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Advice for -
Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili

by Shaykh Ibn Mashish

I [Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili] said to him,
'O my master, give me your spiritual bequest:'
So Shaykh Ibn Mashish replied:

"O Ali, God is God and men are men. Keep your tongue from the mention of them, and your heart from inclining before them, and be careful to guard the members (jawarih) and to fulfill the divine ordinances; thus the friendship (wilaya) of God is perfected in you. Have no remembrance of them except under obligation that duty to God imposes on you; thus your scrupulousness is perfected. Then say:
‘O God, relieve me from remembrance of them and spare me disturbances from them. Save me from their evils, enable me to dispense with their good through Thy good, and as a special favour assume Thou care of me among them. Verily, Thou art mighty over all things. ' "

The book's titel is the following and it can be bought from :
The Mystical Teachings of al-Shadhili
from Ibn al-Sabbagh's Durrat al-Asrar wa Tufat al-Abarar trnsl. by Elmer H. Douglas








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