Regarding the Book of Proofs
Defense of Habib Ali & Tasawwuf
by GFH

I have uploaded the PDF file Tuhfat al-Labib bi-Nusrat al-Habib, a defense of Habib ʿAli al-Jufri which doubles as a manual on various Sufi Issues such as tawassul, tabarruk, and ziyara in Arabic, which I had written and circulated among Ahl al-Sunna in Damascus two years ago when some Wahhabis persuaded Shaykh al-Qurra' - Shaykh Kurayyim Rajih hafizahullah - to attack Habib ʿAli's ʿaqida on various issues.

Since such attacks have gone on unabated, Dr. Saʿid al-Buti and others now request I publish it at large. Your contribution in its distribution is appreciated. I shall gladly help whoever has time to translate it into English insha Allah; and German, Malay... May Allah grant us shahada for His sake before He brings us safely back to Him!

You can access the file at the URL:
Tuhfat al-Labib bi-Nusrat al-Habib
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1. Commendation by Sayyid Yusuf al-Rifaʿi
2. Reason for This Book
3. Habib ʿAli Knows Hadith and is Reliable in Conveying It
4. Habib ʿAli Authenticates only what the Experts Authenticate
5. Habib ʿAli Follows Consensus in the Licitness of Narrating and
Practicing Weak Hadiths
6. Non-Prophetic Reports Are Not Automatically Devoid of All Benefit
7. Prohibiting Lies Against the Prophet, upon him peace, Includes
Denial of What He Might Have Said
8. The Prophet, upon him peace, and the Companions Critiqued the BanuUmayya Long Before Habib Ali
9. Habib Ali Deeply Respects the Companions, Allah Be Well-Pleased
with Them All
10. The Salaf Did Build Mosques Over Graves and Visiting Graves Is
Licit in the Law
11. The Building of Tombs is Licit Over the Elite of the Awliya,
Ulema, and Ahl al-Bayt
12. Travel to Visit Graves for Duʿa and Tawassul Is a Sunna of the
Salaf and Khalaf
13. Visiting the Prophetic Grave is a Qurba by Consensus Except Ahmad ibn Taymiyya
14. Explanation of "Do not Make My Grave a ʿEid" and Documentation of "Whoever Visits My Grave Has My Intercession"
15. The Hadith "They Took the Graves of Their Prophets as Mosques" Has a Sunni Interpretation and a Bidʿi Interpretation
16. Touching of Kissing the Grave for Love or Tabarruk is Allowed or
Rather Desirable According to Imam Ahmad
17. The Miracles of the Awliya are A Reality and Among Them is our
Liege-Lord ʿAli, Allah be well-pleased with him
18. The Life of Prophets in Their Graves and the Prophet's Awareness of Our States Are All Firmly Established
19. Sayyid Ibn ʿAlawi al-Maliki's Explanation of the Life of Our
Prophet in Barzakh, upon him peace
20. Documentation and Grading of the Hadith "My Life is a Great Good for You and My Death..."
21. Our Going to the Prophet of Mercy, upon him peace, for the
Fulfillment of Needs
22. Our Going to the Graves of Awliya for the Fulfillment of Needs
23. Al-Qari's Paramount Benefit of Certain Acts One Should Perform at the Graves of Anbiya, Awliya and Ulema
24. The Law Allows and Transmission Proves That Allah Most High May Address or Make Himself Seen to His Friends
25. Knowledge of the Unseen is Firmly Established for Prophets and
Their Inheritors and None Claims the Wali Legislates
26. The Two Imams of the Wahhabi Movement Affirm that Awliya Possess Knowledge of the Unseen
27. Ibn al-Qayyim Affirms "Real ʿIlm Ladunni" for our Liege-Lord ʿAli ibn Abi Talib
28. Elaboration of the Shaykh of our Shaykhs Sayyid ʿAlawi ibn ʿAbbas al-Maliki
29. Man is the Caliph of Allah Most High on Earth [Against the Claim to the Contrary by Sh. ʿAbd al-Rahman Habannaka rahimahullah]

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