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Observing The Right Wing

And Those Acting From Behind

Neo-Nazi or Pro-White Groups - Violent White Supremacist Movements - Far-Right Extremism

It's Not About Conservatism

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Fascism, white supremacism was never eliminated from the earth and not from the mind of people.

In our era, there are several reasons for the rise of fascism, racism and the white supremacist movements:

This page is not about conservatism, but about the threat posed by the sinister forces, who are aided by the henchmen of the Anti-Christ (Dajjal in the Islamic tradition). These are the forces of anti-tradition and of counter-tradition.4 This threat - if not stopped in its beginnings - will engulf all people, noone will go unscathed.5

Given the desolate state of the ’postmodern’ civilisation East and West, exemplified by countries with weak or totally defect administrative and legal systems, where the rule of law is constantly violated, where human rights and human dignity are treated with contempt, is it then not very doubtful if these states and their representatives will stand up against those sinister forces?

Since when has the greediness super-rich, their lust for profit and power done any good for the vast majority of the people? They usually hate the truth and deny justice for all, without any empathy for the weak and downtrodden of the earth. These are the arrogant disbelievers كافرون , the new Pharaons (taghūt ). And people are suffering!

”It is not about making us safe—indeed the policies the state pursues make us less secure—but about getting us to surrender to the will of the elites.”7

Their agenda aims at reversing whatever rights people had attained since the end of feudalism, except for the ’right’ to endless, senseless entertainment!

The persistent media propaganda is mostly servicing the agenda of the corrupt elites. Only when people make their voices heard, will the main-stream-media reluctantly in rare instances report somewhat more truthfully.

But they will not tell you the truth of Islam, this noble path to God - Allah, brought by the best of human beings, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

We are in the end-times and no turning away from the message of Islam will be of benefit, it will only increase strife, seditions, persecutions (the fitna فتن ).

Part of this fitna فتن is the emergence of monsters in various forms, some in the shape of human beings,12 such as those white nationalist and neo-Nazis, or violent White Supremacist Movements, blinded by hate. (Don’t forget the greatest fascist bloodbath in Europe after the fall of Nazism.)9

The truth, however, is one. Many are those who struggle for it - from all religions, in all cultures, with many ideologies.

Truth will forever be victorious!

Except where marked, the texts are direct quotes from respective webpages.

Section 1 - Links

10. Confronting Russia’s Role in Transnational White Supremacist Extremism

“The lack of counterterrorism pressure from domestic forces in Russia allows the organization to form alliances with extremists across Europe and the United States, enhancing the overall threat of right-wing extremism.”

It also highlights the reality that the distinction between foreign terrorism and so-called domestic terrorism is increasingly irrelevant. Dating back to 2004, David Duke characterized Russia as the “key to white survival,” and American white supremacist Richard Spencer recently identified Russia as the “sole white power in the world.”

justsecurity.org E G Arsenault and J Stabile, February 6, 2020

- Also: White supremacists in Sweden10
- Also: Assassinations of anti-Putin & Kadyrov dissidents throughout the EU & the UK11

9. Gaslit Nation - Podcast: ’The Barr Report’

(In the US today we're) dealing with a transnational crimes syndicate masquerading as a government. This is a transnational syndicate includes Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel… This is a vast, complicated, extremely dangerous syndicate.
[Trump is the new Nazi - enabling Islamophobia - the hatred of Islam & Muslims.]2

(But) Trump and his criminal colleagues have (by now) consolidated their power and now we're heading into a much more dangerous time. A lot of this could have been avoided…

Yes Trump is in a transnational crimes syndicate. He is deeply linked to the Russian mafia. (Today in the US) institutions are failing (so you can't rely on them.)
You need to get this administration out of power (because of its crimes).
The other side of authoritarianism is submission to the autocrat.

How you treat people is what matters.

