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Subject Index For The Hanbali Group


The Hanbali group is concerned with the school of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (Allah be pleased with him) and the school's works. The primary emphasis is on the school's traditional fiqh according to the late classical scholars, though other opinions within the madhhab may be mentioned for comparison and history.


On Asking Questions

This subject index and the search facility should be consulted before asking questions.


The following questions are usually always ignored:

  1. Can you tell us who are a well known Hanbali scholars of today?
  2. Is Sheikh So-and-so al-Hanbali a member of Ahl al-Sunnah?
  3. What are the names of schools that teach Hanbali fiqh?
  4. Are martyrdom operations permissible in Iraq?
  5. What is the ruling of wiping on socks? Is it true that Hanbalis can wipe over "sissy sport socks"?
  6. What do you have to say about Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya?
  7. What is the ruling of A in madhhab X, Y, and Z, along with evidence and rebuttals for all sides.
  8. (7) + And I need it by tomorrow for my class. Oh, no need to rush.


Questions should be stated in plain English.

General Table Of Contents

Introduction. 1

On Asking Questions. 1

General Table Of Contents. 1

Madhhabs. 2

The Hanbali Madhhab. 2

Concerning `Aqidah and Kalam.. 2

Books. 2

Biographical, Historical 2

Jurisprudence, Usul 3

Purification. 3

Prayer 5

Zakat 6

Fasting. 6

Hajj 7

Jihad. 7

Trade. 7

Marriage. 7

Divorce. 7

Oaths, Vows. 7

Misc. 7

Etiquette, Tazkiya, Tasawwuf 7

Misc. 8

Shafi`i Fiqh. 8



A Fifth Madhhab
Mixing Madhhabs [1]
Following Other Mathhabs [1]
Ibn Rajab On Fraudulent Taqlid


The Hanbali Madhhab

Is The Hanbali Madhhab Defunct?

The Hanabila Are Misunderstood (subscriber feedback)

Where To Start and Where To End

Hanbali madrasahs in the world

The Relevance Of Non-Hanbali Fatawa In Direct Contradict Hanbali Fiqh

Concerning `Aqidah and Kalam

A Question On `Aqidah
Mukhtasar fi-'Ilm al-Din

Blameworthy Kalam [1]

Calling Someone Ayah


A Small Reading List

English Hanbali Fiqh Books [1, 2]

Biographical, Historical

Jami` al-Hanabila - Damascus

Imam Ahmad

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal

From the life and works of Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal
Was Imam Ahmad Merely A Muhaddith?
Women Who Took Directly From Imam Ahmad
An Example of Imam Ahmad's Respect of Differing Opinions

From Imam Ahmad's Musnad

Was Imam Ahmad an Arab?

Ibn al-Jawzi

Ibn al-Jawzi Article by G. F. Haddad

A Question Regarding Shaykh Ibn Al-Jawzi

Ibn Qudama

Ibn Qudamah's Grave

Ibn Tamiyyah

A short biography of Ibn Taymiyyah

Ibn Taymiyyah
Cursing Yazid; Hanbali Criticism of Ibn Taymiyyah

Ibn Rajab

The Value Of Introductions

Contemporary Scholars

Sheikhs Bin Bazz And Ibn Uthaymin (may Allah be merciful with them) [1, 2]


What Is The Position Of Imam Al-Babaharee In The Hanbali School

Al-Harawi al-Ansari
From Ibn `aqil

Notable Hanbalis

Yusuf bin `Abd al-Hadi (Ibn al-Mabrid) : A Short Biography

Al-Hajjawi, Mar`i bin Yusuf, al-Buhuti

Jurisprudence, Usul

The Basic Sources of Law: Imam Ahmad's usul al-fiqh

An Introduction To Hanbali Fiqh Terminology [1]
Imam Ahmad's Statements (may Allah be pleased with him)
Choosing Between Good Actions
Takhrij; wajib vs fard

The Age Of Legal Responsibility
Sunna vs. Mandub


The Basics Of Ritual Purification


Insufficient Water

Tahara: Water

Water, Leather, Sunnas Of the Body

Wudu, Minor Ritual Purity


Wiping the Ears

On Wudu And Salah

Cleaning Up After the Bathroom

Several Questions About Wudu

Shaking Hands With The Opposite Sex

Wudu And Sexual Desire

Using Various Items

Men And Jewelry

The Qur'an And Non-Muslims


Correction to leather
Halal Leather
Leather [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
Additional response to Leather [1]
Leather (From Bidayat Al-Mujtahid)

Water, Leather, Sunnas Of the Body


The Body

Sunnas of the Body

Water, Leather, Sunnas Of the Body
Al-Mughni & The Beard
Touching the Qur'an; Beards
Shaving The Beard Revisited [1]
Uncovering The Head

Women Cutting Their Hair [1]

Ghusl, Major Ritual Purity

Janaba And The Mosque [1]
Losing Wudu While Making Ghusl [1]
When Ghusl Is Recommended

Khuff, Socks

Wiping Over Khuff & Other Barriers

Re: Wiping over the socks



Wiping Over Cotton Socks [1, 2, 3]


