1st: Allah has set forth parables to his servants (human beings), in order for them to know about (and to become acquainted with) Him, Allah (ma`rifatihi), according to the measure that He has willed of them.

All that is other than God is brought - from their pristine state of non-existence ('adam) or that of darkness (zulma) - into existence (wujûd) or appearance (zuhûr) as a result of His casting the rays of His own Light upon them.
→ everything owes its existence to the Existence & Light of God, Allah (swt).

All the knowledge we claim to possess concerning tangible objects and spiritual entities, as well as the realitities hidden behind them, is wholly dependent upon and derived from God's knowledge.
→ any discursive attempt or rational effort at proving His existence by means of the existence of all other things provides produces no conclusive results at all. 23

A Commentary On The Light Verse Of The Quran

The Lamp Of Mysteries

Misbâh al-Asrâr

Isma`îl Rusûkhî Anqarawî

Light is God, Allah is Light

If there is anything that deserves to be adequately and truthfully be called by the name 'light', it must be God alone. 22

All (our) knowledge is wholly dependent upon and derived from God's knowledge. 23