This is a presentation of some facts and background information on the disgraceful assault of the Zionist Army (’IDF’) on the people of Gaza, July, August 2014; provided by the social networking community.
After observing the ’Israel - Palestinian conflict’ for decades, we have come to the conclusion - that there is – on the side of the Israeli occupants (the government and its supporters) – no will and no desire to strive for a peaceful and equitable solution.

Such a solution would have to start with the Israeli admission of reality, esp. that the Zionists have been unjust and oppressive against the Palestinians for a long time and that they would need treat them as equals in future.
Of course, compared with the racism and supremacism of today’s Israel, this is a bold step, but there is no alternative. Bombs are no solution.
Remember: The Palestinian don’t have much to lose, but the Israelis would have so much to win! Not the least a life in peace with their neighbours.

NB: Much of the recent ill-advised Muslim(? this is not Islam) extremism (from the East to the West to the South) has been nourished by the non-healing, pestering wounds of occupied Palestine.

NB: Even Jews are completely against the apartheid, supremacist state of ”Israel,” and declare:
”From the inception of Zionism, this atheistic, supremacist ideology was categorically opposed by ALL leading Rabbinical Sages as the very antithesis to Judaism.
No, AntiZionism was never an isolated belief but rather a broad consensus!”
Read more: True Torah Jews - Rabbinic Quotations

How The Western Media Is Specifically Distorting The Tragic Events Of Gaza 2014 And The Reporting On Palestine In General!

Zionism, Gaza &

Zionist Mediadistortions 2014-

by @OmarKN


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Lift The Siege Of #Gaza!34_151-demonstrations_in_São_Paulo_AGC3

The Zionists want to be slave masters. People in the world protest against these arrogant killers of unarmed civilians, most of them are women & children!
Resisting the oppressor is a duty for every man.

Surely, the bloodthirsty Zionists are doomed, they will not succeed. God hears the prayer of the oppressed!

{ No doubt! The curse of Allah is on the oppressors (zálimún ).}
Sura 11, v.18


Gilad Atzmon @GiladAtzmon · 6h We Have Had Enough of Elie Wiesel and His Ilk … #shoah #gaza #jews

Electronic Intifada @intifada · Aug 6 University of Illinois (@Illinois_Alma) fires professor @stevesalaita after Gaza massacre tweets

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How the New York Times Twists Gaza
By Peter Hart
Though it has faded somewhat from the headlines, Israel's war on Gaza is still going on, with a round of airstrikes that killed dozens this week. And how was this reported in the New York Times? As Hamas breaking a cease-fire agreement.
Instead of dwelling on this, the paper felt the need to reiterate that this was "a limited air campaign" that was avoiding "the large-scale collateral damage that has provoked international outrage." That assessment, in the reporter's own voice, stands in contrast to this: "The Gaza Health Ministry said Israeli airstrikes had killed at least 60 people since the collapse on Tuesday of cease-fire negotiations in Cairo."
One could just as easily write a piece about how a terrified and suffering civilian population has found itself facing another round of attacks, with dozens of new deaths in a matter of a couple of days. But that's not the story the Times wanted to tell. It wanted to let readers know that the new attacks are all Hamas' fault–but that Israel is being especially precise this time around.


How the Media Rigs News on Palestine and Israel, James North

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