Notes On Religion 0001
ed. OmarKN

(01)... Heart
Learn to know the (different) states of the heart, and for this read in the Ihya `Ulūm-u-Dīn a.o.
"This science is fard `ayn (obligatory upon every individual) and other disciplines arefard kifāya (obligatory on some individuals in the community) except to the extent that it facilates performance of the obligatory duties enjoined by Allah the Exalted, and He will give you success in achieving that knowledge." Imam Al-Ghazali; AWL49

(02)... Consensus - ijmā'a
Based on the following hadith:
"Three matters a Muslim's heart should not grieve for:
- sincerity labouring for Allah,
- good council for the Muslims,
- and abiding by the decisions of the Muslim community."

(03)... Proof
Men always ask for proof, when confronted with the new and inexpected, or in the case of Islam when confronted with the divine message. This demand is legitimate, but what can be considered a valid proof? Concerning the Islamic message, what is a valid proof? And who can be trusted enough to be a true provider of a word of truth, a true story or a true message from the Divine?
Do you as listener (or reader) have enough experience from life and is your intelligence really unclouded of personal opinions and desires as to be able to decide objectively as to what is true and what is false, especially in the spiritual realm and the divine message of Islam?


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