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(Not ’IS/ ISIS’)

Back then western media claimed that foreign support for terrorist groups in Syrian was a conspiracy theory. Energy rich countries in the Persian Gulf & NATO were supporting ISIS, Al-Qaeda & other terrorists, but for years western media pretended this was a conspiracy theory too. (≈2022-10-08)

The so-called ’Islamic State’ is neither Islamic - except that they use the words and symbols of Islam, nor a state or caliphate as they go against every major principle of the Islamic tradition.

In reality it is → The Non-Islamic State


0. Declaration About The Roots Of Terrorism

As much as we are against Daesh’s choice (and of and similar groups) of obscure and deviant sources of Islamic law and their policies, which transgress against major, generally accepted principles of our cherished Islam, we also have to widen the horizon of this issue of extremism and terrorism and realize what is behind appearances:

The so-called war on terrorism is a front to propagate America's global hegemony and create a new world order (NWO).

Terrorism is made in the US, and the terrorists are not the product of the Muslim world. The US global war on terrorism was used to enact anti-terrorism laws that demonize Muslims in the Western world and create Islamophobia. At the same time are those anti-terrorism laws used to curb democratic rights & liberties and surreptitiously establish the police & surveillance state.

It is Nato that was responsible for recruiting members of the Islamic State, while Israel is funding global Jihad elements inside Syria.

”Al-Qaeda and (its) affiliated organizations including the Islamic State are not independent organizations, they are sponsored by the US and its allies. It is documented that prior to 2011, there was a process of recruitment of Mujahediin to fight in Syria, and this was coordinated by Nato and the Turkish High Command. This report is confirmed by Israeli news sources, and unequivocally we are dealing with a state sponsorship of terrorism, the recruitment of mercenaries, the training and financing of terrorism.”

”As much as possible the US has delegated its authority to other partners, despite the fact that ultimately this is an initiative of US intelligence, coordinated with the US State Department and the Pentagon.” Dr Michel Chossudovsky [1]

1. Texts about Daesh at LivingIslam site

1.03 - Are The Teachings of ISIS Islamic?
Not By The Sanad, H.A. Hellyer

An emphasis on sanad, or scholarly tradition, helps keep Muslim teachers on track. But this is overturned by the Salafi school of thought [and by all extremists growing out of it] which rejects historical tradition in going back to the first three generations of Muslim scholars.

1.02 - Saving Islam from the Deceit and Depravity of the Islamic State, Sh. Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi
Islam has never been challenged from within as it is now. Scholars are therefore obliged to respond, and their response should be intellectual.

ISIS is destroying Islam from within, striking at the hearts of Muslims and replacing the corpus of knowledge, jurisprudence and principles of legal judgments with the words of ignorant men.

1.01 - Open Letter To Al-Baghdādī - Response To Daesh (Not ”IS”)
It is forbidden in Islam to issue fatwas without all the necessary learning requirements. Even then fatwas must follow Islamic legal theory as defined in the Classical texts. It is also forbidden to cite a portion of a verse from the Qur'an—or part of a verse—to derive a ruling without looking at everything that the Qur'an and Hadith teach related to that matter.

2. External Links - On Daesh (not ’IS/ ISIS’)

2.16 - Worldwide Muslims Condemn List Compiled by Heraa Hashmi

Condemnations (in the list) are not limited to attacks carried out by purported Muslims, but includes attacks regardless of the perpetuator and is not comprehensive, and also limited to resources found in English.

2.15 - hurryupharry.org → Takfir – The Salafi Ideology That Makes Everyone Fair Game 24 February 2020

What ISIS hates the most, what their global caliphate is predicated against, is a world of coexistence. A place where Muslims, Christians, Jews and everyone else are not defined by what separates them, but rather everything that unifies them. ISIS view the world as black and white, as Muslim and kafir, halal and haram – but this view, a view based on a narrow literal and warped interpretation of Islam has as much mileage as we allow it to have. Military action is one component to defeating ISIS, but so is defeating the takfiri ideology that drives them.

If Muslims are no longer safe from Salafi Jihadis, then who is?

2.14 - Khawarij Ideology, ISIS Savagery: Part II
by Shaykh Abu Aaliyah Surkheel

The purpose of this text is to compare the claims and modus operandi of ISIS with that of Islam’s well-established juristic norms, and to show how they are the most recent face of Kharijite misguidance, barbarity, indiscriminate killings and takfirism.