(We are buried in facts that) this is a corrupt, abusive administration, and its crimes run very deep.

gaslitnation.libsyn.com Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior, 2019-03-27

8. The Israeli Government Role in Promoting Islamophobia Internationally

Islamophobia within Israel is not only a matter of organized bigotry and social hatred, which one finds in other societies, but also of instrumentalizing or weaponizing Islamophobia as a strategic tool to legitimize and justify the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the territories under Israel’s control, as well as to support Israeli aggression towards other mostly Muslim countries in the region. Promoting and fostering Islamophobia internationally helps to increase and solidify international support for the Zionist genocidal project. It is therefore treated as an important tool of Israeli and Zionist international influence.

dissidentvoice.org/2018 Paul Larudee, 2018-05-11 Fallback

7. The Real Reason So Many Republicans Love Israel? Their Own White Supremacy; Peter Beinart, July 29, 2019

Republican attacks on Omar and her colleagues as anti-Israel and anti-Semitic aren’t ultimately about Israel or Jews. They’re an effort to use Israel and Jews to further the central goal of the Trump-era right: Maintaining white Christian dominance in the face of demographic change.

foreignpolicy.com/2019/03/29 By Peter Beinart, 2019-07-29

6. From Christchurch to India: How India’s RSS Inspires White Nationalist Violence in World

Savarkar called for a final solution to Islam in India. “If we Hindus in India grow stronger, in time these Muslims… will have to play the part of German Jews,” he warned.

Thus, Golwalkar proclaimed the Nazi policy towards the Jews as “a good lesson for us in Hindustan to learn and profit by.”

countercurrents.org Pieter Friedrich, @FriedrichPieter, 2019-04-04, image3 Excerpt

5. Arab Regimes Are the World’s Most Powerful Islamophobes

Middle Eastern governments have forged alliances with right-wing groups in the West dedicated to anti-Islam bigotry.

Autocratic regimes in the region carefully cultivate conservative and far-right circles in the West that they believe lean toward their own anti-Islamist agendas.
(They) create an atmosphere in which an alternative to these regimes becomes unthinkable from a Western policy standpoint.
Terrorism becomes a catchall term to justify repression.1

foreignpolicy.com/2019/03/29 By Ola Salem, Hassan Hassan, 2019-03-29 Excerpt

4. Chinas Hi-Tech-War on Its Muslim Minority

China’s version of the “war on terror” depends less on drones and strikes by elite military units than facial recognition software and machine learning algorithms. Its targets are not foreigners but domestic minority populations who appear to threaten the Chinese Communist party’s authoritarian rule. In Xinjiang, the web of surveillance reaches from cameras on buildings, to the chips inside mobile devices, to Uighurs’ very physiognomy. Face scanners and biometric checkpoints track their movements almost everywhere.8

theguardian.com/news/2019 Darren Byler, 2019-04-11 Excerpt

3. Neo-Nazis Are Organizing Secretive Paramilitary Training Across America

Right-wing terrorism comprises 35 percent of US terror-attacks since 2010. Compare that to the 2000s, when terror-attacks from the far-right comprised just six percent of hate crimes in the US’s ten largest cities.6

The Base marks the latest evolution towards Spear’s anti-statist, pro-white goal of organized guerrilla war against world governments.

Far-Right Extremism, Ben Makuch and Mack Lamoureux, 2018-11-20 Excerpt

2. The Forgotten History Behind Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Terrorism

In addition to anti-Black racism and anti-Semitism, one of the pillars of the contemporary global white terrorism movement is anti-Muslim hatred.

That hatred is founded on a kind of forgetting, an historical erasure.

The erasure is a result of the assumption that Muslims are foreign to the West. Such forgetting leads to madness…

rewire.news/religion-dispatches 2019-03-20, Edward E. Curtis IV Excerpt

1. The New Zealand Shooter’s White, Islam-Free Europe is Imaginary - But European Islamophobia is Frighteningly Real

If we see the terrorist and avert our eyes from his ideological proximity to increasingly mainstream politicians, we’re failing in our response to the attack.

