The Prophet
— A Mercy to the Worlds

by Sh. G. F. Haddad

1. Jabir bin `Abd Allah narrated:

   There was a Jew in Madina who would lend me money up to the date-harvest season. - Jabir had a piece of land which was on the way to Ruma. -
   One year the trees produced little, so repayment was delayed. The Jew came to me at the time of harvest but I could gather nothing from my land. I asked him to give me another year's respite but he refused. The news reached the Prophet whereupon he said to his companions, "Let us go and ask the Jew for a respite for Jabir."
   They all came to me in my garden and the Prophet began to speak with the Jew but the latter kept saying, "Abu al-Qasim, I will not grant him respite!" When the Prophet saw this, he stood up and walked around the orchard then came back and talked to the Jew some more, but the latter kept refusing his request.
   I got up and brought some fresh ripe dates (rutab) and put them in front of the Prophet . He ate, then said to me, "Where is your hut, O Jabir?" I informed him and he said, "Spread out a bed for me in it." I spread out a bed and he entered and napped. When he woke up, I brought him some more dates and he ate again then got up and talked to the Jew once more but the latter again refused his request.
   Then the Prophet took another walk amid the date-palms - their branches were now full of fruit - and said, "O Jabir! Harvest your dates and repay your debt." The Jew stayed with me while I was plucking the dates until I repaid him his debt in full and there remained with me the same amount of dates. I went out until I reached the Prophet and told him of the good news, whereupon he said, "I testify that I am the Messenger of Allah."

Al-Bukhari narrated it in his Sahih.

2. `Umar  raDiy-Allahu-anhu.gif  - Allah be well-pleased with him - narrated:

   The Messenger of Allah went out one day with `Umar ibn al-Khattab  raDiy-Allahu-anhu.gif . A woman came up to them and said to the Prophet: "O Messenger of Allah, I am a respectable Muslim woman but I have a husband in my house who is like a woman."
   The Prophet said: "Call your husband." She called him - he was a cobbler - and the Prophet said to him: "What do you say about your wife , `Abd Allah?" He replied: "By the One Who honored you! I have tried my best with her. [lit.: My head has not remained dry away from her.]" His wife said: "Hardly once a month!"
   The Prophet said to her: "Do you hate him?" She said Yes. The Prophet said: "Bring your heads close together." He placed the woman's forehead against her husband's and said: "O Allah! Make harmony between them and make them love one another."
   Later, the Prophet was passing by the bedding market together with `Umar ibn al-Khattab, whereupon the same woman came out carrying skins on top of her head. When she saw the Prophet she threw them down, came over to him, and kissed his feet.
   The Messenger of Allah said: "How are you with your husband?" She replied: "By the One Who honored you! There is no new possession, nor old inheritance, nor child of mine dearer to me than him!"
The Prophet said: "I bear witness that I am the Messenger of Allah." Whereupon `Umar said: "And I bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah."

Al-Bayhaqi narrated it with his chain through al-Tirmidhi and his Shaykh al-Bukhari - and also from Jabir without mention of `Umar - in Dala'il al-Nubuwwa ("The Proofs of Prophethood").

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