2.13 - Khawarij Ideology, ISIS Savagery: Part I
by Shaykh Abu Aaliyah Surkheel

We have seen this plague to the conscience (of the great majority) of Muslims around the world before in history with the sect called the Khawarij. They are those who were described by the Prophet ﷺ as being: ‘the worst of mankind and beasts’ and ‘dogs of Hellfire.’

The 1st part is a look at their forerunners, part 2 about ISIS itself.

2.12 - Timber Sycamore

US President Obama and both parties in Congress authorized the CIA’s Operation Timber Sycamore to spend billions of US taxpayer dollars to arm the equivalent of the Taliban in Syria. This program fueled the rise of ISIS & Al Nusra and US liberals mostly cheered it on. (@MaxBlumenthal)

Timber Sycamore was a classified weapons supply and training program run by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and supported by some Arab intelligence services, such as the security service in Saudi Arabia. (The intention was to install a pro-West, pro-Saud regime.)

According to Charles Lister at The Daily Beast there were at least 50 vetted rebel groups fighting in Syria that received weapons or training through the program after late 2012; … arms received via Timber Sycamore have flooded Middle Eastern black markets with heavy weaponry.

A 2017 study conducted by … Conflict Armament Research… found that external support for anti-Assad Syrian rebels "significantly augmented the quantity and quality of weapons available to [ISIL/ ISIS] forces," including, in the most rapid case diversion they documented, "anti-tank weapons purchased by the United States that ended up in possession of the Islamic State within two months of leaving the factory."

According to Simon Hersh, the "rat line" was a means for channeling military weapons from Gaddafi's arsenals into Syria and into the hands of Syrian rebels. The operation was reportedly funded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and was conducted by the CIA in collaboration with MI6.
wikipedia - Timber_Sycamore

2.11 - Thousands of Muslims marched to protest against ISIS
Muslim-marched metro.co.uk 2 Oct 2017

2.10 - abc.net.au → The Pretender-Caliph and Islamic History: The Truth about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Asma Afsaruddin, 16 Jul 2014

Upon his election, [the real Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (r.a.), follower of the Prophet - sallAllahu `aleihi wa sallam - addressed] the crowd thus: "Indeed I am a follower, not an innovator; if I perform well, then help me, and if I should deviate, correct me."

[The Pretender-Caliph] left out the part about the caliph being "a follower, not an innovator." He also failed to mention that the people had a very important role in electing their caliph and that they had the right to be consulted in such matters before his appointment. Instead al-Baghdadi proclaimed thunderously that "I have been appointed (caliph) over you, even though I am not the best and the most morally excellent among you."

… Most Muslims have received al-Baghdadi's proclamation - when they are aware of it - with supreme apathy. This should come as no surprise. Al-Baghdadi can keep touting himself as the new caliph, but most Muslims know enough about their own history to recognize him for what he is - a murderous tyrant using religion as a cheap armour to acquire rank political power.

… To keep the hope alive that political governance in their societies will continue to be based on consultation and the consent of the people. These principles constitute the true legacy of the historical caliphate and can easily translate into modern democratic systems…

2.09 - Islamic State is the cancer of modern capitalism | Middle East Eye
So to understand how the ideology that animates IS has managed to garner the material resources to conquer an area bigger than the United Kingdom, we need to inspect its material context more closely.

From around 1994, all the way until 9/11, US military intelligence along with Britain, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, covertly supplied arms and funds to the al-Qaeda-harbouring Taliban.

2.08 - ISIS is really obsessed with the apocalypse - Vox
But there's something else that makes the group unusual that has gotten less attention: ISIS says, quite openly, that its ultimate mission is to bring about the apocalypse.

The ISIS Apocalypse, a forthcoming book from Brookings scholar Will McCants, examines the history, theology, and strategy behind ISIS's obsession with the end times

2.07 - ISIS, Slavery, and Islamic Abolitionism - Usaama al-Azami
”Muslim scholars in the Gulf, where migrant workers are routinely abused, and have frequently died in large numbers due to unsafe working conditions, should speak publicly about such matters, and use the potency of religiously grounded arguments to raise public awareness regarding such issues. This could lead to real change, while empowering Muslim scholars with ethical agency in their communities.