It is nonsensical to describe the European story, without taking note of the marks that European Muslims made from 8th century onwards, less than a century after the Prophet first preached in Mecca.

newsweek.com HA Hellyer, 2019-03-15 Excerpt

Section 2 - Related

logged tpp 2019-07-02 09:17 ==
URL: bylinetimes.com
TTL: Portland Violence: When Fascists Become the Anti-Fascists? – Byline Times

If you’re wondering how Ngo – a gay, atheist Asian man – can become a darling of neo-Nazi fascists, then look no further than his endorsement of Nazi-borne “race science”, including promoting those who claim it can be proven that whites have superior IQs because of “skull measurements”.

Then there is his peddling of the same kind of “Great Replacement” conspiracies that are popular among white nationalists, including his entirely erroneous claim that London has become overrun by Muslims. He amplified a tweet claiming that the Christchurch mosque terrorist attack, which left 51 Muslim worshippers dead, would allow “Islamists” to portray themselves as the “besieged Muslim”.

There are also the death threats he has allegedly brought upon Muslims by falsely portraying civil rights groups, such as the Council for Arab Islamic Relations (CAIR), as a terrorist organisation. Then there are the journalists who have found their names on neo-Nazi “kill lists” after Ngo falsely accused them of being covert “Antifa ideologues”.

One of those targeted journalists is Alexander Reid Ross, who told me he now believes that “targeted assassination is one of the strategic aspects of ‘lone wolf’ terror that the Alt Right has moved toward”, adding that it’s just a “step removed from mass shootings, after all”. This is a sombre assessment given the execution of German leftist politician Walter Lübcke last month, and the assassination of British MP Jo Cox in 2016.

Despite these objective realities, we are being told a combination of the following narratives:

- that actual Nazis are merely exercising their right to free speech;
- that we should be more concerned with anti-fascists who egg and milkshake these neo-Nazis than the neo-Nazis themselves; and
- that the threat posed by fascists is overblown by the “liberal” media.

→ “The effect is to give the advantage to the Far Right under whatever name such groups hope to persist, which ultimately gives ground to actual fascists in the end.”

Ultimately, the US doesn’t have a leftist domestic terrorism problem, and it hasn’t had one since the early 1970s.
→ It’s right-wing extremists who are shooting up black churches, mosques and synagogues all across the country.

- (and that) sections of the media are trying to normalise both.


cpit. 2019-03-25 21:39 ==

URL: middleeasteye.net

TTL: Who are the millionaires behind the Islamophobic industry in America? | Middle East Eye


In an interview on CNN, Suzanne Barakat, the sister of one of the Chapel Hill shooting victims, said the film American Sniper has helped to not only “dehumanise Muslims” but also has created an atmosphere that is akin to an “open season” on Muslim Americans…

Since 2001, a group of shadowy groups and individuals have spent millions to disseminate misinformation about Muslims into the mainstream media, body politic and public consciousness. The objective? Provide political cover for both the US’s war on terror, and Israel’s war on Palestinians.

Yasmine Taeb, co-author of the new reportn1, xL =broken link 2020-10-03: https://www.americanprogress.org; Fear, Inc. 2.0: The Islamophobia Network’s Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America, said in a recent interview that “since 2001, there has been over $57 million that’s been contributed to this fear-mongering, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam organisations by eight very wealthy donors.”

According to the xL =broken link 2020-10-03: https://www.cair.com/legislatingfear2013.html; Council on American-Islamic Relations, 37 US-based anti-Islam groups enjoyed a combined revenue of $119 million in the years 2008 to 2011. One of CAIR’s findings is that these groups are “often tightly linked” and that “key players in the network benefited from large salaries as they encouraged the American public to fear Islam.”