Consecutiveness When Making Tayammum
Uncertainty Regarding The Purity Of Dirt

Praying With Tayammum: Making Up Or Not
Lacking Both Water And Dirt


More About Filth

Filth & Large Amounts [1]
Oddities Regarding Najasah [1]

Can Muslims Keep Dogs?
Disposing Of Publications

Filthy Cloths


Menstruating Women and the Musalla [1]

Medicines, Contraceptives, Abortives


Who Must Pray

The Basics Of Prayer

Teaching Children Good Prayer Habits
Being Prevented From Praying
Part Of The Prayer Outside Of Its Time [1, 2]
Women: Covering Underneath The Chin

Questions Concerning Prayer
Praying In Churches Or Synagogues
The Adhan: A Community Obligation

Standing For The Iqama

Missing Prayers

Making Up Missed Prayers: Immediately Or Not?
Missed Prayers & Ibn Taymiyyah
Missed Prayers And Apostasy

General Performance

Saying "Takbir" As A Follower [1]
"Foot-pressing stance" During Prayer [1]
al-Fatiha: "wa la-z-zalin" (with a za not a zay)

Reciting Al-Fatihah behind the imam
Reading From The Mushaf During Prayer [1]

The Hands After Ruku`

More On Hands (The Albaniyyun Speak)

Placing The Hands Back On The Chest After Bowing

More About Qunut [1, 2]
Raising The Hands During Or Connected To Sajda
Raising The Hands Between Prostrations [1, 2, 3]
Re: Moving the finger in Salah
Pointing The Index Finger During Prayer And Supplication
The Second Taslim
Litanies Associated With Daily Prayers

Voluntary Prayers

Habitually Omitting Sunnah Prayers
Habitually Omitting Sunnah Prayers (2)


A Bit About Tarawih
Tarawih Again
Regarding Tarawih

"Tarawih vs. Tahajjud" [1]

Group Prayer

The Imam

Where the Imam Stands

The Imam With One Follower
Praying Behind Followers Of Other Imams

Friday Prayer

Jumu`ah Prayer and the Hanabli mathab
The Time For Salat Al-Juma`

Praying Zuhr Salah After Jumu`ah
Jumu`ah In The West [ 2]

Friday Prayer Behind The Khawarij

Traveling On Friday

Muqim vs. Mustautin [1]
Non-Arabic Khutbahs

Joining and Shortening

Joining Prayers For the Non-Traveller; More About Joining Between Madhhabs
Joining Prayers Out Of Hardship [1]

Prayer and Adverse Weather Conditions [1]

Combining Prayers While Resident

Joining And Shortening Prayers
Joining Prayers Because Of Nursing
Question regarding Hanafi Digest 283

Death and Burrial

Conditions For Martrys
Donating Reward


Women's Jewelry And Zakah

Paying Zakat in Advance While Traveling


Fidya For Missing Ramadan

Sighting The Moon Is Globally Binding [1, 2]

More About Sighting The Moon
Eid Coinciding With Friday [1, 2]
Breaking A Voluntary Fast



A Question About The Big J

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen on Attacking the enemy by blowing oneself up in a car

The Relevance Of Non-Hanbali Fatawa In Direct Contradict Hanbali Fiqh
Who Spreads Religion Through Violence?

Muslims Living in Non-Muslim Lands
What is Dar Al-Harb [1, 2, 3]


Giving away questionable candy

Copyright Law
Delivering Unlawful Goods


A touchy question about not being married
Conditions In Marriage Contracts
Marrying Over The Phone (old, replaced by the following)

Telecommunications - Marriage and Divorce

Looking (Auwra)

What Is Permitted To Be Seen Before Marriage

Muslim Women With Non-Muslim Women [1, 2]
Women Looking At Non-Mahram Men

Seeing A Potential Spouse [1]

Oral Sex


Question Regarding Divorce

Some Questions About Divorce

An `Iddah Question

Oaths, Vows

Swearing: Using the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) [1]


Prophetic medicine: Hadiths Of The Fly
Castrating Animals
Charging For Knowledge

The Oddest Things

This Is Not Hanbali Fiqh

Not Hanbali Fiqh (2)

Etiquette, Tazkiya, Tasawwuf

Why Knowledge Is Essential For Criticism

A Minor Point of Adab
Summary Of Religious Duties During The Month Of Rajab

The Fortress Of Iman
Gathering For The Mawlid During The Month Of Rabi` al-Awwal

Tariqa and Murids [2]

Ibn al-Mabrid's Mughni Dhawi l-Afham On Tasawwuf

Shhhh... Did someone say hadra?

Fear, Hope, and Love


Ahl al-Sunna on Yazīd ibn Mu`āwiya
Abu Bakr al-Khatib al-Baghdadi

A Supplication For Memorizing The Qur'an
The Title "Muhaddith" [1]
Mutawatir Hadiths

Western Sickness I Call Thee Arrogance

Shafi`i Fiqh

The Proper Way Of Approaching Other Madhhabs (my title)

Shafi`s Reading al-Fatiha Behind Their Imam [1, 2]

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