A New Definition of Extremism

To Ban Intolerance, Hatred or Violence?

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David Miller
Quoting The Times:

The new definition will ban groups or individuals who promote an ideology based on intolerance, hatred or violence that aims to undermine or overturn the rights and freedoms of others; undermines the UK’s liberal system of democracy; or intentionally creates a permissive environment for others to do so.

A new unit will be set up within the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to oversee the new definition. Counter-extremism academics will be recruited to work alongside the department’s officials and will identify groups or individuals that meet the new definition of extremism.

The unit will be tasked with identifying and addressing gaps in the government’s oversight of extremism. It will also gather intelligence in communities to spot emerging and evolving new extremist threats.

The centre is being established to address concerns raised by senior Conservatives that the new definition is too loosely defined and will inadvertently penalise groups such as traditional Christians who oppose abortion or gay marriage, for example, or gender-critical activists opposed to transgender people accessing same-sex facilities.

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Source: Michael Gove’s ‘centre of excellence’ to name extremist groups:

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Church leaders have become the latest critics of the plans to redefine extremism. The Archbishop of Canterbury and York, the Most Revs Justin Welby and Stephen Cottrell, said in a joint statement that the government’s new definition risks “disproportionately targeting Muslim communities” and “driving us apart”.[1]


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Mike Human
"..The new definition will ban groups or individuals who promote an ideology based on intolerance, hatred or violence.." There's the problem, no doubt as intended by Gov to be sole arbiter & try to ban ideas themselves.

What they are doing is giving themselves power to name *proxies* which they decide equate with hatred etc., but which most adherents deride.
IOWs, they can put into law by Ministerial decree that 'Free Palestine' is about 'hatred' etc. of (all) Isra-lics (or Jews) & ban all organisations seeking justice for Palestinians... or Trade Union members... or that pesky political movement they don't like...etc.

What should be happening - for sound neurological/psychological reasons - is that specific statements of hatred or violence toward a target 'outgroup' (or its prominent advocates) should be banned, as inciting psychopathic-like dehumanisation of those targeted.

Mass media themselves being the biggest culprits of this, adopting & often over egging their rich elite sponsors 'divide & rule' propaganda strategy. Which in reality, as neuroscientist Dr David Eagleman explains is the primary cause of all mass conflicts/wars in human history.


  1. (The above mentioned church leaders) spoke of the growing division between communities and said: “How our leaders respond to this is far too important for a new definition of extremism to be its cure. Instead of providing clarity or striking a conciliatory tone, we think labelling a multi-faceted problem as hateful extremism may instead vilify the wrong people and risk yet more division.

    “The new definition being proposed not only inadvertently threatens freedom of speech but also the right to worship and peaceful protest … Crucially, it risks disproportionately targeting Muslim communities, who are already experiencing rising levels of hate and abuse.”

    “The UK has a proud history of welcoming people from all walks of life and celebrating diversity. We are a community of communities. Our leaders should cherish and promote that — and pursue policies that bring us together, not risk driving us apart.”

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