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Creating Islamic Lending Institutions

I know working for a Western Bank in a conventional work role is against Islam but I was wondering, what is the Shari'ah position on working for a Bank in a 'computer programmers' type role, where all you do is write computer code to produce applications and have no involvement in any riba based or any other form of UnIslamic transactions?

Your involvement in riba-based transactions is indirect but is still a reality that your conscience recognizes. Accordingly, it would be better to try and seek employment with an Islamic lending institution, or in a sector that does not support or promote riba-based transactions, especially since the choices for computer programmers are many.

The safest course is to not to pursue a "permanent" position with such an employer other than temporarily until you find something better, and from Allah comes all success. Allah Most High said: "If you fear Allah righteously He shall provide you with an avenue of income which you did not plan."

Creating Islamic lending institutions and takaful bases that can serve as halal insurance and loan providers is a pressing need of the Umma. Many now exist in the West and SouthEast Asia. It is imperative and actually fard that qualified Muslims recognize this need and pour their efforts into meeting it so that the millions of Muslims who need insurance and loans can use their channels instead of getting mired in riba and exploitation.


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[ 6 Apr 2001]





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