They Want to Destroy TikTok
Guess why!

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1. The Isra-liczation of the West Is in Full Swing

The evidence
It is of course a tragic achievement of the Zionist supremacist entity of Tel Aviv to be able to bring the leaders of the West to stay fully behind their expansionist/ genocidal project (against the Palestinian people) and to support it, even militarily, no matter what.

• Most Western leaders threw behind their backs every otherwise boastfully propagated principle of human rights, democracy, or of the international rule of law ⇢ the mask is off !
• Silencing of dissent all over the world,[2] a policy inacted in several ways:
• Harassment and the deplatforming[3] critics of policies of the Jewish supremacist state.
• Fear-mongering, then instating new laws to further restrict the freedom of expression.
• Allowing and supporting tactics to devalue religion, morality in general and Islam in particular.
• Increasing all kinds of division in society, divide, and rule.

2. Tiktok and the genocide by Isra-l on the people of Gaza

Why Isra-l and not Israel? [5]

2.1 okn
Gaza, March 15, 2024: the ("plausible" ICJ) genocide, ethnic cleansing, and the other war crimes are still ongoing, Israel is killing people every day and night, last night, they shot about 20 people waiting in the food delivery queue.[4]

Platform no. 1 for Gazans to tell their story, about Israel bombardments, the famine imposed by Israel, and so on, has been filming videos and sharing on TikTok.


Millions of people in the West not the least in the United States, could see with their own eyes the sort of crimes committed by the racist so-called "Jewish" settler entity from Tel Aviv, against the original inhabitants of the country, in Gaza and the West Bank.


Recently (March 2024) the House of Representatives with their - by Israel bribed - senators have voted to end TikTok in the United States. They claim that TikTok through the ownership of China's CCP is a security threat for the US.[9]

2.2 TIME
Why TikTok matters, (Time Magazine quote)
According to Pew, 32% of Americans aged 18-29 say they regularly get news from TikTok, up from 9% in 2020. This makes it one of the top news sources for Gen Z—and we’ve already seen its potential for real-world impact.

After the October 7 attacks by Hamas against Israel, the Anti-Defamation League recorded a 10x increase in antisemitic incidents on U.S. college campuses. This coincided with a surge of pro-Palestinian content on TikTok: at peak, 98.6% of US views on TikTok of content related to the Israel-Hamas war carried a pro-Palestinian hashtag.[7]

□ comment: The American lawmakers in their zeal to obey the demand of their blackmailing sponsor Isra-l which is out to destroy TikTok, TIME Magazine uses the correlation between TikTok's increase in pro-Palestinian content content and the increase of antisemitic incidents as proof that the two arguments/ observations are causally related. This is a logical fallacy, called "correlation does not imply causation".[8]

3. Opinions

3.1 Craig Mokhiber
They are not trying to ban #TikTok. They are trying to use government power to force TikTok to be taken over by pro-Israel ownership to silence criticism of #Genocide and #apartheid.
@CraigMokhiber #TikTokBan, 2024-03-15

We believe Islam is the answer and the way - and there is no god except Allah (God) - no reality, but the reality of the Real (Allah), and Mohammad is certainly the Messenger of Allah (may His blessings & peace be upon him).
- Islam - The Way of the Prophets
- Islam the Natural, Easy Religion
- The Sum Of Islam

3.2 A. Idris Palmer
Anyhow this bill passes the Senate, it will hasten American isolation from the rest of the world. The main reason they are targeting #TikTok, has little to do with China and everything to do with exposing (Isra-l) as genocidal apartheid colonizers.
#GazaGenocid #FreePalestine [6]
@AIdrisPalmer, 2024-03-13, (apnews.com - tiktok-ban-house-vote)

3.3 UnCover
You cannot commit genocide and then hide behind antisemitism and holocaust. @uncoovr


4. There Is More to It

4.1 Cyrus Janssen
Everyone is talking about the #tiktokban but there is another bill that just was passed in Congress that potentially has a MUCH bigger impact on the lives of Americans. Let me explain.

Earlier this year, the Select Committee on the CCP (same group which introduced the TikTok ban) attacked the biotech industry and passed the Biosecure Act which prevents US scientists to work with certain Chinese scientists and Chinese companies.

Once again the message the American consumer is being told is the same as TikTok. This is a “national security threat” (funny how everything from China is deemed that these days). (story continues[1])
@thecyrusjanssen 2024-03-15

4.2 Antiwar.com
Around half of TikTok’s users and content creators are 18-34. Support for Tel Aviv and President Biden has been dropping among that demographic as Israel’s five-month slaughter in Gaza has killed over 31,000 Palestinians and caused a humanitarian nightmare. About half of voting Americans under 35 believe Israel is conducting a genocide in Gaza.
Washington’s Renewed Urgency for TikTok Ban Is Due to War on Gaza - News From Antiwar.com


  1. … (funny how everything from China is deemed that these days).

