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The Bounties of Reading the Quran

some hadith

Sayings of the Messenger of Allahs ﷺ

sura al-Baqara (2)-LZ
Abu Huraira reported that the Prophet ﷺ said:

Don't turn your houses into graves, for truly - satan will not gain entrance into the house of him who recites sura al-Baqara. HS, T-2877

scn txt 2877
sura Hā,mīm al-mumin (40)
sura al-Baqara (2)


He also reported that the Prophet ﷺ said:

He who recites in the morning the first three verses of [sura] Hā, mīm, al-mumin as well as the verse of the throne, will be protected by them until evening and he who recites them in the evening, will be protected until morning. gh, T-2879

scn txt 2879
sura nn (i)jLZ
NN reported:


Bei at-Tirmidhī Abk: H = Hasan; HS = Hasan SaHīH; g = gharīb

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