This is a presentation of some facts and background information on the disgraceful assault of the Zionist Army (’IDF’) on the people of Gaza, July, August 2014; provided by the social networking community.
After observing the ’Israel - Palestinian conflict’ for decades, we have come to the conclusion - that there is – on the side of the Israeli occupants (the government and its supporters) – no will and no desire to strive for a peaceful and equitable solution.

Such a solution would have to start with the Israeli admission of reality, esp. that the Zionists have been unjust and oppressive against the Palestinians for a long time and that they would need treat them as equals in future.
Of course, compared with the racism and supremacism of today’s Israel, this is a bold step, but there is no alternative. Bombs are no solution.
Remember: The Palestinian don’t have much to lose, but the Israelis would have so much to win! Not the least a life in peace with their neighbours.

NB: Much of the recent ill-advised Muslim(? this is not Islam) extremism (from the East to the West to the South) has been nourished by the non-healing, pestering wounds of occupied Palestine.

NB: Even Jews are completely against the apartheid, supremacist state of ”Israel,” and declare:
”From the inception of Zionism, this atheistic, supremacist ideology was categorically opposed by ALL leading Rabbinical Sages as the very antithesis to Judaism.
No, AntiZionism was never an isolated belief but rather a broad consensus!”
Read more: True Torah Jews - Rabbinic Quotations

Zionism & Background Info For #Gaza 2014

by @OmarKN



1. Short Quotes: Deception & Provocations To Attack

- 1. How This Nightmare of #Gaza Started This Time
- 2. On The Right To Self-Defence

- 3. Before The Assault On Gaza 2014
- 3.1 Murdered Israeli Teens: A Cabalistic Conspiracy?
- 3.3 Boys for the West Bank
- 3.2 Mossad Predicted Netanyahu's Kidnapping of Settlers
- 3.4 American Kidnapped in the West Bank

- 4. How Rabid Zionists Relish In The Killing oF Children
- 5. Hamas, Hezbollah fighting Israeli; Pundit
- 6. How Gaza Was Before The Zionist Onslaught

Alison Weir - The Hidden History Of How The U.S. Was Used To Create Israel

’They just seem to give us some information and leave out other equally significant and relevant information.’
’Israeli forces were specifically targeting eyes and kneecaps.’ [year 2000]

How did this all begin? [jump to 28m44s]| What is Israel – Palestine about? | Who did really initiate the violence? | How did the US get such a uniquely special relationship with a tiny country without resources?

1. Short Quotes: Deception & Provocations To Attack

1a. How This Nightmare of #Gaza Started This Time

The rounds of escalation and violence of the most atrocious sort started as always: by deception: When no-one looks, you kick the (under-)dog, then when he bites you, you scream and whine and talk about ”self-defense.”
However more and more people in the whole word start to see beyond the oppressor’s fairy tales, and if anyone has still doubts, then why not ask the Palestinians themselves!
One of the best examples of this deceptive strategy was inacted in 2008, exactly the day when Obama was inaugurated as president of the US. This is what two among many commentators have to say:
Blaming Hamas rockets for instigating the Israeli attacks ignores what preceded those rocket launchings. The Times of Israel reported that Hamas had fired missiles on June 30, for the first time since the November 2012 cease-fire, “in revenge for an Israeli airstrike several hours earlier.” Earlier rocket fire came from other groups in Gaza which, the article notes, Hamas had tried to stop.
Ghada Ageel,
!xxx broken link! look-carefully-at-who-started-the-current-israel-hamas-conflict [nytimes.com 2014/07/22]

1b. On The Right To Self-Defence

The right to self-defence ”may be exercised lawfully only in limited circumstances. Israel cannot validly claim self-defense in its recent onslaught against Gaza for two main reasons.”
”First… Israel still exercises effective control over the region by controlling its airspace, coast and territorial waters, land borders (with Egypt), electromagnetic fields, electricity and fuel supply.”
⇒ ”Israel remains an occupying power under international law, bound to protect the occupied civilian population. Israel can use force to defend itself, but no more than is necessary to quell disturbances. Hence this is not a war – rather, it is a top military power unleashing massive firepower against a penned and occupied Palestinian population.”
George Bisharat
[nytimes.com 2014/07/22]
Comment on nyt:
Why is it believed that the 2014 Gaza war was triggered by the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers? Do we have selective memories; memories that some might call convenient cherry-picking? Indeed nearly 18 months of relative calm had passed. WHAT REALLY broke that trend? Did the kidnappings of those 3 youths happen out of the blue? I suggest not.

In fact it started on 15 May with the killing of 2 Palestinian teenagers (yes, also teenagers) at the Nakba commemoration. A few days layer video evidence showed (one of) them to be walking, unarmed, away from the demonstration.

Did the Palestinians start a rampage of "self defence"-justified attacks on Israel, similar to what happened with the 3 Israeli lads? No., they didn't. There were doubts as to how they had been killed. But then on 9 June the results of an autopsy were made public. One had been shot in the back with "live fire".