Video about people who fund and stoke anti-Muslim sentiments in the US [spreading elsewhere] democracynow.org/2015
Fear, Inc. 2.0: The Islamophobia Network’s Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America


cpit. 2019-03-25 21:38 ==

URL: mediadiversified.org

TTL: As with wedding parties droned in Pakistan, the martyred souls in Christchurch are a result of a constant institutional diet of hate and islamophobia – Media Diversified


In the aftermath of the white supremacist terrorist murders in Christchurch, there has been much discussion of violent far-right ideology, however as Cerie Bullivant writes, there’s been little critique of the mainstream Islamophobia in our politics,  mainstream media and academia

We would not question our own Government’s complicity in their misery and tragic deaths. We would not see that they are fleeing wars we helped create, in lands that we directly destabilised. Neither would our society cry out to demand safe passage for those desperate refugees.


cpit. 2019-03-24 08:54 ==

URL: xL =broken link 2020-11-10: https://yaqeeninstitute.org/series/collection-unpacking-the-effects-of-islamophobia

→ https://yaqeeninstitute.org/nour-soubani/what-is-islamophobia-the-politics-of-anti-muslim-racism

TTL: Collection: Unpacking the Effects of Islamophobia | Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research


From shouts on the street to “go back where you came from,” to shallow arguments about the threat of Islam advanced by so-called experts and elected officials, Islamophobia has influenced the public discourse surrounding Muslims across all levels of society. But beyond hurtful rhetoric by ill-wishing passersby, those frequenting anti-Muslim online forums, and political representatives, the effect of Islamophobia is having a much darker impact on Muslim communities ranging from mis-guided policies to outright acts of violence against Muslims and their houses of worship.


cpit. 2019-03-23 21:50 ==

URL: time.com

TTL: Where We Go Wrong in Comparing White Supremacy With ISIS | Time


It’s a stark denial. It’s one that brings to mind the warning that the U.K.’s top anti-terror policeman in the UK issued this week: “The reality is that every terrorist we have dealt with has sought inspiration from the propaganda of others, and when they can’t find it on Facebook, YouTube, Telegram or Twitter they only have to turn on the TV, read the paper or go to one of a myriad of mainstream media websites struggling to compete with those platforms.” This problem is much larger than many of us want to admit.


cpit. 2019-03-23 21:18 ==

URL: xL =broken link 2020-10-05: https://theintercept.com/ 2019/03/15/new-zealand-shooter-manifesto

TTL: After New Zealand, Politicians Must Stop Anti-Muslim Rhetoric



When I read the alleged shooter’s manifesto, I couldn’t help but recall how right-wing pundits have made so many similar statements — and paid no penalty. For example, author Ann Coulter who has spoken openly of “ragheads,” “camel jockeys,” and “jihad monkeys,” declaimed three days after 9/11 that “we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.”

Are we willing and able to stand up to Islamophobia on days when there are not brutal terrorist attacks on Muslims in mosques? Will we call out vile anti-Muslim rhetoric when we see it on cable news, or in our newspapers and magazines — or only when we see it quoted from the online manifesto of a deranged mass murderer?


cpit. 2019-03-21 21:59 ==

URL: rewire.news/religion-dispatches

TTL: The Forgotten History Behind Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Terrorism - Rewire.News - Religion Dispatches, Edward E. Curtis IV


In truth, the West as we know it wouldn’t exist without the contributions of Muslims. It’s time to unearth this buried mirror so that those of us who live in the West might see ourselves more accurately.

Muslims have been part of Western history since 711 CE, when Muslims established a state in Andalusia. It is true, as anti-Muslim activists like to point out, that Muslim-led armies sometimes attacked Christian-led armies in medieval Europe. But what they perhaps willfully omit is the fact that Muslims were as likely to fight for and with Christian-led European militaries as they were against them.

to be updated…



link-in Anti-Muslim Bigotry Has Become Mainstream pt.1 - Voices From the World - 2019-03-16

link-in Anti-Muslim Bigotry Has Become Mainstream pt.2 - It's Time to Stem the Tide!

link-in Countering Islamophobia

link-in Solidarity Worldwide

link-in How the Media Rigs News on Palestine and Israel

1: One who uses the ’Terrorism’ catchall is for example: Hassan Sajwani @HSajwanization. He tweeted 2018-06-16 about Al-Jazeera and its @ajplus subsidiary:

”For all those who have been retweeting and engaging with @ajplus .. for your info, Aj Plus is a propaganda machine of @AJArabic @AJEnglish fueling #terrorism, hatred, and #antisemitism across the mind of #Millennials”

2: Trump, the new Nazi, is also enabling hatred against people of colour, against strong women, against all those who dare to stand up against him and his corrupt, abusive administration.

