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To invoke (dhikr) Allah cures the [believers'] hearts.
Imam Ahmad RH621

Whoever revives (ahyâ) my Sunnah [by practicing it] really loves me,
and who loves me, will be with me in Paradise.
Anas RH1127

He who wishes to be stronger among men,
should put his trust in Allah (tawakkul).
Ibn Abbâs RH1205

This nation of mine (ummatî) [of the muslims] is given mercy
(marhûmatun), it will not be punished in the Next Life,
its punishment is in This Life (dunyâ):
[which are] earthquakes, murder and strokes of destiny (al-balâyâ).
Abû Mûsa RH253

Visit each other [for a short visit] sometimes (zur ghibban)
and love will increase (tazdad hubban).
Tabarânî RH652

Only supplication averts the decree, only kindness prolongs life,
and a man is deprived of provision for a fault he commits.
Thaubán, Ibn Májah; MAM2 p.1026

The one who is the first to give a salutation is free from pride.
Baihaqí, `Abdalláh Ibn Mas`úd; MAM2 p.976






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