Returning to the original question of this piece: does Islam sanction slavery? Muslims today, like their counterparts in other major religions, overwhelmingly respond in the negative.” capt. 20150829

2.06 - xL =broken link 2020-10-03: https://www.livingislam.org/ir/arcp/war-conspiracy-realists.html; The War on Conspiracy Realists Continues, B Martinez
”The CIA, MI6 and Mossad, in conjunction with the oppressive autocrats of Saudi Arabia, have long worked with Wahhabi-Salafist extremist elements in the Middle East and North Africa to counter other more formidable, non-sectarian adversaries in the region… A re-run of the CIA’s “Operation Cyclone” which empowered Mujahideen forces in Afghanistan against the Soviets in the 1980s is currently unfolding in the Middle East under the auspices of many of the same players.

Seymour Hersh was told that ”the Saudis assured Washington that they exercised control over the extremist Wahhabi and Salafist groups, and would steer their fanaticism towards the Shiites. … “We’ve created this movement, and we can control it.”

2.05 - xL =broken link 2020-10-01: http://thinkprogress.org; Prominent Islamic Scholar Refutes Claims of ISIS’s Links to Islam - Hamza Yusuf
“ISIS is very similar to the Kharijites, who were a toxic off-shoot of Islam,” Yusuf told us. “It’s not Islam; it’s a perversion of Islam, and to label these militant externalities as Islam is to legitimize their actions.” capt. 20150306

2.04 - xL =broken link 2020-10-05: https://firstlook.org/theintercept; The Atlantic Ignores Muslim Intellectuals, Defines “True Islam” As ISIS, Murtaza Hussain @mazmhussain
What makes groups like Islamic State “radical” in the first place is that they reject all these centuries of scholarship and tradition, and innovate a newly “reformed” Islam — often pieced together with concepts of ideology and organization drawn from contemporary fascist and Marxist-Leninist movements. Such freelancing is a common characteristic of Islamic extremist groups, and despite their pretensions to ancient revivalism it is also a reflection of their inescapably modern revolutionary heritage. capt. 20150228

2.03 - www.veteranstoday.com → NEO – Something Strange About ISIS, Gordon Duff
To say that there is something strange about ISIS is perhaps the understatement of all time. … What they seem to have is friends, people who give them intelligence help, satellite photos, people who train them to operate complex American weapons, people who shepherd their personnel around like diplomats. What they also have are business partners, partners who are clearly above the law. Who has that kind of influence? capt. 7 Feb 2015 10:13

2.02 - Today's Top 7 Myths about Daesh/ ISIL, Juan Cole
(Even if some Daesh fighters may be pious, it is nevertheless a fact that) very large numbers are just criminals who mouth pious slogans. The volunteers from other countries often have a gang past. They engage in drug and other smuggling and in human trafficking and delight in mass murder. They are criminals and sociopaths. Lots of religious cults authorize criminality. capt. 20 Feb 2015 20:45

2.01 - Isis jihadis aren’t medieval – they are shaped by modern western philosophy, Kevin McDonald
It needs to be said very clearly: contemporary jihadism is not a return to the past. It is a modern, anti-traditional ideology with a very significant debt to western political history and culture.- Maududi’s Islamic state is profoundly shaped by western ideas and concepts. capt. 26 Feb 2015



1. Why An Islamic State Is Not Feasible Today

We believe in a state (maqām ) of Islam. We don’t believe in an "Islamic State" or statehood.

2. An Islamic Reformation in Saudi Arabia? What is Needed is a Counter-Reformation, H.A. Hellyer 2017-10-27

Indeed, when many critics of Islam call for a "reformation" of Islamic thought, they don't seem to realise that Islam has already had a Martin Luther. His name was Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, and his "reformation" was deeply problematic, to say the least.

Saudi Arabia, since its founding, owes its religious bedrock not to the mainstream of Sunni Muslim thought - as it claims today it is the most authentic representation of - but fundamentally to that stream of thinking begun by Ibn Abdul Wahhab. And that is not… a stream that begins in 1979. Rather, it begins two centuries beforehand, and has been harshly critiqued and criticised by more mainstream and normatively Sunni theologians and religious authorities since then until the present day. As the purist Salafism of Saudi theologians and preachers has been promoted among various Muslim communities, the harmonious balance of the indigenous, more mainstream religious culture of those communities has been hit. And the polarising nature of that kind of proselytization has had rather deleterious effects…

Thousands of Muslims protest against Isis and terrorism in London, 2017


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