Not quite 2 days later the 3 Israeli teenagers were abducted and killed.

Are these events all unrelated? Really? I suggest not, and therefore 15 May is my trigger date for the conflict, and it was started by Israel. So I on't buy the self-defence story.

Eric Eagan, August 5, 2014 nyt - roomfordebate

3. Before The Assault On Gaza 2014

Murdered Israeli Teens: A Cabalistic Conspiracy?

Israeli investigative journalist Barry Chamish writes: “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the police were told to hold back to provide enough time for the get away. Just as much, the phony war farce going on is choreographed as well.”
…The official story of the kidnapping is riddled with holes. The criminals’ car had Jewish license plates, the killers spoke Hebrew, and the police had no valid excuse for writing off the emergency call from one of the victims as a prank and then doing nothing for five hours.
[capt. 20140709]
xL =broken link: veteranstoday.com /2014/07/02/israeli-teens-2; Murdered Israeli Teens: A Cabalistic Conspiracy?]


3 Boys for the West Bank

A few minutes after boarding the car, Gilad Shaar from Talmon called the Israeli Police emergency number. In this case, the call reached the Judea and Samaria District of the Police shown in the picture above.
It means that they board the car willingly without having any suspicions on the driver. The driver made an unexpected U-turn, and Gilad got suspicious.
Hiding his movements, he dialed 100. After the call was answered, he whispered "I had been kidnapped." The Hebrew is short ("hatfu oti"), thus this could not be stopped.
[capt. 20140709]
xL =broken link 2020-10-03: http://www.roitov.com/articles/18.htm; 3 Boys for the West Bank


Mossad Predicted Netanyahu's Kidnapping of Settlers

Even at the early stage of the event, the Israeli government claims were not credible and dismissed by Hebrew media mainly because PM Netanyahu blamed the Palestinian Authority and its President Mahmoud Abbas while the event took place in an area under complete control of the IDF.
Moreover, the kidnapped were hitchhiking* despite this being forbidden in the area. Is Abbas to blame also for this?
[capt. 20140709]
xL =broken link 2020-10-03: http://www.roitov.com; Mossad Predicted Netanyahu's Kidnapping of Settlers.


American Kidnapped in the West Bank

One of the first to react was Member of the Knesset and Colonel (ret.) Moti Yogev from the Jewish Home. He is a former commander of Maglan, a commando unit closely related to Sayeret Matkel, IDF elite commando. He is a settler and he (said:)
"This event shows that the joining of Abu Mazen to Hamas [The new Palestinian Unity Government] has only one meaning, a meaning of terror. With the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas we will speak as one, not with good intentions, but through the crosshairs of a gun."
After the creation of the new Palestinian Government, it was wildly attacked by Israel. The latter's government announced a "Smash and Grab Palestine" Policy. Days after three Jewish students were kidnapped in an area entirely controlled by the IDF. One of them is American, ensuring international attention to the event.
Even before the bodies were found, Israel was fast to accuse and attack. If my suspicion is true, then they will appear dead, in order to avoid their describing the kidnapping event.
Member of the Knesset Yogev, are you aware that many are wondering now if this is an Israeli false flag operation? Is Israel planning to disband the Palestinian Authority and needs an excuse?
[capt. 20140709]
xL =broken link 2020-10-03: http://www.roitov.com/articles/hatifa.htm; American Kidnapped in the West Bank.

Why Should Hamas Have Done Such A Stupid And Reckless Act?

Remember How the Zionists Built Up A Reason To Attack In 2009


From: 20140702 WRH/Michael Rivero..mp3

They want to carry out their atrocities in a way we’re not noticing them.

The best example of this was on nov 4, 2008, when we were all watching Barak Obama win the presidency, Israel chose THAT DAY to break a 6 month cease fire with Hamas, fly into Gaza, bomb them and kill 6 top Hamas officials. Israel broke the cease fire.

The next day Hamas comes out and say: "Well we guess the cease fire is over!"

And then Israel and the Western Media are saying: "Aha, Hamas says the cease fire is over" and Israel launched operation Cast Lead.

That’s how the Zionists go about doing it!

(Foreign Policy art.: Hamas on the Rope)
All the horrible things happening now [≈ 2014-07-02] to Hamas, in the wake of these three kidnappings and deaths of these three teenagers. Donations have dried up, public support .... enemies abroad, massive Israeli crackdown. Those are the very reasons Hamas didn’t do this! Hamas had no reason to do this but "Israel" had.

And remember "Israel" has this long history of false flag attacks (FFOPs), having other people hating it's enemies and fighting ...?

The two best known instances .... cont..

This stunt with the three teenagers has all the elements of a classic Israeli FFOP, the part that should be in this story, but is missing is WHY Hamas would have done such a stupid and ... act, when it would destroy the very public support which they need now. "Israel" says ...

