Imam Shafi`i On Religion
ed. OmarKN

(01) Imam Shafi`i defined faith as follows:

Faith (imān) consists of word and deed,
that it increases and decreases
that no word benefits except with deeds,
nor any word and deeds except with intention,
nor any word, deeds except according to the Sunna. FIS218

(02) Imam Shafi`i said:

"I believe in what comes from Allah in the meaning meant (murād) by Allah (swt) and I believe in what comes from the Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu `aleihi wa sallam) in the meaning meant by the Messenger of Allah." FIS217

(03) Imam Shafi`i's advice:

"Take proofs from creation about the Creator,
and do not burden yourself with the knowledge of what your mind did not reach." FIS222

(04) Imam Shafi`i said:

"The Quran is the Speech of Allah, uncreated." FIS224

(05) Imam Shafi`i on Tasawwuf:

Al-Shafi`i recommended tasawwuf on condition that knowledge accompany it. FIS229

He said: "I accompanied the Sufis for ten years and benefited but two words from them: their statement that time is a sword: if you do not cut it, it cuts you; and their statement that deprivation is immunity." Some versions have "three words" and add "their statement that if you do not keep your ego busy with truth it will keep you busy with falsehood." FIS229

He also said: "Only the sincere one (al-mukhlis) can recognize self-display (al-riyā)."
Comment by Al-Nawawī; FIS230

(06) Imam Shafi`i on Knowledge:

He said: "Knowledge is what benefits, knowledge is not what one has memorized."
Ibn `Atā Allah said: The knowledge that benefits is that whose rays expand in the breast and whose veil is lifted in the heart." FIS201, fn494

(07) Imam Shafi`i on Self-Discipline:
"Disciplining the human being is harder than disciplining a beast."


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