    But the US is rapidly accelerating its way down a dangerous road. Last year the @WSJ published an article entitled: The U.S. Is Turning Away From China, Its Biggest Scientific Partner, at a Precarious Time - WSJ -paywall.

    Scientists argue that passing this law would threaten American progress in critical areas, delay the development of life saving drugs, and ultimately make things more expensive for the average US consumer.

    This is what Senator Rand Paul said about the passing of this new bill:

    "I’m quite concerned with what’s going on in China….By banning certain companies, we are advantaging certain other companies…People are taking advantage of anger towards China to do protectionist things for their particular state. My worry is that anger and disengagement from China ultimately is going to be caught up in protectionism and lead to higher prices for the American consumer."

    With the US passing bills like this it sends one clear message to the world: Our leaders are incredibly insecure and unconfident. I mean think about it, how is it the first thing that Republican and Democrat leaders can agree on and work together in incredible speed to pass is a bill banning a social media company? Meanwhile there are a PLETHORA of other REAL issues our leaders need to solve in this USA right now?

    The Select Committee on the CCP has yet to produce a single piece of evidence that TikTok is a national security risk and that we should ban it because it’s “owned by China”, which once again is not true as 60% of the company is owned by US and international investors.

    As always it’s important to do your own research and understand the facts and motives behind every move our politicians make.

    Knowledge is power and America’s future is brighter when it collaborates with countries like China in important fields like biotech for the future of mankind! 2024-03-15

  2. See A New Definition of Extremism

  3. deplatform: to remove and ban (a registered user) from a mass communication medium (such as a social networking or blogging website) Merriam-Webster

  4. 4.1
    Attack kills 20 and injures 155 at Gaza food aid point, as Israel denies responsibility CNN, March 15, 2024 □ comment: as usual, they always deny it, it doesn't matter how crazy their denial sounds.

    Transcript from Democracy Now! democracynow.org, The War and Peace Report. 2024-03-15

    Isra-lic forces killed at least 29 people in Gaza on Thursday in two separate attacks as they waited for humanitarian aid. The latest massacre struck Palestinians in northern Gaza City and at the al-Nusraath camp in central Gaza.


    Quoting Shadi Abu Abdo, Aid Volunteer
    Today, with no warning, they attacked this warehouse, though this center is empty of militants or security guards or police even that may threaten Israel's security. We got the aid and we distributed (it) to people. The people need to come and get their Ramadan meals. Today, they hit the warehouse and burnt all the aid, including the dates, also the blood of the people who were here fills the place.

    Even before yesterday's massacre, Qasam officials reported Isra-lic forces have killed more than 400 Palestinians as they waited for aid deliveries. Hamas has reportedly proposed a ceasefire deal, which includes the release of hostages in exchange for 700 to 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and the return of forcibly displaced Palestinians to their homes.

  5. It has to do with EL in the word IsraEL. Why Isra-l and not Israel?
    To repeat: the Jewish supremacist state of Israel has to be dismantled, it is the system of Zionism and messianic, deviated Judaism, which has to be neutralised. One man one vote.

  6. Richard Medhurst
    TikTok wasn't banned only because Israel want to prevent people from learning the ugly truth about Zionism.

    It's also bc the US want Silicon Valley & intelligence agencies to dominate Big Tech market and continue mass surveillance. Trump made same threat: sell to USA or banned. @richimedhurst 2024-03-14 [ □ comment: more power to the US security state.]

  7. TikTok Needs to be Sold or Banned Before the 2024 Election | TIME

  8. Correlation does not imply causation
    The phrase "correlation does not imply causation" refers to the inability to legitimately deduce a cause-and-effect relationship between two events or variables solely on the basis of an observed association or correlation between them. The idea that "correlation implies causation" is an example of a questionable-cause logical fallacy, in which two events occurring together are taken to have established a cause-and-effect relationship. Correlation does not imply causation - Wikipedia

  9. However, in interviews and testimony to Congress about TikTok, leaders of the FBI, CIA, and the director of national intelligence have in fact been careful to qualify the national security threat posed by TikTok as purely hypothetical. With access to much of the government’s most sensitive intelligence, they are well placed to know.
    TikTok Threat Is Purely Hypothetical, U.S. Intelligence Admits

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