Muʿādh Bin Jabal:
Companion of the Prophet ﷺ
"Accept Only The Truth"

Idris al-Khawlāni narrated that Muʿādh Bin Jabal raDiy-Allahu-anhu.gif Allah be pleased with him, said in one of his sermons:

"Coming your way are awful trials were money will be aplenty, and the Qur'an will be read by the believer as well by the hypocrite, the young and the old, the strong and the weak, and people from all nations will read the Qur'an. A man rehearsing the Qur'an in public will be astounded and bewildered as he says to himself, 'How is it that I happen to be reading the divinely revealed Qur'an, and people seem to neither heed, nor would they comply with its admonitions?'

Muʿādh further continued: "O people! Beware, beware of innovations, for innovations lead to straying from the right path."

"I also warn you about the potential aberration of a scholar, or the possible blunder of a teacher, for it is possible that a wise man's own Satan utters a misleading statement through him, while it is also possible that a hypocrite speaks a word of truth. Therefore, accept only the truth, for truth is a radiant light."

Someone asked: "How are we to know whether a wise man is right or wrong?" Muʿādh raDiy-Allahu-anhu.gif replied: "A wise man may utter a word in error, and you will feel uncomfortable with it. You will say to yourselves, 'What is this?' Therefore, do not feel awkward about questioning it, and perhaps he will retract his expression on his own when he recognizes what you already know, and he may change his opinion. Knowledge and faith are indeed an effulgent light, and their clarity and distinctiveness will remain radiant thus until the Day of Resurrection. Therefore, whosoever seeks true knowledge and faith with sincerity and perseverance, he will surely find them."

ʿAbdullāh, son of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal raDiy-Allahu-anhu.gif Allah be pleased with him, narrated that a man asked Muʿādh bin Jabal raDiy-Allahu-anhu.gif Allah be pleased with him: "Teach me something." Muʿādh replied: "Would you obey me?" The man humbly replied: "I am most eager to obey you." Muʿādh then instructed the man:
"Fast and pray regularly, earn your livelihood in a lawful way, and do not err in that regard. Strive not to die except in Islam, and beware not to become liable before the divine justice regarding the grievance of someone with whom you have dealt unjustly."

From "The Beauty of the Righteous and Ranks Of The Elite"
(Hilyat-ul Awliya Wa Tabaqāqt al-Asfiya); Philadelphia, 1995


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