayom revealed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to “reduc[e] the number of Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip to the minimum possible.”"
    The Long War on Gaza | Sara Roy | The New York Review of Books (via @IbrahimZabad66)

  7. Continuation of text

    And we're now in the crazy situation where Israel and the US are in a complete and utter mess of a situation. Israel wants to solve it with genocide/ethnic cleansing: "since we can't defeat Hamas as an ideology we'll just get rid of all the Palestinians". And the US look so far opposed to this - publicly at least (who knows if they aren't supporting it in private) - and favor a 2-state solution that has never looked more unrealistic.

    All the while Israel is doing its very best to trigger a regional war by bombing Lebanon and Iran left and right, presumably to get the US more involved in the fighting as some sort of Hail Mary, but neither Lebanon nor Iran nor the US are taking the bait.

    And of course the biggest victims in all this remain the Palestinians who are undergoing unimaginable suffering at the hands of Israel with no end in sight.

    How this will get resolved has never been less clear. The US could of course end this tomorrow by stopping its support for Israel but that'd require a level of political courage and moral clarity that's completely absent from Washington. Israel could also stop digging the mad hole it's put itself in but that's even less likely. The most realistic outcome is sadly no solution at all, just more festering of this ever deeper mess.
    @RnaudBertrand, 2024-01-04

    Some of the comments

    The longer this goes the higher the likelihood it escalates and since Israel does not want to stop or the US can stop it …

    The "they deserve it" message quietly evolves to the "we didn't know" message.

    I'm very afraid we're one much closer step into WWIII, I wish to be wrong with all my heart.

    I surmise the US was happy to back ethnic cleansing until they realised it could be political suicide. The one thing I've never understood is why a country that only permitted dual citizenship in 1967 (I wonder if that's a coincidence?) allows dual citizens to be elected.

    No figures of the number of Hamas killed have been released. The IDF ground troops with their tanks and armoured vehicles are no match against Hamas when it comes to street combat. All they can do is to use their superior air power to bomb and kill civilians.

    It's business as usual. The degenerate US govt has been playing with the lives of Palestinians for DECADES, pretending they "care."

    Whilst America is led by a self-proclaimed "I am a Zionist" president, nothing will change, but cooler heads see the Middle East tinderbox for exactly what it may mean, WW3. Perhaps a little hyperbolic but wars can start in an instant, & often from a single error in judgement.

    Agree. Would argue situation not hopeless nor more complicated-opposite:Extrajudicial assassinations 🇸🇾🇱🇧 & acts of terror in Iran irreversibly exposed the main party to ‘conflict’ - those supporting (US, West & others) have opportunity to force peace. Good faith actors needed.
    “The most realistic outcome is sadly no solution at all, just more festering of this ever deeper mess.” Or the terrifying slip into the broad regional war that, as you rightly say, Israel actually (if madly) wants.

  8. The amount of Zionist losses in Gaza are staggering, in personnel, tanks, armoured troop carriers, bulldozers. This is why they are winding down (beginning of jan, 2024) and instead inflict losses elsewhere, Lebanon/ Beirut, Syria, Iran.

  9. Source: Breaking news and analysis on day 117 of Gaza's Al-Aqsa Flood | The Electronic Intifada Podcast


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