A younger Trump, according to his first wife's divorce filings, kept and studied a book translating and annotating Adolf Hitler's pre-World War II speeches in a locked bedside cabinet, Neuborne noted. … also … analyses of the speeches' impact on his era's press and politics. "Ugly and appalling as they are, those speeches are masterpieces of demagogic manipulation.”

Quoted from:
Leading Civil Rights Lawyer (Burt Neuborne) Shows 20 Ways Trump Is Copying Hitler's Early Rhetoric and Policies


3: How India’s RSS Inspires White Nationalist Violence in World [old photo]
Also India: 2019-04-12
”India's ruling party promises to ethnically cleanse 200 million Muslim and 22 million Christian citizens, declaring them "infiltrators" who must be "removed."” @cjwerleman https://t.co/MWtB1cEn55

4: As described by Shaykh Abd Al Wahid Yahya René Guénon, Antitradition And Countertradition

5: except for the faithful believers

6: See also: The Global Terrorism Database (GTD)

7: Reckoning With Failure in the War on Terror, Chris Hedges, 2019-04-08
The corporate state, its legitimacy in tatters, seeks to make us afraid in order to maintain its control over the economic, political and military institutions. It needs mortal enemies, manufactured or real, at home or abroad, to justify its existence and mask its mismanagement and corruption. This narrative of fear is what Antonio Gramsci called a “legitimation doctrine.” It is not about making us safe—indeed the policies the state pursues make us less secure—but about getting us to surrender to the will of the elites.

8: The new security system has hollowed out Uighur communities. The government officials, civil servants and tech workers who have come to build, implement and monitor the system don’t seem to perceive Uighurs’ humanity. theguardian.com/news/2019


9: ”On this day - 6th April 1992 - the Yugoslav Peoples Army attacked and occupied the eastern Bosnian town of Visegrad. Hundreds of Bosniak Muslims were slaughtered on the old Ottoman bridge in the next few months. By 30 July 1992 not a single Bosniak was left in town.” @hikmeet_Karcic, 2019-04-07

Still thousands of victims missing in Perućac Lake. I pray they’re found and their families can finally have some ease. @Dylan_Dylan

10: Image: Supporters of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement chant slogans during a demonstration at the Kungsholmstorg square in Stockholm, Sweden on August 25, 2018.
Photo by Fredrik Persson/AFP via Getty Images

11: European intel & law-enforcement officials remain extremely concerned about assassinations of anti-Putin & Kadyrov dissidents throughout the EU & the UK. At least 15 people have been killed by Russian hit squads in the UK, including innocent bystanders.
@JuliaDavisNews, Julia Davis 2020-02-06

An anti-Putin blogger was found dead in a French hotel, and the killing has the hallmarks of the Russian hit squad causing chaos in Europe.


• French police believe the killing of a Chechen opposition blogger in a French hotel last week was "politically motivated," an official briefed on the case told Business Insider.
• Imran Aliev, a 44-year-old blogger who was vocally opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, died when his throat was cut in Lille, France, last week. [ ≈ 2020-01-29]
• Police said they were hunting for Aliev's traveling companion, who disappeared shortly after the killing.
• The man had traveled with Aliev from Belgium to Lille on January 29, the day before Aliev was found dead.
• Aliev had been under police protection in Belgium because of "threats out of Russia and Chechnya over his opposition blogging," the official told Business Insider.
Quoted from businessinsider.com

12: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:
“O Abu Dharr! Seek refuge with Allah from the devils of mankind and the Jinns.”

Abu Dharr said, “I asked him, ‘Are there human devils?’ He said, ‘Yes.’

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