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Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

Poem of Visitation to Our Guide the Holy Prophet Muhammad: "MUSHAAHADAT AL-HAADI MUHAMMAD" Salla Allahu ʿalayhi wa-Alihi wa-Sallam

From a fascicle entitled _al-Mada'ih al-Maqbula al-Muhabbabatu lil- Qulub al-ʿAmira fi Ziyarat al-Nabi Salla Allahu ʿalayhi wa-Sallama wal-Rawdati al-Tahira_ ("The Agreeable Praises Beloved to Flourishing Hearts in the Visitation of the Prophet and the Pure Rawda") by Shaykh Salih al-Madani al-Azhari (Allah have mercy on him). Ramadan: 1374/1955.

From the library of Mawlana al-Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani (Allah grant him long life and health). Gifted to him by the author's son, ʿAbd al-Malik Salih al-ʿUmari, director of al-Madrasat al-Bakriyya, al- Qudus al-Sharif.

Translated from Arabic by GF Haddad Rabi` al-Awwal 1427 / April 2006


Salatullah Salamullah
`ala al-Hadi Rasulillah

Salatullah Salamullah
`ala al-Hadi Habibillah

To the abode of eternity we have come
and the elect one we have visited
and in the Grove we have prayed
and we have seen Rasulallah.

I saw the people in droves
The sea of their love surge like waves
The tears of longing like cool rain
All in love with Rasulillah

So we visited him the Pure-hearted
Of greatest rank and nearness to Allah
Whoever bears him loyal love
Becomes filled with Rasulillah

Seeing him is joy followed by joy
While incense wafts and overflows
There the people of love are revealed
and Rasulullah pardons them

Light surrounds us the secret is revealed
Goodness arrives piety is achieved
The people of Allah are fed and quenched
By witnessing Rasulallah

The night of separation is gone away
The morning of connection dawns to stay
The light of al-Mustafa highlights
Our foremost guide Rasulallah

Drinks of eternity go round from hand to hand
and in the cups lights overflow
and with this drink perfumed and filled
Rasulullah is quenching us

The hearts obtain what they had hoped
Racing each other in ascent
One throng after another says
Salaamun Ya Rasulallah

See them in their place of prayer
The God of the Throne giving them gifts
Habibullah is meeting them
They visited Rasulallah

Gifts of forgiveness and secrets
For whoever visits al-Mustafa
Upon them glow sparkles of light
Coming from the Guide Rasulillah

The armies of nafs went away
The moons of guidance have risen
Rain-clouds hail filled with good
For the visitors of Rasulillah

The sun of Religion guides us
To the Creator Who made us
Rasulullah is calling us
We have come Ya Rasulallah

The beauty of al-Mustafa shows
Welcoming us and cheering us
It has perfumed the soul of this valley
We have witnessed Rasulallah

We have obtained intimacy
By Divine grace without the veils
We visited the Arabian liegelord
Abu al-Qasim Rasulallah

Souls are swayed by their Creator
Before the Chosen One their guide
They have received their dearest hopes
At witnessing Rasulallah

Our consolation an undying love
At al-Mustafa's doorstep we arrived
The connection of hearts is sealed
With al-Hadi Rasulillah

The Paradises of creation ours
By coming and greeting Ta Ha
The soul of love enlivened them
With help from Rasulillah

The blessing of Allah like rain
On the Elect of highest fame
and Companions all radiant chiefs
and the House of Rasulillah

For as long as what Salih published
Of al-Mustafa's praise is sung
and the faces of lovers beam
With light from Rasulillah!

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