See how "Israel" set up the highjacking that led to the raid on Entebbe. *see wrh...com So the media would say, ’oh bad Palestinian highjackers and they weren’t even Palestinian. They were Israeli. ... [≈ 2014-07-02, from wrh.org]

Israel Has A Long History oF False Flag Operations

A common theme in many of "Israel's" false flag hoaxes is to make "Israel's" enemies look bad. They set up terrorists who are supposed to be Palestinians, but are Mossad. (*Remember when they set up that Al-Qaida terror cell [in Gaza] and they turned out holding three Mossad agents.)

• Another incidence, the two dancing Israelies on 9/11.

That’s what "Israel" does, go out commit an atrocity and blame it on somebody else for.

The two best known instances are the:

• Levon affair, • the attack on the USS Liberty,

both done by "Israel" but initially blamed on Egypt.

4. How Rabid Zionists Relish In The Killing oF Children

The website “Walla!” published talkback comments on an article about the four children killed on the Gaza beach. Shani Moyal: “I couldn’t care less that Arab children were killed, too bad it wasn’t more. Well done to the IDF.” Stav Sabah: “Really, these are great pictures. They make me so happy, I want to look at them again and again.” Sharon Avishi: “Only four? Too bad. We hoped for more.” Daniela Turgeman: “Great. We need to kill all the children.” Chaya Hatnovich: “There isn’t a more beautiful picture than those of dead Arab children.” Orna Peretz: “Why only four?” Rachel Cohen: “I’m not for children dying in Gaza. I’m for everyone burning.” Tami Mashan: “As many children as possible should die.”

From their names and accompanying pictures, all the commenters are women. They shop in the stores near your homes, they go to the same movies and vacation spots as you. They’re Israeli. No one would think of firing them from their jobs, like they are doing now to Arabs and left-wingers. No one will condemn them, no one will attack or threaten them. They’re normal, according to the Israeli norms at least, where compassion for the other side is considered treason, and beastly criticism is considered patriotism.

Israeli soldiers are fighting and dying in Gaza now, and the people’s heart is full of worry and fear for them. Nothing is more understood, human or natural. The rockets also continue to fall. But aside from those fears, there exists a complete lack of compassion for the victims on the other side, even for those children, dying in gruesome numbers, which will go down as a new record of shame, even in the Israeli record book.
20140724 22:40 SST=UTC+2
- expired link (before 2023-02-01) normanfinkelstein.com/2014 → Images From Gaza Should Trouble Every Israeli

5. Hamas, Hezbollah fighting Israeli; Pundit

This conflict began not because Hamas attacked Israel, but rather this was yet another orchestrated Israeli attack on the civilians of Gaza – they call it ‘mowing the lawn’.

And it was launched using a false flag operation – the murder of three Israeli teenagers – and everyone is saying and has admitted that it was not Hamas or the Palestinians who murdered the three Israeli teenagers.

The three Israeli teenagers were killed by people involved with the Israeli government to provide a pretext to mobilize public opinion to attack Gaza. And this happens virtually every time Israel launches an attack on the Palestinians: there is a very convenient, quote, “terrorist attack” mobilizes public opinion in order to authorize and get the Israeli people behind their attacks on the civilians of Gaza.

They mowed down children playing soccer on a beach, they targeted ambulances, hospitals, refugee centers… this was international targeting of civilians… Even john Kerry laughed about their so-called surgical strikes, even John Kerry… No other country intentionally targets civilians the way Israel does. Israel has a national policy of shooting Palestinian children for sport – their snipers are routinely authorized to shoot Palestinian children for sport.
capt. 20140920 [Veterans Today, incl. on ISIS terror]

6. How Gaza Was Before The Zionist Onslaught

104. capt. 20140724 21:49 SST=UTC+2 ===
Ali Abunimah ‏@AliAbunimah 1h
Wheat harvest in Khuzaa, Gaza. Photo I took in May 2013. Are the farmers dead or alive now? electronicintifada.net … pic.twitter.com/d899qZwZjI



Comment nyt -
I don't think you get it. This isn't a conventional war between roughly equal armies of opposing states, so analogies to world wars simply don't apply. This is the last European colonial war against an occupied indigenous population, but unlike the colonial war waged by European settlers in a sparsely inhabited North America the native population in Palestine and throughout the Middle East dwarfs the colonizers. Demography is history in this case, and ultimately there can be only one outcome: the defeat of the colonizers. This war will last just as long as outside imperial powers - mainly the United States - support the colonizers and fuel the conflict. As US power weakens in the Middle East and throughout the world so too does the power of the Zionist colonizers. "The losers do best by accepting defeat and the land offered as consolation". This applies to the Zionists, who cannot win this conflict and must, in the end, accept defeat and make the best settlement they can manage with the Palestinians and Arabs who will prevail. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.
john riehle los angeles, ca July 28, 2014 nytimes.com-roomfordebate

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